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    So I have seen a few folks post that as soon as Maul's second ability goes off...it eliminates the opportunity to have it used a second time...if this accurate ? I am sure there is a rule I am not remembering...
  2. My Ginivex nods in agreement
  3. It was bad enough making me wait on Jabba....but now you dangle Cad Bane in front of me ? How much of this do you think I can take FFG !
  4. Agreed... And unlimited to range 1 on Manaroo ? Come onnnnnn...you can certainly limit it but that is a heavy change...within 3 would have been sensible...force her to stay within range of the fight.
  5. I hate when you target my protectorates....I WANT you to be aggressive to Manaroo....so focus a protectorate and make my life miserable. Ideally, for you, you wipe Fenn first....but either protectorate will make things tough on me.
  6. I can see why you would think that...but in testing, for instance, the BSR does not. It makes it reasonable to field.
  7. I will try this for sure with our own home brew games...ultimately the cost of the ship still keeps it off the board for me. Using a -2 refit on the the torpedo slot has made it more palpable...but still pricey. Truth be told...not even really sure what role I feel like it fits in a fleet...everything it does is done better by another ship. I just try and get it on the board cause I like the aesthetics and flavor of the ship. (Consequently why I also do not fly the Kihraxz...terrible looking ship ha) A cost reduction and a few quality pilots would go a long way...but your white sloop idea is fun and I look forward to trying it.
  8. Perhaps I am mistaken...but had you not also in the past used TBC as a pilot for the StarViper ? I had house ruled him at 33 points and used a similar upgrade to your BSR
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