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  1. Yeah I play with these guys. Good podcast, good chaps. Have mentioned it a few times. Winner of UK nationals is in there and the guy that came first in euros
  2. I have played many tournaments. I make a point of walking round and reviewing their fleet before. I also tend to do this during as I forget what has what. They are welcome to do the same at any point but if they don’t that is their fault not mine. Think the OP had a very unique situation and a poor loser. The amount of times something like that has happened to me or vice verse, it does not mean you loose the game ....
  3. Over 4 rounds it’s still possible to get a perfect mix of poor players and exactly what you want to face. you could be an average player get that mix and win a tournament. The cut allows you to have to fight the top guys. I know you should fight them on the way up but that’s not always going to happen. The cut makes it happen
  4. I think Ramming is sound. You can see a list geared around it and play against it. It’s also not that common so makes a different play style further adding to the depth of the game. You say it’s quite common to see a cluster of ships I have been to numerous tournaments and not seen this, it begs the question that if regularly near you you find this doesn’t this directly reflect on your meta and the flying skills of the players. I never see it around me or in the tournaments I have been to near and far, as for the ability to finish 6 turns. Again you get stragglers bit that is normally down to a specific list that takes time or a player that is a bit slower either because they are new or more methodical, again it’s not the norm. The idea of dropping dice when squads get damaged or ange related will make a fairly complicated game insanely tricky and longer to manage so am not in favour of this. Apologies for the negative post post but I dot really see your issues being widespread and the solutions would just bog the game down more.
  5. Well I’m still waiting my Euros medal from June... don’t hold your breath.
  6. I bought 4 layers of foam which keeps things really safe. 1 for Imps, 1 for Rebs and 1 for fighters. They then just pull out of the main box. Not that easy to carry around so I use something else for tournies but very good to keep it all safe.
  7. I bought some foam from an online retailer and a large storage box from a localDIY place. Cost around £40 all in and stores everything from both factions including multiples and likely to be future proof for 3/4 waves
  8. I have used a quasar, demo, flotilla and raider. Then 10 squads. 2 defenders, merek, jendon, 4 ties a junpmaster and an advanced. I find it gives me the versatility in my squad game, you have to be happy with the fact you can not activate all squads but that hasn't actually been an issue for me.
  9. Play with the core set first. Don't underestimate the learning curve on this game. It will give you a good grounding and jumping straight into larger points battles you will miss a lot.
  10. So the imperials get its first carrier (bar the very expensive isd1 fit out) and suddenly the various options available to the rebels are not good enough. If it helps I want an mc80 variant for imps, with good broadsides, but with the same front output as an isd but at around half the cost... i know this this isn't a helpful post but come on...
  11. It would appear Ffg agreed. That list is useless now with that big old nerf bat.
  12. In my case it secured me a highish finish. The above advice is good, when bidding high (and don't do it for your first go) you really need to make that judgement call as to what your leaving behind. For me it was needed but my last tourney I finished a net second and my bid was around 18 poInrs
  13. At euros I had a 23 point bid Beat everyone but one guy only by a point. Its extreme but it depends on how much your list needs to go first and mine did
  14. Taking the dictor is always silly.. love the ship but it is a tad too expensive. try using corrilean conflict rules, 1 title or upgrade per ship to start with then maybe build from that. On your flying triangles gunnery teams are good and anything with a lot of firepower likes xi7s. those neb b titles are outstanding although yavaris is the better of the two. Just a couple of pointers but don't go upgrade happy, lots of players go skinny on upgrades anyway.
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