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  1. Dear all, Thanks a lot for the answers and the very good advices.
  2. The character is walking and the GM ask for the roll to see if he spotted a creature.
  3. Hi everyone, First of all, I apologize if this is explained in the core rule book. If that is the case, I would be happy to get the page number. On a perception check, the player rolls: 1 triumph and 2 advantages while the opposite check roll is: 2 failures. So, is this a missed check with two advantages or does the triumph still plays a role on a failed check ? I am also happy to get some examples on how you would interpret and use it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for your answers. Yes, I mentionned 500 credits because I already took the morality option to get extra xp.
  5. Thanks a lot for all the useful information. For the datapad, I though it was cool for the scholar side of the character. For the weapon, I was thinking that at this point, background wise, there is not much reason for the character to have one. You are probably right for the water purifiers, even some rations should do for a start. Any call on the datagoogle? For the Encumbrance, if I understood properly, for a character with Brawn = 2, his Encumbrance threhold is 7. Backpacks increase this value. However, with Brawn = 2, as long as his Emcumbrance is greater than 2 (e.g. wearing heavy clothing, having a datapad in his backpack and holding a holdout blaster), he won't get the free maneuver each turn. Is that correct?
  6. Dear all, I am starting a new campain as an Arbiter who is the group face/scholar and will later branch into Sage. My character does not know that he is force sensitive and know very little of the Jedi, so I won't take anything related to those. I was wondering what could be a good starting gear set with 500 credits. The campain will be a treasure quest like where we should visit several planets. However, I have no clue if it will be more wilderness of city oriented. I guess a bit of both. So far, I have: Comlink (handheld) (25 credits) Utility belt (25 credits) Backpack (50 credits) Datapad (75 credits) Heavy clothing (50 credits) Few other ideas: Water purifier ( 50 or 100 credits, the one from Disciples of Harmony and Savage Spirits seems identical but the price is different. Am I missing something?) A MK III or MK IV (which one?) modular backpack instead of the standard one? Data google (250 credits) : I guess it could be interesting with his scholar background and future Sage Thanks for your help and advices.
  7. Hello there, I allow myself for a little bump on this thread since I have another question regarding this talent and the Smooth Talker one as well since they work similarly. I understand how they work since it was the question asked when I opened this thread however, I must say that I am having a hard time to make my mind if these talents are really worth it beside the fact that for my case, as a Sage, I would need 35xp to buy two ranks of Knowledge specialization to get one of the Force rating talent. Thus, for you, what are the pros/cons of these Talents?
  8. How do you get 3 black dies? I see two from the defensive trainning talent but I don't get where the third one is coming from. I already have one from Scii-cho tree. So if I go Niman, I can get 2 more. Got it, thanks you.
  9. I have a little question there. How do you get those 8 free rank? You have 2 from Human, 3 from the Career and 2 from the Specialization. Since I am very new to the system, I might likely have missed something in the rules.
  10. A very interesting reply again. How do you get 3 black dies? I see two from the defensive trainning talent but I don't get where the third one is coming from.
  11. Hello there, I have a question regarding that talent. The wording is: When the character first acquires this talent, he may choose one Knowledge skill. When making checks with that skill, he may spend **Triumph** to gain additional **Succes** equal to his ranks in Knowledge Specialization. So I guess this talent is usefull when you have to do a knowledge check that you are likely to fail but for which you had a triumph. Then you use that triumph for more succes. However, a triumph already gives a succes. Does it mean that if I have Knowledge specialization rank 1 it does: 1) Replace both the triumph and the succes effects of the triumph symbol by 1 succes. 2) Replace only the triumph effect of the triumpf symbol by one succes. The case 1) doesn't make any sense to me because it would mean that this talent only becones effective at rank 2. But it is not so clear for me.
  12. Thanks for this very interesting reply. This post wasn't so much to help me building a character but more to learn more about the system and its possibilities regarding lightsaber and I guess I naively thought that the best was to take a second form. However, I am very happy to read about better options like what you mentioned with Protector or Hermit. I would would like to read your opinion on what I wrote earlier regarding the Niman/Seresu combo.
  13. On my side, I feel that a Soresu defender expert would be a nice addition to a Niman disciple. The Soresu seems to be more a passive spec with Talent such as Improved Parry, Supreme parry and Strategic form. First of all, having 2 Force dices (or 3 because a Niman disciple would have a not so expensive way to get Force rating talent through the Sage specialization), the Niman/Soresu wouldn’t have much problem extending Strategic form for a few rounds for one target or a few ones. Then, he doesn’t have to take any combat action until the end of Strategic form but rely on Improved/Supreme parry to strike back with lightsaber (Willpower) combat check. Then, on any missed strike back, he could use the Move force power which add extra means to damage the opponents or to do other cool stuff. However, I am not sure that my reasoning is correct or would apply well in actual combat or would be too much situational.
  14. Thanks for the interesting answers. Thanks, that was pretty much what I was looking for when opening this topic. I am both interested in synergy combinations and diversification combinations. I am happy to read more of it if you have time to developp further. However, in your last sentense, you mentioned the emphasis on social from the Makashi but beside his need for Presence, I don't see that from his Talents. But I might have missed something. Thanks for the indea about having two possible characteristics for lightsaber use in case of critical injury. For which lightsaber form do you think picking up Niman Disciple as a second spec would not be so beneficial? Also, after reading the three of you, I feel that for you, the Niman Disciple is very good as a second choice to add to a first lightsaber spec which in the end, looked to me like it wouldn't be a good choice as a first lightsaber spec.
  15. Yes, thanks. Mostly, my last uncertainty is about where (specialization) I want to go later. "Is one of the others Consular specializations interesting for me?" If yes, then I shall stick with a Consular/Sage start. If not, the question is then: "Is there a Career where there are at least two specializations that are interesting to me?" If yes, maybe I should start with stat Career and directly buy the Sage specialization.
  16. As the title says, I was thinking about synergies between the six lightsabre forms in F&D. In a nutshell, I was wondering which combinations of two forms are going well together and for which purpose. For exemple, I would think that taking both Ataru striker/Makashi duelist or Soresu denfender/Shien expert would not had much. In the Ataru striker/Makashi duelist combination, you would get an offence power house while it would be a defense one for the Soresu denfender/Shien expert combination. An Ataru striker/Soresu defender seems to me much more beneficial. However, I might be really wrong there. Mainly, the question could be the following. If you have a character who is a specialist of one of the six form and you could learn a second form. Which one would you choose and why? So I am just curious to hear your opinion about it. P.S. I looked for a similar topic with the search tool but couldn’t find any.
  17. Hello there and thanks again for your answers. About the Cerean rewrite, this is not something that can be done unless I start a new character. We already started playing with the other payers etc. so that would be very odd. To avoid Order 66, I was helped by one of the clone who was with us and defended me against his brothers. This clone is one of the players. Then, it was mostly there my padawan related gears to walk unnoticed. It is true that for the character concept, 4 Will would be only for more strain and better Discipline checks. I guess there is also a bit of a flavor there since I see the Jedi as strong will being or at least as being needing strong will to resist temptations from the dark side. However, I agree that mechanical wise, that might be not so… wise to put 4 Will. For cimmerianthief: #1 I am still old school and see light saber as the Jedi weapon. However, playing at a time when Jedi are hunted down, the character understands that keeping low profile is important. Nevertheless, when needed, I want him to be decent with a lightsaber. This doesn’t have to be at character creation but more on a medium term. He doesn’t really have a lightsaber anymore anyways. Thus, I don’t worry about it right now but I still have to think about which lightsaber specialization I want take later in order to plan ahead a bit. #2 From a previous encounter, I could stole the lightsaber of his former love inquisitor at the beginning of the story so he has a lightsaber but doesn’t use it and will probably prefer to build his own later. #3 We do a PbF but each of us post a few times a days so we move quite fast. And it should be a long term campaign. Also, to answer to another of your question, we keep playing while I am still thinking about the character. We are just still using the one the GM built for me. #4 Three of the others are more combat focused and one is more mecanician/pilot and could also be a decent medic but it doesn’t seems that he is going this way. On the Healing side: Thanks for your explanation regarding how healing works and the three types. For the Healer spec, again, it wouldn’t be something I would take now. In my mind, it is more something like “is it a spec that I would be interested in later?” and “Would the Force power Healing tree be enough for me?”. The reason for that is the following. I like the Sage specialization and that would likely be my first spec. However, if I don’t plan to take neither the Niman disciple nor the Healer later, does it makes sense to start as a Consular or would it be better to start with another Career that has more interesting specializations and directly buy the Sage spec for 30XP? Thanks for the “trick” with influence, I guess that if I leave Will 4, I would then increase Cunning to 3 an leave Presence to 2. The only skill of interest linked to Presence that is not affected by influence is Cool but I will have it as a Career skill anyway so that is fine and I would get more dice in Perception. Of course, again that is not something to get right now but I should be able to get those 30XP (or 25 with a master) fairly quickly. The first thing I would like to pursuit is the scholar side. Lightsaber and maybe healing use would come in later. I don’t want to be able to do a bit of scholar, a bit of lightsaber and a bit of healing but be bad/average at all of them. Right now, it is just character creation + 25XP from play so a scholar specialist is good enough. The rest will come later after some playing time, or writing time for PbF.
  18. Thanks for your help. Here is some more information. My XP budget is the character creation one + 25 XP from play so really a starting character. With that amount to spend, I agree that if I tried to do all the things mentioned earlier, that would be a bad idea. So that was more some ideas in the long run. Furthermore, after reading your replies, I realize that it will be better to directly go into a Jedi career. Indeed, going through a universal specialization would cost a lot of XPs and I think that I would then be a bit useless in the group. Thus, I would first only take the free starting specialization which would be Sage. In my mind, adding Healer and Soresu Defender (or Niman disciple) would have been something to add much later when the character is already effective in is first role: knowledge/sensing. So I guess a good option is to try to fill out the Sage talents tree to also get those two nice Force rating boosts and maybe the Sense force power tree. This is already a bunch of XPs and it might be better that spreading too thin. But before that, I will also see where the game is going and if I feel that I need to be more knowledgeable, I guess a dip into the Scholar specialization could also be a possibility later on. But maybe we will realize that we quickly need a decent Healer and I might have to change a bit half way. Also, something that I forgot to mention is that Fra’ye has a kind of nemesis. She was his secret lover when they were padawans. She was supposed to be dead but showed up as an inquisitor (yeah, both the GM and I know that this has been seen over and over but well, it always works!). So at one point, he will have to fight her and try to bring her back to the light side or kill her. So the character will need some mean to defend against her. Then, I bit of a rule question. The Healer talents tree has quite a few talents involving Medecine check. Do they work when making a Medicine check when using the Force power Heal tree? Also, I noticed that in the character creation phase in F&D, you can only set 3 career skills to ranks 1 while it is 4 in Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion. Is it something that got change with an errata or something or is it just how it is in F&D? Edit: I think that now, my main struggle is still: - Willpower 4 or 3 (with an increase to 4 much later with talent tree) -If I leave it to 3, I put both Cunning and Presence to 3, easy. -If I bring it up to 4 then I still can't decide between Presence and Cunning, both being interesting...
  19. Hello there, I am pretty new to F&D so I am posting here to get some advices. Basically, we started a campaign using D6 rules and then moved soon to the ones used here, mostly Edge of the Empire since everyone but me wasn’t force sensitive. Below is a bit of a background from my character (please forgive my English, I am not a native speaker). Fra’ye was a human padawan before the rise of the empire. During the order 66, he was fighting with his master. Luckily for Fra’ye he was a bit away from the clones when the order 66 was sent while his master was with them. Thus, the master was killed and Fra’ye hidden instead of trying to help. Then the clones looked for him, most of them. Indeed, one seemed to have some defect and did not follow the order. Instead, he went helping Fra’ye and killed his comrades (this clone is another player). The game starts when both are stuck on another planet with the others players and Fra’ye is pretty much an alcoholic. Now, he is starting to get out of the booze thing and will tend toward trying to protect others, which he couldn’t do for his master. In the D6 rules, he was more a scholar than a warrior and was good with perception Force powers and a little thing for tactics. Thus, when we went for the new rules, since I did not have any books yet, my GM tried to convert it while trying to keep the concept. He made a Colon/Scholar with Force Sensitive Exile as out of career specialization to get Force rating 1 which would let me deep into the Jedi specializations from F&D. Now that I own some of the books and have a better understanding, he allowed me a rebuild and to directly go to a Jedi career from F&D. For a scholar, the Jedi specialization fitting the most seems to be the Sage from the Consular career. It is missing some Knowledge skills, mostly Core worlds and Outer Rim but I would assume that the talents Knowledge specialization can make up for it. I am correct? So that would be the starting point. But for later, I have few ideas for the concept but I am not sure that there are viable. As written before, he is leaning toward helping/protecting. Thus, as next possible specializations, there would be Healer and Soresu defender. The choice for Soresu defender comes from the fact that I think that I need a lightsabre specialization and that one seems to fit better than Niman disciple for holding his ground to keep protecting others. Furthermore, Sage and Healer strongly emphasize the Intellect characteristic while Niman disciple focusses on Willpower. However, I might be very wrong there. While I prefer Soresu defender for the concept, I still find the Niman disciple nice. If the campaign goes long enough, do you think Niman disciple fits well with Soresu defender or not at all? Lastly, as mentioned earlier, the GM built the first version with Colon/Scholar/Force Sensitive Exile. Do you think it could bring me something to stick with that instead of taking pure Jedi career as a start? I don’t see any reason for it but again, I might be wrong. For the character creation, I was thinking on using all the XPs (Obligation and Morality ones too) on improving characteristics. - 3 Int (Character main characteristic but I feel it is better to increase it more later with Dedication) - 3 Presence OR Cunning, I am not so sure there. - I would crank up Will to 4. I think it makes sense to do it at the creation to get more strain but I might be very wrong there and maybe it is better to leave it to 3 and to improve both Presence and Cunning to 3. Few question about skills: -Perception: while I feel this skill fits very well a Jedi good with perception/sensing Force power, few Jedi careers/specializations have it as career skill and the Sense force power tree doesn’t cover it from what I understand. That is part of the reason I liked the Colon/Scholar/Force Sensitive Exile path and that I could imagine taking Scholar as an out of career specialization later (and also because the Scholar Talent tree fits very well the concept). -Is it useful for this concept to have a Range weapon skill? I think it is not but any advice is welcome. Thanks a lot for reading all of it and for your help !
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