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  1. Dear all, Thanks a lot for the answers and the very good advices.
  2. The character is walking and the GM ask for the roll to see if he spotted a creature.
  3. Hi everyone, First of all, I apologize if this is explained in the core rule book. If that is the case, I would be happy to get the page number. On a perception check, the player rolls: 1 triumph and 2 advantages while the opposite check roll is: 2 failures. So, is this a missed check with two advantages or does the triumph still plays a role on a failed check ? I am also happy to get some examples on how you would interpret and use it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for your answers. Yes, I mentionned 500 credits because I already took the morality option to get extra xp.
  5. Thanks a lot for all the useful information. For the datapad, I though it was cool for the scholar side of the character. For the weapon, I was thinking that at this point, background wise, there is not much reason for the character to have one. You are probably right for the water purifiers, even some rations should do for a start. Any call on the datagoogle? For the Encumbrance, if I understood properly, for a character with Brawn = 2, his Encumbrance threhold is 7. Backpacks increase this value. However, with Brawn = 2, as long as his Emcumbrance is greater than 2 (e.g. wearing heavy clothing, having a datapad in his backpack and holding a holdout blaster), he won't get the free maneuver each turn. Is that correct?
  6. Dear all, I am starting a new campain as an Arbiter who is the group face/scholar and will later branch into Sage. My character does not know that he is force sensitive and know very little of the Jedi, so I won't take anything related to those. I was wondering what could be a good starting gear set with 500 credits. The campain will be a treasure quest like where we should visit several planets. However, I have no clue if it will be more wilderness of city oriented. I guess a bit of both. So far, I have: Comlink (handheld) (25 credits) Utility belt (25 credits) Backpack (50 credits) Datapad (75 credits) Heavy clothing (50 credits) Few other ideas: Water purifier ( 50 or 100 credits, the one from Disciples of Harmony and Savage Spirits seems identical but the price is different. Am I missing something?) A MK III or MK IV (which one?) modular backpack instead of the standard one? Data google (250 credits) : I guess it could be interesting with his scholar background and future Sage Thanks for your help and advices.
  7. Hello there, I allow myself for a little bump on this thread since I have another question regarding this talent and the Smooth Talker one as well since they work similarly. I understand how they work since it was the question asked when I opened this thread however, I must say that I am having a hard time to make my mind if these talents are really worth it beside the fact that for my case, as a Sage, I would need 35xp to buy two ranks of Knowledge specialization to get one of the Force rating talent. Thus, for you, what are the pros/cons of these Talents?
  8. Thanks for your answer.
  9. How do you get 3 black dies? I see two from the defensive trainning talent but I don't get where the third one is coming from. I already have one from Scii-cho tree. So if I go Niman, I can get 2 more. Got it, thanks you.
  10. Aristide

    Discipline and Force

    I have a little question there. How do you get those 8 free rank? You have 2 from Human, 3 from the Career and 2 from the Specialization. Since I am very new to the system, I might likely have missed something in the rules.
  11. A very interesting reply again. How do you get 3 black dies? I see two from the defensive trainning talent but I don't get where the third one is coming from.
  12. Hello there, I have a question regarding that talent. The wording is: When the character first acquires this talent, he may choose one Knowledge skill. When making checks with that skill, he may spend **Triumph** to gain additional **Succes** equal to his ranks in Knowledge Specialization. So I guess this talent is usefull when you have to do a knowledge check that you are likely to fail but for which you had a triumph. Then you use that triumph for more succes. However, a triumph already gives a succes. Does it mean that if I have Knowledge specialization rank 1 it does: 1) Replace both the triumph and the succes effects of the triumph symbol by 1 succes. 2) Replace only the triumph effect of the triumpf symbol by one succes. The case 1) doesn't make any sense to me because it would mean that this talent only becones effective at rank 2. But it is not so clear for me.
  13. Thanks for this very interesting reply. This post wasn't so much to help me building a character but more to learn more about the system and its possibilities regarding lightsaber and I guess I naively thought that the best was to take a second form. However, I am very happy to read about better options like what you mentioned with Protector or Hermit. I would would like to read your opinion on what I wrote earlier regarding the Niman/Seresu combo.
  14. On my side, I feel that a Soresu defender expert would be a nice addition to a Niman disciple. The Soresu seems to be more a passive spec with Talent such as Improved Parry, Supreme parry and Strategic form. First of all, having 2 Force dices (or 3 because a Niman disciple would have a not so expensive way to get Force rating talent through the Sage specialization), the Niman/Soresu wouldn’t have much problem extending Strategic form for a few rounds for one target or a few ones. Then, he doesn’t have to take any combat action until the end of Strategic form but rely on Improved/Supreme parry to strike back with lightsaber (Willpower) combat check. Then, on any missed strike back, he could use the Move force power which add extra means to damage the opponents or to do other cool stuff. However, I am not sure that my reasoning is correct or would apply well in actual combat or would be too much situational.
  15. Thanks for the interesting answers. Thanks, that was pretty much what I was looking for when opening this topic. I am both interested in synergy combinations and diversification combinations. I am happy to read more of it if you have time to developp further. However, in your last sentense, you mentioned the emphasis on social from the Makashi but beside his need for Presence, I don't see that from his Talents. But I might have missed something. Thanks for the indea about having two possible characteristics for lightsaber use in case of critical injury. For which lightsaber form do you think picking up Niman Disciple as a second spec would not be so beneficial? Also, after reading the three of you, I feel that for you, the Niman Disciple is very good as a second choice to add to a first lightsaber spec which in the end, looked to me like it wouldn't be a good choice as a first lightsaber spec.