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  1. It's competing with Frosthaven for my shelf space and dollars, but looks good, so far.
  2. Boardgame apps are here to stay, and Journeys in Middle Earth won't be the last title to require one. While there's nothing wrong with not liking apps, any serious arguments that games shouldn't include them are now dead. As for this game, after watching the live play through, I suspect that its app may be the best boardgame app ever, above "Mansions of Madness".
  3. Gloomhaven has no dice, and it flopped all the way to Number 1 on Boardgamegeek. Perhaps it was a Fosbury flop.
  4. I'm just wondering whether my Millennium Falcon will fit on those space locations...
  5. It's probably some form of Automa (card stack acting as a player), as is regularly seen in Stonemaier's games.
  6. If I need extra dice, I can just go raid the X-Wing box. So it's a plus, for me.
  7. No matter how many pictures of my full cupboard I send them, while begging for mercy, FFG keeps rolling the games out. Will be keeping an keen eye on this one to see how it pans out. I haven't played any of the games that Outer Rim has been compared to, such as Firefly or Xia, so it's all new to me.
  8. The diceless nature is reminiscent of Gloomhaven, especially resolving tests by card draws. So far Mansions of Madness looks to be the biggest influencer, though as more info about the game is released, that could change.
  9. I'd be surprised to see single mini packs for Journeys, as it won't be a "grid-and-tactics" game like IA. The format is likely to be similar to MoM2, with themed expansion packs and DLCs. As soon as it shows up locally, I'm clicking the button and awaiting the courier.
  10. Without Sorastro, my minis would look they'd been squirted by the rainbow hose. I'd also have more money from not buying so much paint, but that's OK. He is aware of the new LotR game, and has a poll on his Facebook page asking whether he should paint it. (Who are these 24% saying 'No' ... heathens)
  11. It's actually hard for me to think of a game that shipped with a central app and an analogue alternative, out of the box. The closest example I can think of is Alchemists, which uses an app but allows for one player to answer potion formulae questions instead. Which isn't very satisfying for most people because that player can't participate normally. I think it's no coincidence that the appearance of board gaming apps has coincided with tablets becoming ubiquitous. In most cases, a tablet is the most convenient device. I can understand feeling that you have to buy one to play a boardgame would be irksome, but I've found my own tablet's useful enough that it would be worth having even if I never used it for boardgaming. For some people, borrowing a friend's device will be a viable option, as the app won't take up much room. As for people interacting more with their phones to the detriment of interpersonal relations, that's clearly a bad habit of the times. I also think there's a reason for app makers to gravitate towards apps that engage the whole group, rather than only one member. For example, providing a map for everyone to look at.
  12. My theory is that MoM2 was the blueprint for how all FFG's big-boxed questing games will be from now on. A central app, and tiles divided into areas delineated with white lines, rather than having square grids. If Descent 3 or IA2 ever happen, I'd expect them to follow the MoM2 format rather than their previous versions. It's just a feeling, but I have some confidence in it.
  13. For what it's worth, FFG seem to have become the standard bearer for app-driven games. They've provided them for Descent & Imperial Assault, and Mansions of Madness 2 has a profile that's head and shoulders above any other app-driven game out there. Which means, in my opinion, that for games like Mansions and the upcoming Journeys, FFG's job is not to provide alternatives for those who dislike apps. It's to wow those who are prepared to play app-driven boardgames - to not put them off, in other words - and FFG can do this by putting their energies into making the best darned apps that they can. So I want to see the Journeys app be the best one that's ever been created for an FFG boardgame - or for any boardgame, really. A big ask, but I think it can be done if FFG are properly focused on it.
  14. All we've been told so far is "second quarter". So expect June, hope for May, but prepare for July.
  15. It's the same to New Zealand, which is why I decided against preordering. Even if the player mats aren't available after release, it wouldn't surprise me to see someone concoct an alternative.
  16. I have 4-5 months to hone my argument that having Journeys in Middle-earth counts as a basic need. 😈
  17. Did you click on 'Read more'? Legolas is mentioned below the fold, in the first paragraph beneath the image of Aragorn's character card.
  18. The FFG games I've played have always covered the table well. From what I can tell, this game will require some space for up to 5 players (a character card, several small cards and a deck/discard pile for each one) plus wilderness tiles and a couple of dungeon tiles in the middle of the table. I don't yet know whether these will be swapped out when switching between overland/dungeon modes.
  19. The first major news article does specifically mention Legolas.
  20. Simply put, if you're unwilling to use the app, this game's not for you. Having successfully automated the GM/Overlord role for Mansions of Madness 2, I'd expect Fantasy Flight to include an app for every game they make from now on that would've otherwise required one player to be the Overlord. It's just a better strategy for them overall. As for Journeys, I've engraved it hard onto the wishlist.
  21. I have whatever the opposite of fatigue is.
  22. It looks to be more of a wilderness crawler than a dungeon crawler. Think Mansions of Madness, but with the tiles showing outdoor terrain instead of streets or rooms. There are only two 'dungeon' tiles, so I'd expect dungeons to be one-off locations to host a fight in rather than places to explore. Of course, future expansions may introduce more extensive dungeon settings. Legolas and Aragorn are in the original box, Frodo will undoubtedly appear in an expansion, and Gandalf may well appear as an NPC, much like Luke Skywalker in Imperial Assault. Not that I know whether NPCs will be a thing in this game - if not, I'd expect Gandalf to show up as a character at some point.
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