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  1. Would it be possible to add a "version" tag to each of the sub sections. I know it is currently the only version but it would allow people to know if they are seeing the latest version or not when changes start to occur.
  2. The FFG mats have all been variable sizes over the last few years as well so that minor difference isn't a major issue.
  3. I have to admit I like this change. It shuts down a lot of that "double action no consequence" that AdvSen had in V1.0 so yes you can still get some benefit but no more double action + Bump for great positioning.
  4. Yeh the conversion kits don't come with cards. But for the first few months after Second Edition launches I want to keep as many of our "official" events limited to "released" kits so those just coming back or getting into the game for the first time are not at a disadvantage. So we will start with official threat cards and then maybe start adding our own "customised" ones to that for variety.
  5. My plan for 2.0 drafting is mainly going to be based around the threat card ideas, I will probably "split" the cards so that each drafted card only has one of the threat builds on them. It should be simple quick and possibly lead to sideboardable gaming as well without the added complexity of full list building.
  6. Yay the internet ... The big problem is that lots of people have been asking about MathWing for 2nd Ed. So rather than answer everyone separately in each post MJ decides to post about why he wont be releasing it and what happened to cause this and his reasons behind it and everyone just starts attacking ... **** internet ... In other news I did try out VK/Inq/OL last night but I am not sure if it is better than having a palp reaper in there. But the decision at the moment is do I go Soontir/PTL/AT/MultiSpec with 1pt bid, Inq/PTL/AT/Title + 3 point bid or Inq but put LWF on the PS1 reaper with a single point bid for this weekends events.
  7. Loving flying the reapers right now. I am running VK/PS1Palp/Soontir but man getting used to judging what a 1 bank + <whatever> when you a flying through tightly crowded rock fields takes a bit to get used to again. But that in its own way is fantastic!
  8. Our league we just pair people each week using standard swiss methods. At a specified time we just disable anyone who isn't there and generate the next round. Yeh this can lead to some end of league funkyness with swiss pairings but works best for us. We also found that keeping leagues to 1 official game per week for 4 weeks works for our guys. Most people play multiple casual games but it means they can bail straight after the league game with no consequences.
  9. I’m really excited to see how this threat card mechanic turns out in actual competition. It does make a release tournament so **** easy and quick. And also helps make alternatives like a draft format and escalation really cool as well.
  10. I am the local TO for our local stores comps and regularly play in them. For store championships it is perfectly fine as said above but I also nominate a tertiary judge just in case I end up playing the secondary judge . But a few helpful hints is to keep a "separate" distraction timer for when you are called away for judging reasons. This way your opponent is not disadvantaged as much because you can give them their fair extra time. I also always suggest not playing a "though intensive" list because your brain has to be able to snap in and out of your game easily.
  11. I had something with a similar idea. It wasn't quite as in your face though. A little more annoying and controlly. Lothal Rebel (35) Fire-Control System (2) Autoblaster Turret (2) Hera Syndulla (1) Saw Gerrera (1) Ezra Bridger (Sheathipede) (17) Snap Shot (2) Courier Droid (0) R3-A2 (2) Miranda Doni (29) Twin Laser Turret (6) C-3PO (3) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  12. The problem with updating templates is that you need to make really tight and accurate jigs to make it even feasible. So because applied know their own specific measurements they can offer this (even though I don’t believe it is cost effective). Fundamentally labour + machine time costs just don’t make it financially viable for most producers as they could be using that same time resource to be producing better looking new templates.
  13. I think it came out more of the general dismissal of European results by much of the American community for quite a while. Attitudes like "It might work over there but not in our competitive meta" or "they can get away with it because they aren't in our hotbed of competition". So people took it and ran with it.
  14. Build to your community. What works for other groups might not work for you. EG Other shops in my city tend to run single night events with 2-3 rounds after work. But this means that they start relatively early (6:30pm) and can run quite late (11pm). We tried doing 2 rounds at my LFGS but we found that most of our players actually either work earlier shifts so need to leave earlier or want to get home to their families. So we now run a 4 week league but have only 1 official game per week with casual play before and after. This means those who are short on time can still participate and it has allowed us to grow and flourish. Also if you are running leagues and trying to attract new peoiple then consider how you do your rewards! You really don't want the new players to be funding the experienced players constantly because they will just stop coming back. Flatten the reward structure for a more balanced outcome.
  15. Our local league's will probably be "Re-released" only for the official games (we play one official game a week with all other games being casual). Best way to get people involved in the group!
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