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  1. I want to see a follow up with generic jumpmasters I’m pretty sure Soontir can beat 8 of them, as a benchmark
  2. my own take on this is that aces seem genuinely hard to price. Like take Blackout for example, I think you have to be doing something very wrong to lose with blackout vs two X-Wings and nothing else on the board. That being said, X-Wings feel underpriced at 31 points and Blackout feels overpriced at 80 points. Like there's fundamentally this weird skew where even an appropriately priced ace will absolutely wreck an equal value of low-init low-repo chonkers in an endgame scenario like this. Immediate takeaway: aces are fundamentally hard to balance Some musings based on that: aces kinda break the way the game's arc-based guessing game system works, but in a way they also define it. A good first step to mitigating the damage they cause to the game would be to limit them (i.e. prevent people from taking a full 200 points worth of aces as a list).
  3. Yeah Defender Holo is pretty darn good. I’ve been playing it whenever I have to play extended this season and it’s seriously strong. Holo is one of the best three pilots in the faction even without this trick, but it’s definitely worth the 7 points. On the list building front, I think the low ship counts and focus on abilities is overcomplicating the matter. First Order has access to a 25 point ship that has excellent blue moves and doesn’t mind taking a stress now and then, and you can fit five such ships into a list with Defender Holo.
  4. yep, can't remember if I've said it in this thread but it's also one of those things that seems super intuitive, as in, every time I teach someone this game they're confused that it doesn't work like this.
  5. Kyle Ren

    Happy Friday

    HFCB! Xi Class Shuttle, I want an orange one.
  6. Congrats on the new place! If you have room for it, 4x7 or 4x8 is better for games (to have space for stuff), not sure of one in particular I like that size though.
  7. I’m working on my X-Wing campaign right now, going to publish it as physical rules, a downloadable pdf, and a tts module. If it’s popular I’ll make more... hopefully that’s some good news at least, it’s kinda something good that I’ve been taking joy in in X-Wing lately
  8. OR hear me out they could have just not made the Nantex a meme ship which has its usefulness completely dependent on garbage mechanics
  9. I also think it's worth reiterating that I try to form game design opinions based on fun rather than balance. Some forms of control can be fun but I think ion is particularly worrisome because of the amount of agency it removes. Tractor at least pretends to give the person tractored some agency now but it's still on the naughty list I think. Taking a stress to rotate kinda doesn't matter when you're on a rock, which makes the counter more of a listbuilding counter, which seems like the ultimate NPE to me.
  10. I admit the kid's got skill but I don't think balance/design decisions should ever be based on skill floor/ceiling.
  11. did we all collectively forget Worlds 2018? control 👏 shouldn't 👏 be 👏 good 👏
  12. X-Wing 3.0 looks good If you preorder it now, you get exclusive Imperial Ace and New Republic Recruit skins
  13. yeah that was insensitive, I actually wrote out an apology for it, you can read it here
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