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  1. the community-created aspect is a real selling point for me I've been avoiding quarantine boredom by creating my own games in TTS, it's actually pretty straightforward to add mods
  2. what? you're not allowed to not joust, that's stalling J U D G E !
  3. force aces are the enemy except Kylo it's cool when my faction does it
  4. so my family is watching through the star wars movies again we just started, and we're going chronologically honestly the prequels ain't half bad... in my opinion of course
  5. the opposite of that was the point? if you rotate out some cards and make new versions of them, you don't need to make a new edition
  6. personally Boba Fett, RZ-2 A-Wings, and named Jedi seem poorly designed, which is a bummer because of how iconic they are. I would like to see these redesigned to be fun for both players
  7. I'm super in on using aces packs for soft-3.0 to fix broken parts of the current game. Hopefully OP gets the memo and follows suit by making events such as worlds limited to the new pilots in the packs.
  8. welp I added more things to the list of accomplished quarantine tasks bought (and immediately got addicted to) One Shot, very cool RPG with some really clever immersive elements completed my obligatory Plo repaint
  9. So I strongly recommend nobody go to game nights or store champs right now. It's just not worth it. I'm kinda bummed about skipping all these store champs and game nights right now. What have y'all been doing to pass the time? I'll go first... Cigar Box Guitars are a fun hobby and very time intensive... here's my progress so far... just the neck and the nut also been playing a lot of Star Conflict (https://store.steampowered.com/app/212070/Star_Conflict/), which is actually a really fun game
  10. gaging interest in an event, see the general chat of this server. https://discord.gg/7765eWW It would be a roughly 3 hour event starting at 5pm central US time. VASSAL, Hyperspace 120 point lists
  11. I know a lot of folks, myself included, are bummed about things being cancelled left and right due to COVID-19, but I'm not about to let a nasty virus come between us and our tiny spaceships! Therefore, tomorrow, Saturday March 14th, I will be running a tournament online! It will occur at 8:30 am if you're on the West Coast 10:30 am if you're in Central Time 11:30 am on the East Coast 4:30 pm if you're in Great Britain 5:30 pm if you're in most of the rest of Europe The tournament will be run on Tabletop Simulator, Hyperspace Format. More details here: https://discord.gg/7765eWW Sign up is here: https://tabletop.to/salt-mines-covid19-tts-tournament2 No entry fee, but I will mail out prizes if you want them! They're almost certainly coronavirus-free because I'm a complete introvert, on spring break, hiding in my house surviving off of ramen noodles
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