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  1. Strange Eons supports 2.0 pilot cards, and http://x-wing-cardcreator.com/ does upgrade cards. I believe the latter also does pilot cards now?
  2. not really sure what this is, otherwise I'd put it in a showcase lol think it's gonna be my Tavson. That's where the wings came from at least
  3. I attempted to create a similar thing with the Salt Mines blog, which I was hoping other people would want to post things to. Offer still stands if anyone writes something they want posted, I'll format it for you and whatnot. But it's not really the same. I could try to add you as collaborators... it's a Blogspot and I think that works? Need to look into that more
  4. Pictures are cool as an illiterate person, er, visual learner I greatly prefer them to words (Unironically though I am a visual learner and do learn a lot better from pictures or videos than words)
  5. I've flown against a couple Poes, from the opposite side of the table at least they looked good
  6. There's entirely too many podcasts, with too little content. I'm saddened by how many of the community thought the Salt Mines was real... Blogs are fine. It's like a way of writing a super long forum post without forcing everyone to scroll past the whole thing to leave a confused reacc and yell at you
  7. Was gonna say, I could probably help you out with an Excel one but I'm not sure if there's a good website for it. Tabletop TO does series scoring but that's if you have a bunch of mini tournaments, not just random pickup league games
  8. Really sorry to hear about that CubanBoy Have you tried One Sweet World? Ben and Jerry's doesn't sell it at supermarkets, only at the actual Ben and Jerry's stores - it's a caramel/coffee flavor with dark chocolate bits in it. Definitely recommend.
  9. I'm pretty sure Hera and Kanan are fine. Generic maybe a little overpriced. But I do want to point out that triple Upsilons was a problem due to the setup shenanigans, nobody's really mad at three Upsilons in general that have to actually plan out and set up their engage. That being said triple ghost might well be unhealthy for the game, but I really don't think it would pose the same NPE potential.
  10. Yes we all know that scum actually only has one iconic ship in the movies but we're not allowed to talk about that fact Every old canon kirhykasdfghjkl is sacred
  11. Remove the torp slot, EZ. The perfect info lock-rotate actually seems fair on Jumps since their blues are predictable and they only have two dice. 360 turrets were wholesome all along change my mind
  12. Not sure I agree on the tone, but I do think the Lambda is pretty iconic and it's strange that it's been skipped over so far. @Force Majeure what if you make two of those torps Ion Torps? that way the Ion ones can help set up the APT ones for the kill.
  13. Most helpful thing I ever did here (take that any way you'd like) Not really skilled enough to offer help to most people here, might share my method for painting windscreens because I'm happy with those but I'm pretty sure I just stole if from something I read here.
  14. I agree. TIE swarms have become a lot less fun for both players due to gas clouds in my opinion, and obviously the aces running to time aspect is a big problem for the health of the game.
  15. Not that I know of but thanks for bumping this one up, hadn't seen it yet if there are more tutorials we should make an index of those I wish I had more knowledge to create tutorials with. I think I did a tutorial for fixing gummy Saw's Renegades X-Wings once but that's too old to be useful by now (with the new Saw's pack likely having properly glued minis)
  16. More dudes for the squad. Weird lighting in those last pics, they're actually reasonably similar colors: Used leftover Legion bits to make a Scorch and Longshot.
  17. Have yet to watch but I think this is it
  18. Hey Crit! For a fellow mountain time person you are awake at much more reasonable hours than I :D by "overdevensive" I mean pretty much anything with three green dice and multiple defensive mods. So Ric, Kylo, Defenders, and Soontir all fall into this category, but of those things only Ric has regen. If he were cheaper maybe I'd put Corran in there too but I don't play extended so all I know is that I've heard a lot of Rebel players tell me how bad he is and on paper, I agree. I think it's fair to be annoyed at regen. It's definitely underpriced compared to shield upgrades or whatever. But other than cheesing the half points rules, I really don't see why regen is that much of a problem now that it isn't infinite - shield upgrade isn't a problem, is it? Or both shield and hull on things that have two mod slots? Would you be ok with regen if they added a rule that at the end of the game you have to count spent regen droid charges as damage dealt to the ship, and then score the game?
  19. I agree, droids fix stuff, this is fine tournament scoring and overdefensive stuff is what's at fault here, regen is fine. especially charge limited regen if you couldn't regen back up above half points and then run away and never take damage it would be a very small minority of players mad about regen case in point: basically nobody was mad at R2s on Luke and Wedge last fall
  20. Hey awesome to see you back! I was actually just wondering where you went the other day F i r s t O r d e r only four ships (well, soon to be 5) but they're maybe the four most fun ships in the game
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