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  1. Rebels: "I don't care what you smell, get in there!" (things that joust everything as a team) Imperials: "Asteroids do not concern me..." (aces, block swarms, lots of list archetypes that prefer dust clouds) Scum: "I don't like you either" (random named ships slapped together that work together to bully things) Resistance: "...but by saving what we love" (tons of aces that can't win a joust and need to dance around the fight) First Order: "I'll show you the dark side" (the named pilots are best and have abilities that let them basically cheat) Separatists: "We're independent thinkers - roger roger roger roger..." (swarms of droids that follow orders) Republic: "Live to fight another day boys" (valiant clones sacrifice themselves for the lies of the Jedi)
  2. This is true, and if I'm building the ultimate agency-removal Vader I'm going to take Supernatural and Collision Detector (even with the new points). I just think that it's an unforeseen consequence of the card, and if it really is only 2 points, I'm probably going to use it on Vader a lot, if only for the games where I do get outbid by like 20 points and don't get to move last.
  3. yikes I just finally understood why this card is going to be a problem on Vader. Silencers don't have the slot though. We're safe... for now
  4. I feel like the worst gameplay situations are the ones that take all the agency out of the hands of one player. If someone gets to choose at higher initiative with a giant bid whether to double reposition out of all arcs or just token stack and joust and be fine, and then next turn run away and the other person can't catch them, that's seriously a problem. It's similarly a problem if one list is so jousting efficient that it always wins a joust against the other list and includes dust clouds or other obstacles that it can just fly over and be fine, meaning that there's really nothing the opponent can do to avoid eventually having the formation block facing at least one of their ships and nuking it. Thing is, these are matchup dependent. If you're flying a similarly good list against one of the lists that does this, it doesn't look like a problem, but if you're trying to fly something that's more average against them, you see the problem more easily. I don't really know what the answer is honestly, because there's always going to be jank lists that just autolose to actual good lists. But I think that there's some things that have a tendency to feel bad more frequently than other things. I guess it does sort of come down to what Boom is saying about it doing multiple things well. HowlInfernoswarm feels bad because it can 5-straight over dust clouds and outjoust pretty much anything, meaning that against slower ships, it pretty much forces the joust. It has i1 blockers so it's hard to block, but it fires at high initiative allowing init kills (sort of the crux of the list). It bugs me that it's faster, joustier, better at blocking, and shoots before so many lists. When I'm flying an actual good list I don't care that much even though I've never beat it... in the games I've played I've seen where I messed up in deployment and with a bit of luck could've beaten it. But it's still not very fun. I put it in the same category as triple upsilons. Similarly I personally don't find Boba any fun. He's essentially an arc-dodger that has multiple arcs (close to a turret now in 2.0) and also gets passive mods so he can joust well. Yes he's been toned down a lot points-wise but I just think that he's good at too much stuff so he's cursed to always be either overpriced or not fun. Jousting arc-dodging turrets feel bad. And yes now there's other stuff that outdoes him, but I still feel like there's plenty of lists against which Boba would be no fun. I think he's approaching fair now that his token stacking upgrades are more expensive but I'd still like to see all the titles go to extended just to be safe. Maybe I'm deluding myself, but Soontir Fel feels "fair" design-wise. He gets an insane advantage repositionally but basically only gets away with being shot at a maximum of once or twice per game. Similarly, L'ulo feels relatively "fair", just horribly underpriced right now. Poe feels fair. Generic Z-95s, B-Wings, and X-Wings feel fair. Jury's out on Y-Wings but I feel like they are only really good at turreting and bombing, their jousting is just sort of there and their positioning is pretty bad, although red barrel roll feels weird. TIE/x1 feels fair. Vader really can't joust because he has no evade. Although I don't like Hate design-wise. Not sure what I think of Strikers and Reapers, supernatural reflexes can be a feels bad man... I think they all die fast enough when shot at that they're probably fine though. Bombers are fine (except maybe Jonus), Decis are fine, Falcons seem ok other than the rube goldberg device fat han that does everything well. I really just don't see a lot of things that fundamentally would feel bad if they were good (at least in hyperspace, because I don't spend a lot of time on extended so I can't speak for it). TL;DR, to answer "what should the cut be skewed towards", I think that there's a few things that I don't really think should be good (the two examples I gave, ion control, stress control, etc.), but honestly I feel like all the archetypes are pretty fun to play against all the other archetypes. Since most people have a few they enjoy more than others, I think the main goal, after keeping the things that just aren't fun when they're good out, is to just make sure that none of the archetypes is hideously underrepresented.
  5. I agree. I think part of the problem is that Leia needs to be good because she's a main movie character and there's only one place she exists in the game right now. Where the heck is Leia pilot?
  6. That's why it needs another redesign though.... X7 is bad game design and having it stapled to all Defenders in 2.0 sort of killed them because almost nothing else has that kind of token stacking anymore
  7. This needs to go up like 10-15 points, I forgot his ability when pricing it, and double repo in that platform at i6 needs to be more expensive.
  8. I thought about it, but I'd be worried about Debris Gambit. The only way to balance i6 force with tons of reposition is to at least make it possible to do damage when you get shots on it
  9. Here was sort of my idea... (with points and slots)
  10. btw, I unironically would be ok with Sabine's rebel defender if we made all the changes you suggested, Boom
  11. If they were just 3/3/3/3 ships with a normal Interceptor-ey dial, focus lock boost roll, and Weapons Hardpoint+Sensor (which is what I sort of get from the theme), I'd be super in. Especially because then it would be fair to have 3 of them in a list with plenty of room for other stuff.
  12. Hey everyone! I'm doing another points guess challenge - whoever gets the most correctly gets a cool prize! https://forms.gle/XQLpyutz7RwQBJg78
  13. They seem like a really good deal as well. I use Citadel and Vallejo paints primarily but I'd consider getting a set.
  14. Yet another perfectly good forum post ruined by the lack of a :thonk: reaction
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