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  1. When you mean Miranda, why not say Miranda?

    I've been playing the game since it was released, and I think there were always a few named pilots who were ahead of the pack. Vader and Han, to name a few, and later Dash. Some ships (Bomber, Y-Wing, Gunboat, etc.) tend to be a little better with generics, and some ships like the ones I listed (and most ships now) are better with the top ace. But I do agree that it would be nice to see the PS3-PS7 pilots do better. Those have almost all, generally speaking, been pretty bad the whole time through.
  2. Fantastic! Just one little thing, to avoid making weird broken combos in Epic, I'd make Spare Power Generators small and large ship only. All the cards are fantastic, this is very well done! I would buy at least two if this were real!
  3. When you mean Miranda, why not say Miranda?

    Totally right. Generics are my favorite! I was a little sad at this thread when it showed up: I think a lot of people (devs included) don't understand generics...
  4. Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Hey, just a heads up, both Windows Defender and Norton Antivirus don't like this newest version. I was able to isolate it from the antivirus and run it just fine though, and it doesn't seem to be doing anything weird to my computer. I really like all the new features, looking forward to this building up a big enough community that I can play online! One problem I see is an inability to save lists and/or import them from a squadbuilder. I'd also like it if eventually this gets ported to the Microsoft Store, etc. and gains the ability to automatically check for and install updates. Fantastic work though, this is awesome! Keep up the good work! Cheers!
  5. Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Tested out the first version, this is amazing! The graphics are fantastic, and I had a lot of fun! My current favorite play mode is playing as Soontir Fel against three or four Rookie Pilot X-Wings. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this heads, and seeing when it'll include online play. I'm looking forward to playing this against my friends! For future stuff, I'd like the ability to set up your ships at angles and control asteroid placement, and I would like to see more pilots and upgrades added. Finally, it's not a huge deal for me, but I imagine people who are less familiar with the cards would like to be able to see the card abilities when squadbuilding and playing. And going above 100 points would be nice. But those are all just little things - this is fantastic!
  6. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Wild Space Fringer (33) - YT-2400 Recon Specialist (3) Wild Space Fringer (33) - YT-2400 Recon Specialist (3) Wild Space Fringer (33) - YT-2400 Recon Specialist (3) Aka, I don't really care what random stuff you throw in my face, I'm just gonna run at you and punch you. (And then probably get completely wrecked by Batman/Kylo).
  7. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    But where do those numbers come from? If you get all the cards you need in the pack the ship comes with, new players aren't going to buy more than three or four ships each. Old players on the other hand... well, show me a new player who bought as many GUNBOATS as I did.
  8. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Interesting to note, four dice with focus is expected to roll three hits on average, and four dice with Chips is expected to roll 2.563, but with a much higher chance of whiffing and only rolling one hit. Also note that with a focus, sometimes you can save it for the defense. LRS is almost always stapled to Gunboats, and I think Torpboats would be even more likely to need LRS. The one combo that might be interesting would be Deadeye and Chips. LRS is, in my opinion, harder to use than Deadeye because once people see where you target lock, they know not to joust that particular Gunboat (although sometimes it can't be helped). If I were going to take Chips, I think I'd have to use a Rho with Deadeye, just because the slightly less hits might be worth the added flexibility. But if you're using a Rho, you have the question of why not just take Crackshot...
  9. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    Why indeed would you have to buy a Punisher for Lightweight Frame, since the packs it comes in are the Striker and the Aggressor. But you're right, Strikers are nowhere on the competitive scene... oh, wait...
  10. Which preview will be out today?

    Well, the first article of the day should be hitting sometime in the next few minutes here...
  11. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    If you only want to fly competitive, you need to think specifically about what you want to fly and buy for that. With FFG's model, that might include buying some stuff you don't need. But if you're targeting that one specific list, you don't need to buy everything. I think people have done the math and even the hardest to get lists never cost more than a couple hundred bucks. And buying individual cards on eBay, trading for stuff, etc. are all great suggestions. If you just think about the game from a pure love of the game perspective, it gets easier. I bought two U-Wings before I knew Expertise existed, just because I liked the ship. I think if you just keep flying casual and buying new stuff because you like it and want to play with it, the whole thing gets easier. I once had a player give me a Rebel Transport for free, because he only bought the pack for the stressbot and only flew 100/6. That was the best X-Wing night ever. People who only think about how "good" or "bad" various cards and ships are are missing the point. Finally, proxy stuff and borrow stuff. You can even use an online squadbuilder, print out the list, and not bring the cards (in casual). You'll find most people who play this game are pretty friendly, and if you're friendly too, they'll be willing to help.
  12. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    In my experience with Gunboats, there's enough times that you want to do 2-hards or 1-banks that cruise missiles could become a massive headache pretty quickly. However, in slightly more causal play this fall, I really enjoyed Cruise Missiles on TIE Bombers, and I think the Gunboat has almost as good of a dial (ignoring SLAM of course) as the Bomber, so I might need to try this.
  13. "I've never" anonymous

    My K-Wings have never hit the table... they're the only ship I've never flown.
  14. Happy Friday

    Happy Friday, CB! Keyan Farlander in a Y-Wing (with an EPT slot) would be awesome! Not just for theme, but also for focus on both TLT shots!
  15. A New Order

    I'm still confused. Mind explaining, advisor?