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  1. Kieransi

    New Player Need Advice

    I'd second this sentiment. The conversion kit is cheaper and the models are all pretty cheap secondhand except the TIE/SF which of course can be proxied with a TIE/FO casually
  2. Kieransi

    TIE Reaper

    Yeah, I always feel like there's this little game I'm playing with coordinate of having things just barely within range 2 of the coordinate carrier. If things get any closer together, I'm underutilizing my squad and losing the little game. I'm bad at not putting myself too close to rocks so I put Collision Detector on Vader and I'm also stubborn so I keep flying Maarek, and thus I have a less expensive Reaper than your first list. Dutchess or 2 TIE Fighters do seem like the best options for "other stuff besides Vader/Reaper" though.
  3. Kieransi

    TIE Reaper

    Hey nice writeup! I've been flying the Reaper a lot due to Hyperspace - mostly Fairoph with Tactical Officer to stay alive and support Vader and whatever I do with those other 50-ish points. Looking back on games, I've definitely seen the times where I needed to use the red coordinate to slow down but I couldn't figure it out at the time - which is one of the harder parts of this ship IMO - it requires thinking at least one additional move in advance. There are plenty of games where everything happens after my Reaper moves, which is fine by me, but when that doesn't happen, it gets even crazier because I'm intentionally trying to set up and dial in maneuvers that work with multiple pre-move boosts so that I can use my game state knowledge upon dial reveal to my advantage. And yeah, the self-bump is a very effective strategy. Since I'm using Fairoph as a support mostly, I sort of do strafing runs (which is my fancy way of saying I pretty much joust everything). I usually use him to stay within range 2 of the aces and give them action economy to arc-dodge while serving as the bait to pull enemies away from the aces, and then run away real fast, then turn around and do it again. Of course in some particularly jousty matchups the Reaper instead fakes a joust and then 1-bank-boost-3-banks to do a 5-turn and is gone.
  4. Kieransi

    Alt-Art printing

    Hmm... like, an image of an official X-Wing card? Either way, that shouldn't cause the problem, we've been doing parodies of the official style a bit (although heavily modified). Did you make the cards public (i.e. available for purchase for anyone except you)? We've always made sure to make any cards private and set any profit settings to zero (we're not selling them for money).
  5. Kieransi

    What is hyperspace format?

    I feel like this conversation gets way more intense than it needs to. I'm an older player and I find limited events sort of fun, it's a neat challenge to build with a smaller card pool. I went to the Battle of Yavin event recently. IDK. I just think that most of us talking here own all the ships anyway so I'm not sure why it's such a big deal. There was stuff I liked flying in 1.0 that I'll never get to fly again too, such is life. Hyperspace makes sense to me because all the factions have equal numbers of options available. If it doesn't make sense to you, that's fine, but I don't see why anyone here needs to be attacking or defending FFG or each other, or being or calling anyone a "white knight" or whatever. It's just a silly pew-pew game of plastic spaceship toys based on a series of kid's movies after all.
  6. Kieransi

    Are you an X-Wing cheater?

    Yep, I do all of this stuff. Especially the clumsy one.
  7. Kieransi

    Showcase: B/SF-17 Bomber

    Nope, absolutely forgot about that until it was finished! This thing will have to have its own personal shoebox when I bring it to stuff...
  8. Kieransi

    What is hyperspace format?

    Yeah, the notion of it being "divided" is why I think conversion kits were a mistake. It's impossible to fully balance a game where one faction has 20+ ships and another has 4. 1.0 got far to big to be balanced competitively.
  9. Kieransi

    What is hyperspace format?

    Wow this thread has potential. Lol. I personally like Hyperspace because I think it's a lot easier moving forward to balance a smaller pool competitively. Casually do what you want anyway, nobody's forcing you to go to tournaments. This way new people don't feel like they have to go track down 1.0 stuff and conversions on eBay just to play the game.
  10. Kieransi

    Kieransi's Repaints

    I'm sort of into modding stuff now... this one is based on the original concept art for this ship.
  11. Kieransi

    Alt-Art printing

    Strange, I just ordered a ton of stuff from them yesterday and had no problem. Are you using Strange Eons or other official X-Wing assets?
  12. Kieransi

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Ok this is the best picture I can find of this... I've always sort of wanted the Ralph McQuarrie concept art Slave 1 (where the body is a half-orb). Not sure if this is something enough people would be interested in, but I'd buy one!
  13. Kieransi

    Questions about the Squadron Packs?

    Yeah don't buy stuff you don't want, somebody will be willing to loan you the cards you need for the one or two events you go to a year that people actually care if you proxy or not. Also, it's not out of the question that all the cards neccesary are in the squadron packs. There's a pretty hefty stack of upgrade not shown in that spread in the one article we've actually had giving us any information about this stuff.
  14. Kieransi

    Showcase: Protectorate Starfighter

    Yeah I lost my X-Acto saws a while ago and never bothered buying more... my laziness outweighs my perfectionism when I comes to painting I guess.