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  1. Unfortunately no... Quadjumper is the only support that works like this. Other supports are all or nothing. That’s part of why supports don’t see a lot of play - it’s hard to sit on that many resources for that long.
  2. I almost never don’t fly generics! As a RPG player, I love having characters who don’t have a name, so that I can make up whatever story I want for them! Once a character has a long Wookieepedia page dictating exactly who they are, I get all worried about what is and isn’t thematic, and it starts to bother me. So I really like to fly a whole bunch of Black Squadron Pilots and give each one a different EPT and then imagine a personality for each one, based on the EPT! Generics rock! Please don’t get rid of them!
  3. I’m actually not sure you can’t play an event even if you can’t pay the cost! From the RRG: ”A player can attempt to play a card even if they do not currently have the resources for it, as the cost printed on the card can be altered by in-game effects. Once a card’s cost has been paid, the card is resolved based on its type.“ So I think if you play Coersion and pick an event more expensive than all their resources, they just discard the event and lose all their resources (do as much as possible). This is a pretty nasty card! And yeah, I feel your pain. I have often stopped playing certain stuff just because my opponents made it impossible for me. I had a situation where this really annoying guy beat me with a Luke/Rey deck in a tournament, winning due to mostly luck, and condescendingly explained to me why I lost after the match. He also got mad at me and said I should be disqualified for talking during one of his later games, even though it was a “relaxed” format tournament (says talking is allowed in the RRG). So yeah, a real jerk. Anyway, he made that game really painful for me, because during one of the breaks where he wasn’t making me wait while he laboriously overexplained his chain of seven or eight actions, I played Force Misdirection against his blanks. He argued that blanks aren’t a symbol (even though it says so in the RRG) and then when I pulled it up said that it must have been changed in the latest version... the whole experience was so unpleasant that I haven’t played Force Misdirection since.
  4. A Blaster Turret meta? Wow... that’s like an alternate universe based solely on Wave III! I wish my local store was like that! (I almost only ever play TIE Bombers!)
  5. If you ignore me, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine... I agree that the forum has been taken down a lot, but I think I’d still like to see what everyone has to say. Also, I’m a 100% casual player, so I actually find a lot of the doom and gloom talk to be humorous! And the trolls are the best part! Big shoutout to @SaltMaster 5000 -the few weeks he was here were some of the best weeks of this forum (from a comedic perspective)!
  6. I agree. Carnor is the best. And Lorrir is SO FUN!!! Whenever I fly him, I always mess myself up by doing that funky barrel roll at the wrong time just because it looks cool...
  7. Ah, that mission... good times, good times. My squad leader’s reaction every time I jousted those GUNBOATS is what convinced me that the GUNBOAT is an awesome boss-level villain!
  8. The only practical long-term option, in my opinion, is these big cardboard boxes. Each one can fit 768 (16x12x4) dice - and I’m close to filling one (since taking this picture, I moved all the cards to a binder and filled the other rows with dice)! I like to bring all my dice to events just in case someone wants to trade. This is the only way for me.
  9. I’ve gotta say, Quinlan Vos is one of my favorite characters in the game because of his obvious thematic pairing. His title is literally Dark Desciple! He works perfectly with Ventress - just as he should. She makes them ditch their whole hand, and then Quinlan destroys them with his special. I also really like Mace Windu. His problem? He’s basically the hero Palpatine, so he gets killed really easily by dice control. I like K-2SO. He’s a good pairing for Rey, since most upgrades go on her anyway in a normal game, and then you Bestow a powerful upgrade to him for that awesome double-tap. His dice rock, and now you can finally get a multicolor hero melee deck! Also, Buy Out. Why is this card a thing? Unkar’s gonna destroy everyone with this, since there’s so many great resource generation cards in this set. I’ve opened four boxes and I still haven’t pulled a single Buy Out. Saga Set next time... And I really like all the new cheaper character costs - I still need to try it out, but I really think two Hired Guns paired with two Rookie Pilots could be awesome!
  10. That’s how many of the cards from Empire at War they actually playtested.
  11. Yep, @RookiePilot has the right idea - the real problem with these plastic thingies is that they scratch up the dice! It’s a shame. There’s no way I’ll be buying these things, and I find it hard to believe others will either.
  12. Not really sure what I think of these. I think they're neat, but I like packing the dice all together as close as possible for space saving. Seems like a really classy way to transport stuff around though! Not super pleased that they're plastic though...
  13. Hmm... that’s certainly an option! I might paint either the edges of the wings yellow or give the three main wings yellow ace stripes. Also an option to paint the GUNBOAT dark blue/black and yellow stripes like a bumblebee! I might do that. And then clip off the wings and add little transparent insect-like wings just to bug everybody! (pun intended) Also, the turn this thread has taken has made me think we now need a GUNBOAT Painting and Modification subforum... and a GUNBOAT Off-Topic subforum... and a GUNBOAT Squadbuilding subforum... actually, let’s just create a GUNBOAT forum completely separate from the X-Wing forum so we can leave all the nerf-herders behind and only have wholesome, GUNBOAT-based conversations!
  14. I like it! I also think GUNBOATS would look great painted dark blue with yellow stripes down the sides like some of the US Navy aircraft!
  15. Red and blue on a white GUNBOAT... I feel like somebody should post a picture of an American Flag painted on a GUNBOAT right about now... maybe with some tiny Second Amendment bumper stickers? It is a GUNBOAT after all...