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  1. First Order fanboy thread? F i r s t O r d e r f a n b o y t h r e a d
  2. Hey Schu! one thing I've noticed about 2.0 is that it's a lot less about the way the cards combo and more about how the ships combo... the game's a lot more balanced in general so there's a lot more feasible options overall. So a lot more thought has to go into "what is this list's win condition?" "How do I use these ships together?" "How will my opponent try to counter this list and how should I be prepared to play against that strategy?" And questions of the like. Listbuilding is pretty different now but honestly I feel like I have to think a lot harder about it that almost every pilot is on a pretty much even level with every other pilot, if that makes sense.
  3. The SF is currently my favorite FO ship. Generics are good naked, with the gunner, or with passive sensors and Missiles. All 4 pilots are good. QD wants mods (Predator, Fanatical, FCS, Optics, etc.) and the gunner. Backdraft usually is ok running really light (even upgrade-free if you need to). The Omega is mostly there just for the i3, these bois are shielded enough to not benefit from Fanatical much. But the extra initiative is actually really relevant in this meta. Silencers, Kylo is the best and does best with no upgrades, but you can put pretty much whatever you want on him if so inclined. Optics, Hate, Sense, Protorps... all solid options if you've got the points. Supernatural seems like overkill but do what you want really. but Blackout is also pretty alright, and does well with Fanatical and Optics. Same upgrades for the Test Pilot. Recoil takes Predator I guess. The other Silencer pilots are pretty meh. TIE/FO, I really like Scorch. Fanatical and/or Optics here but ok with/without either. Longshot's cool too. TN-3465 ("Tina") is actually surprisingly good with some spammed SFs to use her ability a bunch (due to the way she isn't removed until they're all done shooting). I like Midnight but she's pretty average. Generics with Optics seem good. Maybe put Crackshot on the Omegas. For the Ups, Tavson or the generic really. Key upgrades Phasma and Collision Detector. Thannison's cool too. Count to 200 with some mix of the above. I've personally been really enjoying Fanatical/Optics Blackout and three Passive/Cluster/Failsafe Omega SF's. As for flying, lots of playstyles work. Tavson seems to like flying along a board edge and turning in - he's kinda the joust-bait element in lists. Silencers are basically chunky Soontirs. Note that all their abilities are basically blank, don't use them much. SFs like to fly closer together than you'd think, setting up "screens" (they're like the "offensive line" of your football team). Rear arc management is interesting. The SFs die about as fast as TIE Bombers, so be wary of being too aggressive.
  4. Kieransi


    This is my favorite Obi Wan list right now, a couple of us locally came up with it as a variant of the Obi/ARCs list that's been pretty popular. The Sinker-based beef has a lot of early game strengths and then CLT Obi has good endgame by virtue of being harder to hit than 7B Obi. Obi-Wan Kenobi (47) Calibrated Laser Targeting (4) "Sinker" (54) Hull Upgrade (3) 104th Battalion Pilot (42) Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Republic&d=v8ZsZ200Z278XWW200WY280XWWWW164Y341XWWWWY321XWY321XW&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  5. Hey everyone! Just in case you're looking for a tournament in the Colorado/Wyoming area and not on Facebook I thought I'd share here! This hyperspace trial is going to be on September 14th at 9:30 am with top cut on the 15th. Sign up here: https://www.tabletop.to/gryphon-games-and-comics-hyperspace-trial Location here: https://www.gryphongamesandcomics.com/ (scroll to bottom of site) I am not the TO, just sharing here. I made a totally unofficial mat, not paid for or endorsed by the store, and anyone who wants one the day of can have one, they're $60. Just PM me if you're interested, preferably sooner rather than later so there's time to get them printed. (actual mat higher res than this preview, just didn't want to kill people on data plans)
  6. FO thing at the end looks kinda like a TIE Shuttle (like from Episode V)... cheap Hux carrier??? 🤔
  7. Also thanks for the idea @Polda, I was inspired by your tie swarm
  8. showcase threads to be updated with individual pics later today
  9. the great First Order meme fest didn't do the painting tonight though, I'm easily distracted... gonna finish up tomorrow
  10. I agree. I play this game in a perpetual state of confusion. Looking forward to going home, drinking some (worrisomely cheap) spiced rum and painting my squad for this weekend.
  11. I unironically can't tell if the confused reacc is a good thing or not anymore thanks @me
  12. Speaking of Silencers... I flew Blackout and three TIE/SFs tonight. Passive/Clusters/Failsafe confirmed gud on those bois but they burn down disturbingly quickly also I think I actually am on team Smolencer now though, the new sculpt just looks right for the small base
  13. https://www.pinksquadron.dk/pbm/?sid=44&q=bid apparently 4 point bid on i5 is super relevant - increases odds of moving last from 35% to 55%. Not sure why... Rebels maybe? Edit: there's of course the question of whether that matters though, which it probably doesn't. Kylo's fine moving first and you'll probably get more bang for your buck out of some more stuff on QD
  14. So the Starfortress. Yes this is my usual image-heavy content-lite post to get conversation started. Also known as the MG-100 starfortress or the B/SF-17, it kinda looks like a B-17 bomber in space I guess Its only movie appearance is quickly exploding in a giant inferno and destroying an entire star destroyer with it, but it's a pretty cool looking ship and does a lot in the extended universe. So what does it do in this game? Being able to attack in all directions is good. It's the only ship to date with three arcs. It can also do some crazy double-tap shenanigans with two gunner slots. Trajectorizing bombs is good (and there's also some pilots who can do insane bomb shenanigans, which I'm unsure why they haven't been flown much so far) Reinforce is good. Vennie can double-reinforce (sort of). This thing is harder to burn down than you'd think, and has a ton of hitpoints. Things it's not good at: Running Not exploding I think I've seen some games with starfortresses go poorly because of this, but then again.... On paper and from my limited exposure on the mat, it seems like a good ship. I know Vennie gets flown a bit, and is quite a tank.... but have you tried the others? Lots of ships are just bad but are you sure you can write this one off or does it just so happen that this is good, and just a thing nobody has tried yet?
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