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  1. Hey, seems really cool! I was going to say it seems way overcosted, but I see you already fixed that. Reading the lore, what if you gave them the Jam action? Other than Recover, that’s the only huge ship action that hasn’t been added to 100/6 yet. Of course you might have to increase the costs by a couple points then. Or have it be a title. Just a thought. Keep up the good work! Cheers!
  2. Cool, thanks for your reply! I don’t know if any of my local game stores sell the LCG, but I might have to check it out some time!
  3. Because my red dice hate me. I personally like GC more than LRS. It’s usually not a problem to lock something as your action in the first list (since you’ll often be moving last), and the second one has Thread Tracers.
  4. Well, back on topic, I’m off to take a midterm exam. Let me know if any cool articles pop up while I’m gone.
  5. Hey, come on now! I don’t know what others said yesterday (because the thread has been vaporized), but I for one find your unique sense of humor very enjoyable. I think there’s plenty of us who would still like you to stick around. Also, I’m going to change the avatar just because Wookiees are far too loveable and there’s already like five or six people with the same avatar who post all the time. Edit: this one ok?
  6. I find your lack of faith depressing.
  7. See, that post is part of the problem! I’ve been referred to as a Wookiee enough times now, it would confuse everyone who goes through and reads the older threads even more if I changed it...
  8. Yup. I don’t want the same one as Fuzzywookie to avoid confusion, but all the good Star Wars ones are taken. I’ve been messaging FFG admins every day asking for this to be my pic. They’re a coldhearted bunch.
  9. The power to destroy a planet is insignificant compared to the power of the Force.
  10. So I guess nobody learned from this to always mistrust Wookiees:
  11. Too bad, I’d have liked to see it. Do you remember what was in it?
  12. I picked up from context that there was another Wookiee Fools Day, courtesy of our very own Fuzzywookie, but I didn’t know that FFG deleted troll threads?
  13. Wait, how? What happened?
  14. I missed it, and I can’t find it. Did the thread get deleted or something?
  15. Yeah, I totally get it. I just wish the extended universes would accentuate this kind of thing. Turning Vader into a crimelord in the Marvel comics was not cool, in my opinion. And having him kill Imperial citizens seems lame. I like consistency.