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  1. @_Thriven_ I would also appreciate the link if you don't mind! I'm soon to be running my own games and I love the idea of giving my players solid visual cues to what is happening and what they are seeing to help with the immersion!
  2. Thanks for all the ideas guys. I'm gonna look into all of your suggestions. The sheer amount of content that FFG has pumped can be overwhelming at times!
  3. Hello! I'm currently playing in an AoR game where the party makes up a squad of Rebel Commando's essentially. My character started off as the group's main combatant on the ground and so I took the Sharpshooter tree. I'm getting near-ish to the stage where I need to consider a second tree but I'm stumped for where to go. My character tends to be quite sarcastic and devious, more often than not forcing a deception check, and I enjoy playing as a face sort of character, but on the other hand she is far from being optimal in combat. I could take another combat tree (Heavy, maybe?) or diversify into a face area (No idea what would be a good fit there) Her stat block is 3 3 3 2 2 2 (We were restricted maximum 3 in any characteristic at creation.) I haven't yet used the dedication so that could increase Ag to 4 or increase a different skill to 3 to make it usable. Thoughts?
  4. I'm not too fussed around whether it has a plan or not as we don't use minis. The group is 4 atm with the potential to grow to 5 soon ish. Letting them choose could be an option but for the fact that A) they might request something over powered without my realising (read: New DM) and B) the way I'm gonna introduce the choice is different too
  5. Hi guys, I'm a pretty new DM to this system and I'm finding balancing stuff I find cool a difficulty. My current group have so far done about 4 sessions into what I guess is the intro or prologue of my Campaign. They're now about to arrive to the stage where they will recieve their group ship but one of my players is far more experienced than both myself and everyone else in the group. For this reason, and because I like the idea of something different I wanted to give them the option of three ships that were different from the usual 3. Any suggestions? The group are Bounty Hunters and the campaign revolves around that theme so something that might be useful in that line of work would be good.
  6. I'm a little unclear with the wording of the cloaking coat's ability, specifically where it pertains to droids. "The specialised array does nothing to stop visual recognition" "Upgrade the difficulty of all checks to detect an individual wearing a cloaking coat using sensors or electronic forms of detection twice. Droids with an Intellect rating lower than the characters Computers ability are affected the same way when trying to detect said character" My confusion comes in how one classifies a droid's optic sensors. Theoretically, they are both a) A sensor, and B) an electronic form of detection, but are the rules meant to be read like that or are Droid Optic Sensors treated more like organic's eyeballs and as such would not be affected because it is visual recognition?
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