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  1. Or....the Corvus itself did not have any missile munitions on board. Hard to bluff someone into thinking you are gonna do something, if nothing equivalent could do it. Think of a person holding a toy gun in their pocket and pointing it at you, threatening to shoot you if you don't hand over your wallet. Effect, because you could have a gun, the image is there. Now think the same thing, only instead of holding the toy gun in your pocket, you make a 'gun shape' with your fingers and point them at someone and threaten to shoot if they don't give you their wallet. I'm betting they'll give you something, but it won't be a wallet. Again, the threat only works if it's possible and expected, not "never been before, why would it be now?"
  2. Nope...Definitely an H and an A, and the third letter could be any of the following: B P R, and maybe D. a Y just doesn't have the shape.
  3. Could be: HAR HAP HAB Doubtful HAD My guess is HARD or HARRAS No good HAP word or HAB
  4. Because rebel's Need more toys and empire doesn't get any?
  5. Ah, yes, I see what you mean, the Ship card vs the Ship Base (I wouldn't call it a token as to me, that to me is the little things used to represent BRACE, DEFLECTION, EVASION, IGNORE CRITICALS), so error on my part.
  6. Actually...that's 3 Black and 2 Blue out the front of the card. Not sure anyone else has mentioned yet.
  7. That's what I thought, the Officer Card, as that would be waaaaaaay to good for three points I don't need to kill your Command Ship, just the Commander
  8. When reveal a Command Dial you may discard a [SQUADRON] dial or token and this card to choose 1 enemy ship at close range. Choose and Discard 1 non-commander upgrade card assigned to that ship. Big question, as I cannot see. Is the [?] icon a Commander Upgrade (i.e. the Admiral) or an Officer Upgrade? If the Admiral...that is a powerful 3 point card.
  9. Vancouver Canada here, so around 86% for us, was kinda cool!
  10. No you are correct not many games out there that still rewards the second player, but to bring in a pass mechanic and change the first player bid would necessitate rebuilding the rules from the ground up.
  11. I'm starting to wonder if you are are on the same side of the argument here? I'm all for activation control i.e. out activating my opponent. Isn;t that what you are saying too?
  12. And that is no different from other Activation games. Once the first few rounds are over, I'm likely activating my biggest pieces first, and leaving the slough to fend for themselves, maybe plaink a shot here or there, but ultimately, they've been used for what they were meant for, to force your big pieces to do/go somehwere I wanted them to go, and allow me to react instead of guessing.
  13. Sure it did. Again, if you had less activations than me, as second player, I'm not force to move my big piece. I can hold my Big piece by moving my little pieces until I need to move my big piece. And D&D Minis had objectives, not a lot mind you, but objectives. For example, if you had one of your pieces in the 'victory area' you would earn x-amount of VP each turn. So, often folks would try and rush them cheap pieces to victory areas to earn some quick points. Eliminating them little point pieces with a BIG piece at the victory area, often meant your opponent needed to come after them to kill them. All I'm trying to say, is I see the strategy in out activating an opponent. But if you start eliminating my work to gain activation control, be it either through building or eliminating pieces, you've changed the game. Think of it this way. You and I (and I mean YOU in the general opponent rule, not just Drasnighta) each had 4 ships, I'm 2nd Player, and in round 2 I manage eliminate one of your ships, giving me an advantage, how fair is it, to then in turn 3 have you 'pass' on an activation, so you can take away my advantage?
  14. Not that different. I'm not going to get into the move/attack mechanic, but stay simply in activations. We each would have 200 points in a standard game, of which you can have a maximum of 12 figures. Each turn, we take turns activating our units. Yes, D&D Minis had a roll for initiative each turn, but regardless, if you brought 6 models to the game, and I brought 12, I can move my 'useless' 3 points models, forcing you to move your more expensive models before I need to move my more valuable models. Without bringing in the first player/second player mechanic of Armada, how if my having a bunch of cheap 3 point models any different than someone bringing in lots of flotillas? I'm just not seeing it.
  15. I'm saying that because I have yet to actually play any tourney for Armada, yet was consistently one of the higher ranked players in North America in D&D Minis which had a similar build/activation mechanic.
  16. I have the perfect solution. It eliminates and equalizes the whole uneven activations making them equal, as well as ensure no matter what the bid each player has an equal chance to be first player. Finally if also eliminates slow play as a nice side effect so every game is played to completion. Each table flips a coin. One side is heads, the other is tails. Winner of the coin toss wins the conflict. Tally results, pick up your tiny spaceships and move to next table. There now the game is nice and even and each player has an equal chance to win. Of course al skill and fun has been removed but hey....it's all equal.
  17. Don't play rebels so slipped my mind.
  18. I'm sorry again I say no to a pass mechanic. As I said, any building for an activation advantage are high bid is making a choice for less points for fleets. Get gud!! And I say this as someone who would likely come in 7th in a 6 player tourney.
  19. Ah...ok. yeah would be nice to see a heavy cruiser or assault frigate.
  20. Which also goes to infantry. The Term 'LIGHT' has long been a military parlance that was transfered from there to Naval. Light often meant, lightly armed, lightly armored, and fast. So Light Cavalry would be little armor, a light spear, and very fast. Heavy Cavalry we are now talking heavier armor, often a heavy spear or later a lance (Lances did not come into use until after the invention of Stirrups, so now lances for the Romans, but they did have light and heavy horse). Same for infantry. Light Infantry, light armor/shield and easy to use weapons, often just a spear. Heavy infantry got the better armor, their 'heavier' shields, and maybe a sword in addition to their spears.
  21. Again, as other have stated, large activations are part of the game. Want to dump points into flotillas, go ahead. With the new change that Flotillas can't hold your Admiral means if you have 2 big ships and 4 flotillas for padding, guess I know where my 4 Big ships are heading. Oh, and I guess with lots of flotillas your Big ships won't likely have as many Upgrades. But lets look at something, Ship costs (because an upgrade costs the same whether you are Imperial or Rebel) EMPIRE (Most Expensive to Least) ISD - 120/110 Interdictor - 93/90 Victory SD - 85/73 Gladiator 62/56 Quasar 61/54 Arquitens - 59/54 Raider 48/44 Gozanti 28/23 REBELS MC80 Assault/Command Cruier - 114/106 MC80 Battle/Star Cruiser - 103/96 Assault Frigate - 81/72 MC30 - 69/63 Pelta - 60/56 Nebulon B - 57/51 CR90 Corvette - 44/39 Hammerhead - 41/36 GR-75 Transports - 24/18 OK, so knowing some basic costs, on a 400 point game, if the rebels had 4 Flotillas, that means anywhere from 72 - 96 points on flotillas. Imperials would be 92 - 112. That means almost 1/4 of your fleet cost is sunk into flotillas. that would leave around 300 points for other fleet assets. If one assumes to be viable one maximizes their fighter escort to the full 1/3 of their fleet for 133 points, that gives a fleet breakdown of: 400 Point Fleet 133 Squadrons Flotillas 72 - 96 Rebels / 92 - 112 Imperials Other Ships 195 - 171 Rebels / 175 - 155 Imperials That really doesn't leave a lot there for ships. If the imaginary opponent had 6 activations, then (assuming rebels) the other two ships would be of avergae 90 points each, so maybe 2 assault frigates? Now, taking lots of flotillas and not wanting low cost ships or more upgrades then means you have to sacrifice points from somewhere, and that means Squadrons need to be pruned to get more ship points. And that means you can lose the squadron game. So to counter the argument above, where someone stated "I don't have cheap things to send against his cheap things...you do. Squadrons are cheap. 3 Tie Fighters are about the same costs as 1 transport. Tie's have 1 blue anti-armament, the Transport has 1 blue anti-squadron. 3 Ties has 3 attack vs the 1 Counter. 3 Ties has 9 hull vs the 3 hull of a flotilla and 1 scatter of the flotilla. I put odds on the Squadrons to kill the flotilla. Again, this is a numbers game, and if you want your numbers in Flotillas, then sacrifices must be made elsewhere, and if you want to still have buffed ships then you are losing the squadron part of the game, and if you as the opponent are not seeing that? Well, nothing anyone can do.
  22. What I am trying to say is this. With the D&D Minis, 12 figs, people would make sure they HAD 12 activations. And if that mean 6 figs were 3 pointers...well, send something of your cheap to deal with their cheap. That simple. And, if they are running lots of cheap things, that means less points for upgrades on the BIG things.
  23. You know, this us gonna likely get me some hate but honestly....get over it. The game is built on an alternating activation mechanic. If you opponent wants to sink a bunch of points into flotilla then so be it. I played D&D minis when it was a competitive game years ago and people would have powerful 60 & 70 point even 120 point figures in a max 12 figure 200 point warbabd with the last 4 figures being useless 3 point farmers, rats, elves or orcs *depending on faction. Again it is the nature of the game and the way the rules are built.
  24. as of now, only getting the PHOTOBUCKET WON"T LET YOU thingy-majiggy
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