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  1. Finished this days ago, didn’t get a change to post it though! First up: finished Red 4 without weathering and touching up. And with weathering. On to Red Six now...
  2. Continued today with painting the yellow spaces of the ship. Used brush only, tried to keep it as close to the original as possible. After rounding up the yellow I taped practically the whole ship in preparation for the red stripes on the side of the ship. I like to spray this part because it gives a smoother line. As you can see the taping seems a little overkill, but it works best for me, as is seen below. Currently working on the markings, which I hope to finish today!
  3. The first step I always take is to tape the canopy because the black of the cockpit is fine as it is for me. Then I spray the rest of the ship with Citadel Corax White. In this case I went on to paint (by brush) the metal frame of the canopy with Citadel Averland Sunset, mixed with a tiny bit of Abaddon Black. The orange-yellow of the cockpit is a bit to dark for my taste in reference to the source material. Therefor, I will go over it again making the colour a bit lighter this time around, seeing as the weathering will darken it even further. (on a side note... in the picture you see the white has a very grainy pattern. Though the image over-exaggerates the grainy pattern quit a bit, it exists nevertheless. This probably is because I normally spray a bit of paint on a paper when using the spray again after a long time. This cleans the left over paint in the sprayer. I forgot to do that this time around...)
  4. Red Three, reporting for duty... And now onto Red Four, of which I will make a step-by-step photo review.
  5. And for the final round of today, because then I really need to start finishing Red Three... A rebel YT-1300 light freighter. Back to business!
  6. Up next, everyone’s favorite rebel... 😉 Red Two, Wedge Antilles.
  7. Found some time to get back into it, seeing as it is a long weekend. First up some more close-up pictures. Please excuse the quality. Still on a iPhone 4S, so the quality of the camera isn’t all that great... And the ships don’t look as grainy in real life as they do on camera, somehow... Red Leader - Garven Dreis
  8. Thanks! I love painting them. Will be doing a step-by-step on the Red Four I'll be doing next. Then you can easily see what paints I use and how. These X-wings are the originals. When they are done (probably'll make it up to Red Nine), I'll buy the flappy ones for the last three. Repaint is done base up. Citadel Corax White primer, the red markings I taped and sprayed with Mephiston Red, rest is done by hand. I use Citadel as well as Vallejo (prefer the latter more, it flows more easily and holds up better). For both the golden rule applies: always thin your paint. For weathering I always use Nuln Oil, but also use a sort of chalk for the engines and blaster marks. Works wonders, I think.
  9. Yes, I know! He actually was my inspiration to start painting once again. So besides my skills with a brush I use his techniques as well for some weathering!
  10. Finally found the time and courage to start my own painting thread. I started painting about a year ago after having done so for many years back in my teens, some twenty years ago. Suffice to say I needed some practice to get back into it! My first venture was to start painting the complete Red Squadron of T-65 X-wings. Currently, I finished Red Leader and Red 2, Red 3 needs some finishing touches and his astromech done. I try to keep the schemes as true to the original studio model as possible, damage and all. This seems to be more difficult then I imagined. I’ll keep this post updated on my progress! Expect a personalized YT-1300 freighter in Rebel Alliance colors soon!
  11. Thanks. Was confused due to the wording on how it was a bonus primary attack...
  12. As long as Ezra is docked, would that give you a third attack with the VCX? Seeing as Ezra gives you a bonus primary attack from the rear after a primary attack from your front arc or turret, and the Veteran Turret Gunner gives you a bonus turret attack after your primary attack... Would go something like, first attack primary from the front, Ezra comes in play so you shoot from the back with your rear bonus primary attack, after which you can use the Veteran turret gunner to use one of your side arcs...?
  13. Edited document with Wave 3 is up. Enjoy and please let me know if anything is incorrect! File is also to be found in the first post. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GkimOr64anBnW0Q7BY9yxfQIqHqOWLKQ @Crabbok, thanks for your excellent work on the unboxing video's. It really helps me put together my document seeing as I don't buy all the stuff out there and the WikiPedia tends to be up to date much later in the game!
  14. Your a wizard Ani... Or, at least you sound like one to me... 😂
  15. Thanks for the suggestion. I know of this website, and use it for reference from time to time. Sadly I have zero knowledge of code, and at the moment I tend to be up-to-date quicker then his site. Most of the Wave IV items are already in my file (albeit invisible), and the recurring work actually isn’t al that much anymore. It was during the first two waves though! 😅 Concerning trades etc. I tried to encompass that in the last sheet of the file. From that sheet the others sheets are updated to account for extra items.
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