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  1. No, so I can get at least 1 more use from Countermeasures. Burnout Slam does sound pretty good too.
  2. Hey all, Just having some trouble deciding what to do for the Modification slot on Dash. It's the standard Super Dash with PTL, HLC, Kanan, and Outrider. But I don't know if I want to do Engine Upgrade or Smuggling Compartment, Scavenger Crane, and Countermeasures. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  3. I recommend getting at least 1 Starviper when you get Inqisitors expansion. Autothrusters can be used to great effect on your Imperial Vets and Inqusitor.
  4. I personally like to use it with Stridan pilot kitted out with electronic baffle, Hux, experimental interface, and inspiring recruit. Electronic baffle is only there to shed the stress from maneuvering. That way you can coordinate then experimental interface to Hux your fighters. And then go for a green maneuver next round and shed both stress with inspiring recruit.
  5. So I have a championship coming up next month and I want some time to fly my list and get accustomed to it. Trouble is, I have two variants of the same list. I have run the one with the Upsilon Shuttle once and it did fairly well. The only problem I had was that if anything got behind it..... KABOOM. That's why I made the second list. Both have synergy out the wazoo. Looking for a little help deciding. Thanks. Major Stridan — Upsilon-class Shuttle 32 Collision Detector 0 General Hux 5 Inspiring Recruit 1 Experimental Interface 3 Ship Total: 41 "Omega Ace" — TIE/fo Fighter 20 Swarm Leader 3 Ship Total: 23 Omega Squadron Pilot — TIE/fo Fighter 17 Crack Shot 1 Ship Total: 18 Omega Squadron Pilot — TIE/fo Fighter 17 Crack Shot 1 Ship Total: 18 Or "Quickdraw" — TIE/sf Fighter 29 Expertise 4 Fire-Control System 2 Targeting Synchronizer 3 Lightweight Frame 2 Special Ops Training 0 Ship Total: 40 "Omega Ace" — TIE/fo Fighter 20 Swarm Leader 3 Ship Total: 23 Omega Squadron Pilot — TIE/fo Fighter 17 Crack Shot 1 Ship Total: 18 Omega Squadron Pilot — TIE/fo Fighter 17 Crack Shot 1 Ship Total: 18
  6. Swarm leader on fenn is pretty cool. A potential 7dice range 1 attack is pretty rough.
  7. I agree. I really like the Starviper but it is overpriced. I am really looking forward to the new stuff for the Khirax. I think it will see lots more table time when it is released.
  8. Hello all. I just picked up an ARC-170 and I've been toying around in squad builder and I haven't gotten real excited about anything I've put together. Anyone have any suggestions for a squad using an ARC? Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm almost certain that Targeting Syncronizer is only for game effects requiring you to spend a target lock to use them. Like torpedoes, missiles, or even Omega Leaders ability.
  10. I flew a three TIE list Saturday where I was using Stidan, Hux, and Systems Officer to pass out target locks and focus. The problem I had with the Upsilon was that if anything got behind it, the shuttle was in dire trouble. If you where concentrating fire on something else and let anything get behind it, that 1 die agility isn't going to help much. But I had never flown it before that day, so it could have been how I was flying it. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Having a tourney at my LGS Saturday and was just looking for some feedback on the list I'm taking. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v4!s!227:-1,209,183,-1,-1:-1:-1:;179:219,-1:-1:-1:;182:205,-1:-1:-1:;182:205,-1:-1:-1:&sn=New Squadron The idea for this list is just to have fun, but I wouldn't mind winning a match or two lol. Anybody fly anything similar and have good (or bad) results?
  12. In my local meta, Rebel lists have all but vanished. What are other people seeing where they are? More of the same? And when a Rebel list does pop up, what are they flying? Just curious.
  13. Have you thought about maybe Talonbane Cobra with Engine Upgrade and Attanni in place of the HWK? Having Two ships at range one shooting 5 dice and one that strips tokens seems hard to beat, especially when focus firing onto one target.
  14. I was able to get the titles for the TIE Advanced with the Advanced Targeting Computer off of a friend.
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