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  1. Play one game using them with a flamer upgrade and you'll see why. When you get to roll all them dice and get the satisfaction of burning those rebels down, then you'll understand why you would use them
  2. gTrezona23

    Two questions

    Does veers command card ( I forgot the exact name of it but it’s his number 1 pip card) let him attack twice? Also, does arsenal keyword stack? Meaning for an atst with two arsenal 2’s does it get to use up to 4 weapons dice pools?
  3. So is anyone running Vader and veers?
  4. So I know I’m a little late to the party. I want to get back into xwing after selling off everything over a year ago. With so much stuff out right now, what would be a good way to get back into playing? I’d like to start with a caouple squads that I’d be able to play with at local stores. Any and all feedback is appreciated, thanks!
  5. Thanks, so just to clarify. If a squad of troopers is attacking with their e11 blasters, they can also add in those extra dice for the grenades?
  6. This is probably a stupid question, but how do grenades work. Impact grenades are range 1 with one black dice. If I have that on a squad of storm troopers how exactly would I use them? Is it considered an attack? Would I just be rolling one black dice even in a squad of 5?
  7. Anyone here living in Miami looking to play some Legion?
  8. I want to play this bad but I’m not into arts and crafts. Is there anyone here that can paint my core set for me?
  9. So I've decided to by a 6x3 gaming mat for the base terrain to play the game. Also going to mess around with some easy terrain ideas like trees etc... Here comes the stupid question..... so how exactly does the terrain affect the game? For example, If i have trees, do they block line of sight or give any benefit to the troop behind it? Same goes with like caves, hills, buildings. How the **** do they affect the game? What if there is a hill and your'e up top firing down, does that have any different effects? Sorry, this is my first miniatures game ever. I've always seen these awesome 40k terrains that people play on but I've always wondered how the actual terrain affects the gameplay.
  10. Thank you to everyone for the help and suggestions!
  11. So as the title says this is the first time I've bought into a miniatures game. Always wanted to try 40k but it just seemed like way to much. I have preordered two core sets. I figured that would get me enough starting figures to play and learn. For someone that has never made a mat to play on, are there any websites or forums where I can see how to make a make one with terrain and such? I don't want to go crazy but I would like to have a cool top to play on instead of playing on a dining room table. Thank you in advance for your help!
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