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  1. Are you sure this is still always the case? I personally use 99% isopropyl alcohol (easily obtainable via e.g. Amazon as nail art supply in cheap 1l bottles), and it works well on many X-Wing and Armada models. I usually leave the models in a pure alcohol bath (in an old jam glass with a tight lid) over night, and then scrub them with an old toothbrush the next day. But many models in the later waves of X-Wing (and probably also Armada) seem to use another type of paint. Sometimes it even changes when a model is reprinted. I repainted my ARCs and a couple of A-Wings last year (*cough*) and decided to strip them beforehand. I never managed to remove any of the color on my ARCs (only the wash came off), even after days of marinating in alcohol. And even stranger, some A-Wings stripped down easily after an overnight bath, and some (presumably recently produced ones) behaved just like the Arcs - couldn't strip any color, just removed the wash. Sometimes you can (I think) see which ones will strip beforehand - the newer, resistant color seems to be a tad thinner... I haven't been courageous enough to try acetone yet, fearing that my models will just dissolve... (btw, Simple Greens "magic ingredients" are alcohol and soap, so don't worry if you live outside of the US and always read about it's awesome capabilities without being able to buy it yourself... ) Edit - PS: Follow Drasnightas warning guys - wear nitril or latex gloves, whatever suits you! Its the safe and healthy way!
  2. A set of properly sculpted T65 X-Wings with opened wings would be nice as well, but I guess that would step too much on FFGs toes...
  3. Aahhh, makes sense, we didn't think about that. Thank you!
  4. I agree with Norell: As much as I'd like to have some new fancy fighters to paint - which roles would they fill? We already have several squads that hardly see any play...
  5. So, if I want to use a nav token to activate engine techs (maybe because I dialed in another command), I do need to actually change my ship's speed during the navigate step, correct?
  6. We got a bit confused in yesterday's game. My H1MC80 (Ackbar, XI7) broadsides into my friend's Interdictor with targeting scramblers equipped. I use my single blue accuracy to block his brace. In the following step, he uses his scrambler and I have to reroll 4 dice, including the one with an accuracy result. It comes up as a regular hit. Does this "unblock" the brace token, so that he can use it to halve the damage?
  7. I want a proper Assault Frigate Mark I replacement model! Or a faction neutral Starter Pack with two Katana fleet dreadnoughts!
  8. Might have to try that in the future. I'm just super annoyed that this basically means "no fleet commands for rebels!"
  9. My Pelta. Actually, I have never flown it. Just always seems too slow, costly, and fragile.
  10. It's all about personal taste and sliding scales, of course, but DX-9s aren't supposed to be as large as Gozantis. Maybe use a group of 4 to get something as combat worthy as two Gozantis?
  11. So this is how a shaved Wookiee looks like? 😁😁
  12. Thanks for the insight! That's what i feared... the only way is godlike patience, and a steady hand for all the panel highlights... dammit, no shortcuts... 😀😇
  13. I'm just in the middle of painting up my rebel squads, and did all of my imperials last year. I'd say, most Armada fighter models are just way too small for stencils. Just freehand squad markings or overall paint schemes, and don't stress yourself too much over tiny details. Under normal circumstances, any observer will be too far away to see more than the general color... (looking at you, Dutch Vander and Gold Squadron, both of which got yellow stripes, plus some additional "ace markings" on Dutch - barely distinguishable on the mat, especially under non-perfect lighting conditions)
  14. Holy moly... how do you achieve these beautifully dark and crisp panel lines? Wonderfully done!
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