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  1. @ThatRobHuman A question about your painted Neb B in the first post: Did you basecoat it in black or dark grey and then drybrush it heavily with light grey or white? Or did you paint it in a lighter hull color and then used a wash or ink on the panel lines? I got my rebel ship colors pretty much down by now, but my imperial colors always seem off, and I love your look.
  2. What have we learned from this? We need to whine louder! 😉 Interessting effects with lots of interaction.
  3. Just to clarify - the sticker is on the front side, you will only see it when the card is already showing the crit. So no use for Dodonna or boarding teams. I did check that beforehand... I use regular small office supply stickers. They are very thin and barely noticable, especially when using sleeves (which already make the stack of cards taller). I also use an acrylic damage deck holder (cog'o'2, the one for sleeved cards), everything still fits perfectly.
  4. I also sleeve everything, especially the damage deck - makes it much easier to shuffle. I also put a small white adhesive dot on every front/text side. That way i can tell which cards are mine, without violating any rules about marking the cards.
  5. Thank you so much! Don't tell anyone I spent 15 min to paint the triangles on the blue A-Wings just to notice that I had them point in the wrong direction... 🤦‍♂️ (and yes, wrong TIE engines - twin, it's in the name! - annoy me too :D)
  6. Sorry for the late response, it has been a busy week. I'm pretty sure I what I got really is 99% isopropyl, it smells and behaves just as it should. And you are absolutely right, isopropyl does remove latex paint. I think the problem is that the "later generation" paint FFG started to use (the isopropyl resistant one) on at least X-Wing miniatures just isn't latex based. I think I read it somewhere on this forum, and just never really thought about it. It would also explain why the FFG colors seem to behave differently and "gum up" a bit when soaked in isopropyl, other than acrylics (these normally "shrivel "and flake off). I tried to strip down newer generation X-Wing minis without success (approximately starting with 1.0 ARC170 models), so I'm pretty sure isopropyl doesn't work on these. Right about that time you can also start to see slightly "pixelated" print patters on some decals. I would really like to know what type of color they now use, and if it's removable without dissolving the model itself... Can't really be sure if they also changed the printing process for Armada. So far I only stripped CR90s, Neb Bs, GR75s and AF IIs - so all quite old production runs. I think I should just test isopropyl on a hammerhead and maybe a MC75 at some point (the later one at least seems to have a more modern thin print, just like the newer X-Wing models). I'll report any findings over in my repaint thread!
  7. But isopropyl alcohol/isopropanol/2-propanol is a degreasing agent, and it will happily eat away everything Vallejo, Army Painter or most of the older Armada paint jobs, presumably all acrylic based. But in my experience it will do nothing on newer production batches (at least with x-wing TMG ships - I assumed they are bake-on latex paints, maybe I'm wrong about that) but get rid off the wash.
  8. I'm in Germany, so no Simple Green et. al. available either. But I just ordered 99% isopropanol on Amazon (sold as nail art degreaser in cheap, large bottles), works like a charm on X-wing and Armada models (and won't harm the plastic, even after quite some while). But be careful - especially on older Armada-models / production runs this might also strip the FFG paintjob (e.g. CR90s and AF2s). Newer models have nearly "indestructable" (bake-on latex based?) paint jobs, but the older ones are chemically similar to your GW paints. What strips one will most probably also strip the other...
  9. Did you use acrylic paints or good old enamels? The first kind is easy to remove, as Cynan wrote, the latter one might cause some real headaches... I found this video quite interesting, might help you as well: (Spoiler: the guy has a phd in chemistry, explains the methodical approach... ;))
  10. Wow! These ships are awesome, even better than I expected. This is really rare, but I love every single repaint. Your calm color schemes with lots of tiny details and small insignia are right up my alley. Love it!
  11. It's really hard for people who don't use Pinterest to view your pictures ("login" required) - maybe switch to Imgur or something similar and post the pics here directly? I really like the tiny previews I saw so far, and would love to see higher resolution shots! That Liberty is on point!
  12. Yes, that's how we are playing as well. We also keep unused token, otherwise you wouldn't be able to build new bases (you spend last rounds rescoures to build a base before receiving new ones, if I'm not mistaken).
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