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  1. Some guys who technically bought it on release date also just got it for christmas from their SO two days ago. I'm all for some extra time! 😇
  2. Wait, what? CR90s, Nebs and even Assault Frigates belong the least used and worst OT ships`? That's news to me...
  3. Well, I have an excuse, I'm German. Probably genetic or something...
  4. There are two ships right now called v-wing. One is an airspeeder, one a starfighter. Both totally unrelated.
  5. Something tells me I just need a bigger screen or better two screens for vassal...
  6. Good to see SA gone! I hated that upgrade so much for what it did to gameplay...
  7. Thanks, that makes sense. Before I was wondering why it even mattered if players took turns or not, which lead me to also believe you couldn't ready the remaining cards...
  8. Are you playing in Australia? (I'll show myself out...)
  9. For me its TTS, because the overall vassal interface just feels like some homebrew 1992 program (not being able to scroll and zoom quickly really kills it for me, e.g. with ASWD or the middle mousebutton/scroll wheel - or am I missing something?) ... and I only have one screen at home right now, so maybe it would be more comfortable with two available. For TTS, I really recommend to lock everything and always roll dice with the "roll shortcut" (press the "r" key, I think), never use the physics roll. I just whish there was some way to import lists more quickly...
  10. Well, I am German, and that's exactly what it says.
  11. Well, at least FCT and Yavaris work together again? The dragging along has nothing to do with what a squad does when activated? Or am I reading that wrong?
  12. I salute you and your anonymous source! That must have been quite some work putting all this together! (also: Servus nach München!)
  13. The guy spoilt Dominator some time ago: Slight tweak to the language, but it doesn't change how it plays or what it costs. "Dominator: Unique Imperial Title 12pts; While attacking at close-medium range, you may spend up to 2 shields from any of your hull zones to add that number of blue dice to your attack pool."
  14. Main spoiler Thread: Upgrade collection thread:
  15. Just visited my FLGS for some smalltalk today. At least in Germany (or maybe for flagship stores?) all storebound deliveries are still expected to arrive in time next week.
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