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  1. Yes, I use him with Jendon to double (or triple) tap. It only takes a Gozanti to activate the combo. The "problem" with him is an X-wing (or any big blue die machine) is really nasty as it almost always locks his one scatter and then he takes mucho damage. 2 X-wings frequently kill him when I get him stuck, or send him on a suicide mission to blast Jan so I can lock down their stupid bombers with cheap Ties. Sooo, (to spell it out for newer players)... assume he is going to die after he does his assassin thing unless you do the following: Activate 88 at end of squadron phase to attack your target (or not, this is only the triple). Activate Jendon with first ship to move Jendon forward & attack with 88. Attack with 88 and move away if you are not engaged. (if engaged & you truly want to save him, use a JM5000 to save him, but you usually have better things to do with that). It is so very brutal and hard to counter, especially when you pair him with Saber squadron strikes. However, you have now spent lots of points on anti-squadron... and it they don't bring squadrons it is kind of a waste.
  2. It is a primary Snipe, with decent use as bomber and fighter after it's main reason is completed. I believe it is fairly priced; however, it's obvious that you disagree and no matter the discussion presented here, your mind will not be changed.
  3. Exactly... you take in case you need to leverage snipe. Why else would you?? And if you do, then it more than pays for itself, because without it, Intel doesn't die and so you can't stop their bombers. It's an opportunity cost.
  4. That is a good point. And many others scenarios that haven't been considered.
  5. Apparently you have some magic ability of which I am unaware (or likey just see the board-ship setup very differently). Apparently I am sitting in black range of your ISDs and also really far from your raider. Ok, I guess I can be a bad player for your scenario outcome. It's possible. But in my scenario: It's not like ppl haven't killed raiders in single bomber group strikes before. It's not like ppl haven't taken ISD1 shots before. Their red dice are weak, and that's when Motti dies (unless he is just running to a corner of the board, which is fine, I guess). Good luck ever getting my ISD in black range of more than 1 of your ISD, because, maneuvering. I haven't even mentioned a whole rest of fleet because it wasn't (and isn't) important to my point. Which was: that's just my $0.02 on the dangers of such a Motti decision where 1 activation kills 72 points and ruins his effect on the ISDs, making them easier to kill too (that is the 6 hull I am speaking of). Take it or leave it. I am just surprised it hasn't happened to you yet (which may just show how good you are at avoiding it, making my whole point moot). Pre-faq vs: post: Why does everyone think Rhymer sucks now? Sure, he's not overpowered anymore, but is still good. He still has an effective group strike range of 4 move + short. That's really strong. That is still most of the board if they moved forward 2 on the first turn. He just has to take counter fire now, like a brave Imperial soldier should. Good thing bombers have 5 hull.
  6. Jonus is cool. Gave me a reason to upgrade my Glads to type 2 (the extra anti-squadron is just gravy). Double arc come out to: 2 OE black+ 1 red + red Acc (whichever one missed) Acc + 3 OE black Throw on the Concussions and good luck redirecting any of that safely. Also, Jonus combined with a TRC Arq and you get to change 1 miss to a double hit and another to an Accuracy (so they can't evade that double). Nice.
  7. Because then it isn't the artillery theme, just more tankiness? Personally, I believe the ISD 2 is always worth the price, but that is because I like using my brace tokens at least once per turn. I _could_ always use Tua to get that ECM, but I also like using Damage Control Officer to prevent those stupid APT crits (or NYM, or NK-7's) and make my contain useful early on.
  8. I wouldn't put Motti on a raider. Seriously, my ISD activates Rhymer & Co. effectively removing 6 hull from your ISDs while also killing a raider. That's rough.
  9. A sideboard... how MtG of you. However, I like this idea as it adds a little intrigue between rounds and could add another dimension between games. You could have a sideboard of anti-squadron, then looking at your opponent, you put some in; however, he ditched his bombers and now you are wasting the points. Bidding: Just say bid must be within X points of initial fleet bid (or last fleet bid). That allows variance, but not too much.
  10. The Adv is fine in theory; however, it would be easy to position squadrons to avoid the 1 escort and just shoot the 5k anyway. It is my experience that one should either go 2+ escort or do not even bother.
  11. Thoughts (not that I am stating there is a problem, but for the discussion): 1) Put it in a defensive retrofit or weapons team slot (call it something that makes sense there) and that makes you give up something good. So it is not an auto-include. and/or 2) Large ship only, that by itself limits the number of times you can include it because they are so expensive. and/or 3) Discard the card, not exhaust. My real issue with Flotillas: The big ships could generally push a big squadron strike at the cost of activation. Now you can get activation, and it ALSO makes the squadron value less useful on the big ships. Plus you can get the BCC. It's tough to justify not taking them.
  12. I also get the same tone as Gink. I quit reading after 2 pages because I couldn't deal with it anymore. Why can't things just be discussed without immediate calls for change and saying other people are just wrong? It gets old. People don't take pure anti-squadron because if you aren't paired to a squadron list you die pretty hard; however, if you bring your own Zombie ace list, then you still have a chance against the non squad list... so worlds is not reality of normal play around the country (where colossal failure is ok and fun), just the reality of tournaments where winning is the goal. *shrug*
  13. Great, now we are arguing the specifics of FAQ v: errata. Will the madness never end? #teamturquoise
  14. OK, then basically what I can say is that his overall takeaway was that you were just ill prepared for the Imperial rush tactic, not that your list or play was poor. If you would have considered that he would have done such a direct assault, would you have differed in your deployment; in your maneuvering? It apparently may have made a difference. Sometimes, no matter how good a list or how hard you prepare you just get caught off guard by a tactic and it leads to this kind of result. Anyway, for what it's worth, he is also looking into making a Sato list of his own to try, so apparently it wasn't a bad list you had.
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