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  1. Untrue, I desperately need a FAQ and Regional dates so I can plan my vacation days.
  2. All the best ideas are ones stolen from people much smarter than me. So if I fly a list that an insanely good player came up with because it's an amazing list and a blast to fly, please don't complain. Besides, Dengaroo got FAQ'd and is no longer relevant. If you're going to complain at least complain about NymGar or your agency.
  3. The first image is what Whisper was before the nerf with just the decloak, one hard, and barrel roll. She had mostly perfect information of the board state at PS9, and could move nearly anywhere. The second image is what TIE Silencer can do with just the 2 green hard to the left, with advanced sensors and push the limit. You can quite literally put Kylo anywhere. That is the reason Whisper was nerfed, and it's the reason Adv Sensors should be nerfed too. Not to mention all the nonsense that Genius + Adv Sensors lets Nym do. The perfect information is supposedly why Palp was nerfed. Following that logic, Adv Sensors ought to be nerfed too.
  4. >Can't make up a comeback >oh no >I know! I'll imply i slept with your mom! >Gottteeeeeeeem Well done.
  5. Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to do this. I agree.
  6. I meant where did his username come from. Edit: Git rekt @blairbunke (Luke told me to do it)
  7. @Brunas Why Brunas? Also why don't you ever upvote my pro-Krayt comments on reddit? edit: Sorry Blair!
  8. I would say that APT is not worth the points. 48 points are more than enough in a small ship like Corran. Miranda is better suited to be 50+ points imo since she can SLAM and run easier than Corran can.
  9. I'm so sorry. Your lack of a sense of humor must really make it hard to enjoy anything... Edit: Not that I would ever listen to this podcast.
  10. Rey piloting the Falcon with the new Title, Kanan Jarrus, and Finn is probably the best jouster for rebels right now. In a straight joust she is a monster.
  11. Also to note with the Black One title, if you're an excellent pilot you can use it to support the other ships in your list. Like using Boost to clear a lock off a nearby Rey. Barrel Roll is much easier since you can move closer to the target ship by almost a full range band.
  12. I'm pretty sure Cool Hand doesn't remove a stress token by the way.
  13. Agreed. I just dislike how many lists that they push out of the meta. The first commentor was talking about the Assualt Gunboat aka the Star Wing. A missle carrier for Imperials mostly that looks similar to a scaled down lands shuttle with a lot of missiles attached to it, as opposed to the jumpmaster.
  14. Summer Kit Tournament This summer, I could only make it out to one summer kit tournament. I had a blast, and it was really quite fun. The people were great, and although it was small, it meant everyone got some sort of prize. I brought Danaroo- Corran, Wes, and Biggs. Ripped straight from dhars, Wes had R3-A2, though I found in my meta that BB-8 may have been a much better choice. Danaroo (100) Corran Horn (42) - E-Wing Veteran Instincts (1), R2-D2 (4), Fire Control System (2) Biggs Darklighter (26) - X-Wing R4-D6 (1), Integrated Astromech (0) Wes Janson (32) - X-Wing Veteran Instincts (1), R3-A2 (2), Integrated Astromech (0) Round 1 - Josh Scum (100) Kath Scarlet (47) - Firespray-31 Opportunist (4), Inertial Dampeners (1), Engine Upgrade (4) Bossk (53) - YV-666 Calculation (1), "Mangler" Cannon (4), Outlaw Tech (2), Recon Specialist (3), Dead Man's Switch (2), Hound's Tooth (6) So this was my first matchup. It was a little scary seeing Kath and her potential 6 dice primary out the sux arc. So my opponent and I basically set up in a straight joust on the Firespray. Bossk came in at a very slight angle, and bumped Kath during the second round of fire. Biggs survived the first round of firing thanks to Wes stealing Bossk's focus tokens. After the second round, Bossk did a full stop and got his singular focus. Kath moved forward bit, and blocked Corran and Wes bumped on Corran. Biggs went down after taking a shot from Bossk this round. Kath opted to take her range one shot on Wes, out the back arc with no mods. My opponent somehow managed to roll 2 focus and 4 blanks. It was quite unfortunate really. In the next couple of turns, Wes stressed Kath and she could no longer activate opportunist. She still managed to damage Wes to 2 hull after some time. Corran ended up cleaning up Kath with 3 hits, and then 1 hit 2 crits on the second shot. Bossk at this point was starting to try and turn away, but Corran and Wes managed to sneak out of his arc and Corran regenned most of the damage he accrued. Wes went down, and then right after that Corran finished off Bossk. 100-42 Round 2 IG88-B HLC FCS Inertial Autothrusters Manaroo RecSpec Engine Upgrade PTL Unhinged This match was a slaughter. Right before I had started this, I had been discussing the potential issue with making Biggs be off on his own and then turning away from the joust. I had decided that this was a good idea, but ended up separating Corran & Biggs from Wes during set up. This came back to bite me when I couldn't commit to either Manaroo or Beta. Another issue I had was that Corran veered off behind a space debris and took a stress and couldn't k turn on a pivotal turn. Basically my flying was terrible and I deserved this loss. Corran and Biggs stripped a total of 1 shield from IG-88B. It didn't help that I failed to roll any evades that matter this match, as if I did evaded IG's HLC, he got to just fire again. This was a brutal match, and my opponent eventually went on to grab second place. 0-100 Round 3 Dash Kyle/Title/Engine/PTL Lothal Rebel Han/Hera/FCSAutoblaster This was actually a fun game. The rocks ended up being placed mostly on my opponent's side of the map, meaning Dash's ability was basically useless. Anyway, my opponent had to place the Lothal rebel first. I had placed Biggs at about at 45 degree angle from it. Corran and Wes flanked Biggs. Dash ended up on the opposite side of the map, and both the big ships were about range one away from each of the board edges. The first few rounds of maneuvers were slow rolling, and Dash took a pot shot at Biggs for 2 damage (I didn't even have to use R4-D6's ability!). Knowing that Biggs would probably die in the next turn or two, all my ships turned toward the Ghost and between Corran's double tap, Biggs rolling 3 hits, and Wes hitting for 3, the ghost was already on it's last legs. After some Kturns from everyone but Dash, Wes split fire from the ghost to pull off Dash's TL from Biggs, ensuring that Dash couldn't do more than two average damage. Thankfully my green dice were rolling well, and Biggs avoided all damage from Dash. Biggs then took out the Ghost. In the next couple of rounds, Wes fell to the heavy laser cannon because he was just shy of R1 of Biggs. Biggs took 3 hits from an HLC and buggered off. Corran eventually regenned from being shieldless after Biggs bolted. Corran was facing away from Dash, at full after doing a K turn. Dash was just barely at range 3 of a 1 hull Biggs. I think you know how that story ended. Corran eventually came to meet Dash, and placed himself into his donut hole. This let Corran basically do the 10 required damage on his own over the course of three turns. Win, 100-42 This was a fun tournament, but it was way too short. I found out I just can't stand the three round format. I really think I started to hit my stride on that last game, and would have been able to face down the triple X7 defender list that was undefeated had I played it.
  15. Well, yeah. It's an X-wing. X-Wing only upgrades apply to them.And it's not like the non Poe t-70s don't need the help too. Frankly, without Autothrusters and R2-D2/R5-P9, Poe would just be a worse Luke. True, except that Poe's ability also works on offense, which is relatively important.
  16. Corran Horn - Gotta love the double tap Poe Dameron - AT and a soft Focus are the best Dash Rendar - 4 dice attacks are always fun Juno Eclipse - I really love her source material and she has an awesome ability. I prefer her over Vader actually. Biggs Darklighter - Because I may have a 40 point B Wing, but you have to shoot Biggs first.
  17. CB, your list is pretty solid, and is very similar to a Corran, Wes, Biggs list that has been floating around since June or so. Basically you keep Biggs with R4-D6 and then you have Wes with VI, R3-A2 (or BB-8) and Integrated. Then instead of that Miranda, you have the classic 42 point Corran. VI, FCS, and R2-D2. Corran helps you punch in offense much faster than Miranda with the always modified FCS double tap. R3-A2 stresses out Whisper before she can cloak, but make sure you use that ability sparingly, as the T-65 can't clear stress that easily. Personally I prefer Corran over Miranda because of two factors that most rebels don't have. Evade action Barrel Roll And he still gets Regen
  18. R3-A2 on VI Wes really shines when you have Whisper in arc. You cannot cloak when stressed, so Whisper either spends her evade during the attack, and then loses the FCS target lock if she has it, and then she is stressed from R3-A2. Suddenly Whisper cannot mod her attack and she's rolling two defense die vs the rest of your list.
  19. Personally, I think Corran is a better fit in this meta. He is able to regen, has 3 agility, and can take an evade action. Corran's double tap is just too good to pass up, especially with FCS to modify both attacks. You'd slim down Corran to be VI, FCS, and R2-D2 with Wes having VI, R3-A2 (to shut down Whisper and other aces) or BB-8 (Repositioning is always good too) and Integrated Astromech. Biggs would stay the same.
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