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  1. Untrue, I desperately need a FAQ and Regional dates so I can plan my vacation days.
  2. All the best ideas are ones stolen from people much smarter than me. So if I fly a list that an insanely good player came up with because it's an amazing list and a blast to fly, please don't complain. Besides, Dengaroo got FAQ'd and is no longer relevant. If you're going to complain at least complain about NymGar or your agency.
  3. The first image is what Whisper was before the nerf with just the decloak, one hard, and barrel roll. She had mostly perfect information of the board state at PS9, and could move nearly anywhere. The second image is what TIE Silencer can do with just the 2 green hard to the left, with advanced sensors and push the limit. You can quite literally put Kylo anywhere. That is the reason Whisper was nerfed, and it's the reason Adv Sensors should be nerfed too. Not to mention all the nonsense that Genius + Adv Sensors lets Nym do. The perfect information is supposedly why Palp was nerfed. Following that logic, Adv Sensors ought to be nerfed too.
  4. >Can't make up a comeback >oh no >I know! I'll imply i slept with your mom! >Gottteeeeeeeem Well done.
  5. Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to do this. I agree.
  6. I meant where did his username come from. Edit: Git rekt @blairbunke (Luke told me to do it)
  7. @Brunas Why Brunas? Also why don't you ever upvote my pro-Krayt comments on reddit? edit: Sorry Blair!
  8. I would say that APT is not worth the points. 48 points are more than enough in a small ship like Corran. Miranda is better suited to be 50+ points imo since she can SLAM and run easier than Corran can.
  9. I'm so sorry. Your lack of a sense of humor must really make it hard to enjoy anything... Edit: Not that I would ever listen to this podcast.
  10. Rey piloting the Falcon with the new Title, Kanan Jarrus, and Finn is probably the best jouster for rebels right now. In a straight joust she is a monster.
  11. Also to note with the Black One title, if you're an excellent pilot you can use it to support the other ships in your list. Like using Boost to clear a lock off a nearby Rey. Barrel Roll is much easier since you can move closer to the target ship by almost a full range band.
  12. I'm pretty sure Cool Hand doesn't remove a stress token by the way.
  13. Agreed. I just dislike how many lists that they push out of the meta. The first commentor was talking about the Assualt Gunboat aka the Star Wing. A missle carrier for Imperials mostly that looks similar to a scaled down lands shuttle with a lot of missiles attached to it, as opposed to the jumpmaster.
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