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    Looks like my next villain will have to be a bad ass former Stormtrooper ISB agent melee specialist
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    If the GM didn't see it, it didn't happen. That kind of behaviour is unacceptable. It will only get worse if you ignore it. It can have long lasting ramifications for you game; he will piss off other players and they might drop out, he will influence other players and they will become as bad as him or, he will get worse and worse and come up with more and more convoluted ways to "win" at the game that will make the game boring for you to run.
    Best to talk to the guy. Let him know that that kind of behaviour is not welcome in your game and if he doesn't like it he can find a different game. I know that sounds harsh, but if you want the game to keep running, it is better to deal with the Rules Lawyer quickly. If he is willing to curb his behaviour make sure he knows the "GM rulings supersede all rules" as that way he can't sit up coming up with dumb ways to jank your game.
    If you do want to run crafting and have rolls be made away from the table, use this site. Players and GMs can make transparent rolls away from the table here. Make sure they don't go do anything dickish like make several accounts for rolling though Sounds like your Rules Lawyer might think of that kind of thing.
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    McHydesinyourpants reacted to Kevlar - Draugtroll in Sharing 96 maps of Star Wars planets - now with a custom galaxy map!   
    Thought i'd share the planetary maps i made and use for my campaigns. If you find them useful please check the link for updates as i'll keep adding new planets to the folder.
    Check the link below for the maps.
    An example:


    Every planet can be found on this custom galaxy map i've made:

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    McHydesinyourpants reacted to Desslok in looking for someone cool :(   
    Here you go, someone cool:

    Here you go, Bonus Coolness:

    What a guy!
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    Personally I would leave them to deal with their consequences.  I would nuke the party with the super tough Hutton profile. It will teach them a lesson. Remember,  reducing the entire party to 0 wounds doesn't have to mean a TPK. It just means Tremonti beat them all and wounded them severely.  The next stage of your game can be the further consequences.  I'm not familiar with Long Arm of the Hutt so I don't really have context but I would make the next part of the game be about the party being indentured to Teemo. 
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    McHydesinyourpants got a reaction from Josep Maria in Character Artwork Thread   
    Those are phenomenal. This Will Nunes guy is amazing. Do you mind if I ask how much he charges for commissions such as this?
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    McHydesinyourpants reacted to Ogrebear in Timekeeping Canon   
    The fun thing about time in Star Wars is when you break out items and stuff from the Old Republic era with date notations from that period ( years around the Treaty of Corucent) and what your players trying to figure out how long ago that was! 
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    McHydesinyourpants reacted to Edgookin in Imperial Counter-Slicer   
    Intrusion Defense Specialist?  ID for short?
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    McHydesinyourpants reacted to Edgookin in Some lore requested ... ISB and Imperial Intelligence   
    Unless you meant Compnor, not Compton ...
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    Not single. My girlfriend is cool. She clears out on game night
    I ended up extending the finalé of the pirate encounter to take up a full session and it worked like a charm. They chased the captain into the cockpit where he taunted them and began to slowly vent the ships atmosphere. While they scrambled looking for a way to fix that, the Captain jumped ship, back into the PC party's own ship. When they finally breached the cockpit, they were just into time engage their own ship with the pirate ship  In the meantime, another player whom had missed a previous session, was here for this session. He woke up in a box aboard the party's ship. The combat rounds revolved around the party operating the pirate's ship, trying to disable their own ship, while the PC who woke up in the box tried to fight the pirates whom had taken over the ship. It was a great session  Though, now the party need to go to Barab I for repairs - it's the nearest planet and they managed to near destroy their own ship  Ryloth will have to wait
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    McHydesinyourpants got a reaction from Rosco74 in Help With Brainstorming For Tonight's Sesh   
    That link seems to be dead but i would be interested in having a little external material for Ryloth. Makes it easier on me
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    McHydesinyourpants reacted to HappyDaze in Ammonia Atmosphere Crew Quarters?   
    I see this less as needing a side quest and more as just going to an appropriate manufacturer for a conversion kit.
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    McHydesinyourpants reacted to Daeglan in HELP!!!!!!!!!!   
    post in his thread the specific trouble you are having and OS being used etc.
    people their may be able to help.
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    McHydesinyourpants reacted to ExpandingUniverse in Help With Brainstorming For Tonight's Sesh   
    Can I hazard a guess you're single? Wait until all the players and GM have jobs, spouses & kids!
    Sometimes it can't be helped - last week no game I was on hols, this week no game coz another player is on hols. We sometimes have a complete summer break for 5 weeks coz of hols
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    McHydesinyourpants reacted to Rosco74 in Help With Brainstorming For Tonight's Sesh   
    There is a nice starport called Kala'uun on Ryloth, check this guide : 
    Platts Starport Guide
    Lots of ideas for a session
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    McHydesinyourpants reacted to EliasWindrider in Droid player help.   
    Grimstory, chillax, don't get offended when people are trying to help and you don't like the answer.  Apparently you annoyed your gm and that is the key issue.  If you and your gm are trying to work this out and are open to input from this community then ask your gm to post his side of the story in this thread, because until he does the rest of us don't really know what the situation is so can't provide meaningful advice.
    Also the point of the Droid tech spec is to enhance Droid not to steal them.  Usually the Droid tech builds or buys his own droid army rather than essentially mind ****** enemy droids.  I also don't think the gm should have let, what he apparently considers a problem to get so out of hand and he doesn't know any other way to fix the problem.
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    McHydesinyourpants got a reaction from P-Dub663 in Help With Brainstorming For Tonight's Sesh   
    Andrew, Cian, Jack, Ray and Ronan. I don't know if you guys look at this forum but just in case you do stop reading now! Giant space rocks will fall. Darth Vadar will kill all you pets!
    So my players are on their way to Ryloth, which is the home of their mechanic. I have ton of plot written for her return home, only problem is that player won't be there tonight. I have already delayed the party by having them hijacked by pirates over the last two sessions, but they are about to free themselves and make their way to Ryloth. I feel like jamming another obstacle in their path will seem a bit unnatural and cumbersome, so I am wondering how I can deal with this. So far my ideas are as follows:
    1) They will get held up by incredibly polite Imperial customs when they land on Ryloth who will make them jump through all the hoops and inspect the combat droids in the party to see if they are regulation. This will make for a more social session while the party try to talk their way past customs. This could also end up happening quick and leave me high and dry.
    2) The Twi'lek PC could leave once they land to "take care of some things". Then I have the party do some Ryloth things; see the sights, go to massive underground nightclub/brothels, look for work - that kind of thing. This will also allow me to trigger a plot event (rebel terrorist attack during a parade celebrating the glory of the Empire) where the party will be caught up in the panic.
    3) This one is contingent on whether or not the party decide to steal the pirate's ship they are currently facing off with (I ran a heavily modified version of the "Welcome Aboard" modular encounter from Lords of Nal Huta). If they take that ship, once they get near Ryloth, the Imperials will hail them on comms and ask them to power down engines and prepare to be boarded. They will be accused of being the crew of a known pirate ship. This could result in some crazy space flight shenanigans while they try to avoid capture and need to get to another system to get the ship's transponder changed.
    I am also open to suggestions
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    McHydesinyourpants reacted to ExpandingUniverse in Help With Brainstorming For Tonight's Sesh   
    If the main plot revolves a missing player, either drop the plot for a session and have them play a squad of Stormtroopers straight out of the academy sent to quell a riot, attack a rebel outpost or collect intel for the ISB (coz they stand out like sore thumbs in white armour).
    Or go with the missing player idea - which means the engineer player may still miss some Obligation plots/other plots if they come up.
    OR ditch it and have a film/pizza/beer night....
    TBH I hate having to miss a session. I actually missed the BBEG fight for The Godsmouth Heresy  for PFRPG - I WAS SO P***** OFF the the GM still ran it. I know it was his campaign, hosted at his place etc OK I the PC got the XP/levelled up/loaded with treasure but I  found out afterwards that the other two players got, and I quote the GM, '...a bit bored with the dungeon bash...' because unlike me they hadn't had a 10 years or more break from rp'ing like I had and I would like to have participated in the BBEG after all the s*** my PC went through during the dungeon crawl - traps, biting insects, traps, fire traps, traps, electricty traps. The crawl became a comedy of errors I played a VERY incompetent Rogue.. not by choice, my dice luck sucks.
    Maybe ask ALL the players what they would like to do for that session.
    EDIT: The film night HAS TO BE A STAR WARS FILM or I'll send the boys around to administer Full Contact Persuasion Techniques
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    McHydesinyourpants got a reaction from whafrog in Ambience   
    I've been collecting up some videos/links etc for ambient background sound for during games. I have found a few great ones, mainly the ambience from the battleground games as well as some other things. I have yet to find a decent one for a straight up blaster fight. Anyone have any good links for some ambient background sounds? Specifically blaster fire.
    Something along the lines of this:
    ...but with handheld blasters. Something I can use in a regular shoot out
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    McHydesinyourpants reacted to Jedi Ronin in Ambience   
    These are great.  Thanks for posting them.  I'll be using them in my games when I can
    Sounds like they pulled a lot of stuff from The Old Republic MMO.
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    McHydesinyourpants reacted to 2P51 in Failure when you must succeed   
    In that specific instance you could use it as a time sink and say they found some kind of hint or clue that what they're looking for is somewhere else.  You could also have another attack occur while searching as an explanation why it failed and that once completed they can try and finish searching.  You could have things found even on a success but perhaps they're broken, or some kind of auto destruct begins.
    The point is to try and not make rolls simply linear pass/fail, and try to create layers of success and failure based on results.  I always use the picking the locked door example. You aren't making a Skulduggery check to pick the lock, you're making the check to ultimately get past the door.  Failure doesn't mean you don't gain entry, it just means the alarm sounds, you suffer strain from a feedback shock, a patrol happens to be standing there just as you open it, etc.
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    McHydesinyourpants reacted to Mark Caliber in Twi'lek Lekku   
    Yep,  Getting a lekku cut off is about as debilitating as getting any other limb dismembered.
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    McHydesinyourpants reacted to Natsymir in Twi'lek Lekku   
    There was an old video game way back when about an orange Twi'lek mercenary, Rianna Saren, who got a Lekku amputated by slavers as a child and had it replaced with cybernetics. Google her!
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