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  1. Ha. Rereading this no. I hate auto-correct
  2. Personally I would leave them to deal with their consequences. I would nuke the party with the super tough Hutton profile. It will teach them a lesson. Remember, reducing the entire party to 0 wounds doesn't have to mean a TPK. It just means Tremonti beat them all and wounded them severely. The next stage of your game can be the further consequences. I'm not familiar with Long Arm of the Hutt so I don't really have context but I would make the next part of the game be about the party being indentured to Teemo.
  3. Sectret plots and motivations are a great way to get some good role play out of your party. Even if the rest of the party never find out about the secret, the fact that you (as the GM) and the player know about it mean that that particular character gets layers of depth. Something that is always very important when dealing with secret motivations is deciding whether or not the secret will be viewed as a betrayal by the rest of the party. You also need to make the player with the secret know what the ramification of this might be. For example, if the player's secret motivation is that he is planning on scamming the rest of the party out of payment for a job (ie. paying them a lesser cut than they are owed or something along those lines), then you need to make the player fully aware that doing this might turn the entire party against him. It might even result in the party turning on the character and he will be forced out (made become an enemy NPC, while that player has to stat a new character). In terms of your scenario, I think you should be very well prepared for the PCs who don't particularly like the Empire (even if those feelings are not too strong at the moment), to turn on your Imperial PC. It would be like discovering your partner in crime is actually an undercover cop. They genuinely might not want to work with him without establishing trust first. You (and your Imperial PC) can help establish this trust by creating a scenario where the Imperial is the only one who is capable of getting them out of trouble. If possible you should avoid doing this mechanically (ie. having him come to the rescue in combat) but should be done as a social encounter. Some info the PC has or ability that he has lets them get through a sticky, potentially dangerous situation. In short, have him prove himself invaluable to the other PCs, so when the reveal happens they will feel betrayed and suspicious but will still feel like they need him. Then the Imperial PC will have to work to win back the other PC's trust if he wants to keep things civil. Fantastic opportunities for roleplaying all around
  4. That link seems to be dead but i would be interested in having a little external material for Ryloth. Makes it easier on me
  5. Not single. My girlfriend is cool. She clears out on game night I ended up extending the finalé of the pirate encounter to take up a full session and it worked like a charm. They chased the captain into the cockpit where he taunted them and began to slowly vent the ships atmosphere. While they scrambled looking for a way to fix that, the Captain jumped ship, back into the PC party's own ship. When they finally breached the cockpit, they were just into time engage their own ship with the pirate ship In the meantime, another player whom had missed a previous session, was here for this session. He woke up in a box aboard the party's ship. The combat rounds revolved around the party operating the pirate's ship, trying to disable their own ship, while the PC who woke up in the box tried to fight the pirates whom had taken over the ship. It was a great session Though, now the party need to go to Barab I for repairs - it's the nearest planet and they managed to near destroy their own ship Ryloth will have to wait
  6. Have to agree with Elias. It sounds like you annoyed your GM. You should talk to him about it. What I am guessing your GM is pissed about is you trying to munchkin by collecting PC droids. I know it is not what you want to hear but you did set the precedent. Yes it should be harder to reprogram a PC droid but droids get plenty of benefits. Perhaps this should be a drawback for you to fear. If you really can't deal with it then talk to your GM and tell him you don't like it. Do keep in mind, however, that most GMs hate munchkins. You should also keep in mind that it is your GM's game and he can run it how he see's fit. If your behaviour is preventing him from having fun, then your behaviour is preventing everyone else at the table from having fun.
  7. So far I am gearing around a combination of holding them up in customs for some fun social encounters with Imperials then if they make it on planet that PC is going off to deal with stuff that I will sort with the player in DT. What she does will set up major plot for the next session. I hate rescheduling a session for any reason. I try to run no matter what and work around missing players. I feel like if you get into a routine of rescheduling players give the game itself less priority cos they think it will just end up being rescheduled. So far, I have managed to stretch out the climactic encounter with the pirates. It's a doozy They were held captive on the pirate's ship being boarded. They escaped and are now pursuing the pirate captain into the cockpit of his ship. They haven't realised some of the pirate crew have boarded their own ship and disconnected. If they take out the pirate captain they will have to disable their own ship in order to get it back BTW I love incompetent rogues. I played a drunken rogue whose every success was RP'd as drunken savant behaviour - dumb drunk luck every time I dodged a trap or disabled a lock. it was a lot of fun
  8. Andrew, Cian, Jack, Ray and Ronan. I don't know if you guys look at this forum but just in case you do stop reading now! Giant space rocks will fall. Darth Vadar will kill all you pets! So my players are on their way to Ryloth, which is the home of their mechanic. I have ton of plot written for her return home, only problem is that player won't be there tonight. I have already delayed the party by having them hijacked by pirates over the last two sessions, but they are about to free themselves and make their way to Ryloth. I feel like jamming another obstacle in their path will seem a bit unnatural and cumbersome, so I am wondering how I can deal with this. So far my ideas are as follows: 1) They will get held up by incredibly polite Imperial customs when they land on Ryloth who will make them jump through all the hoops and inspect the combat droids in the party to see if they are regulation. This will make for a more social session while the party try to talk their way past customs. This could also end up happening quick and leave me high and dry. 2) The Twi'lek PC could leave once they land to "take care of some things". Then I have the party do some Ryloth things; see the sights, go to massive underground nightclub/brothels, look for work - that kind of thing. This will also allow me to trigger a plot event (rebel terrorist attack during a parade celebrating the glory of the Empire) where the party will be caught up in the panic. 3) This one is contingent on whether or not the party decide to steal the pirate's ship they are currently facing off with (I ran a heavily modified version of the "Welcome Aboard" modular encounter from Lords of Nal Huta). If they take that ship, once they get near Ryloth, the Imperials will hail them on comms and ask them to power down engines and prepare to be boarded. They will be accused of being the crew of a known pirate ship. This could result in some crazy space flight shenanigans while they try to avoid capture and need to get to another system to get the ship's transponder changed. I am also open to suggestions
  9. I like ambience tracks for my games but not enough to pay
  10. That is interesting. This could work for something awful I have planned
  11. Few things from my bookmarks It would be awesome if this would become a community dump for Star Warsy ambience tracks
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