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    My build is: 199 Poe: R4, title, heroic Tallie: Crackshot, Juke Rey: C3p0, Tactical Officer I dont care for just Finn on Rey as some have done. I think he needs more points to work. but the c3po combo works great. Allows Poe/Tallie to have 3 actions in a turn with no stress, or can give rey two calc tokens to go alongside her force ability.
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    Poe looks great, but i suspect people are going to spend way to many points on him. This is not 1.0, a 100 point Poe will die about as fast as a 70 point Poe. I've been keeping him in the 70-80 point range (R4, title, choice of talent - pred, heroic, gambit, etc). if you have the points, proton torps will be amazing on him of course. If you keep them cheap, you can run budget Poe, Rey, and Tallie with plenty of room for upgrades (which is my current resistance squad).
  3. ok cool. that is the way we ended up playing it. I assume this is because you cannot reap between the cards effect finishing, which would make sense. thanks folks!
  4. One Stood Against Many: Play: Ready and fight with a friendly creature 3 times, each time against a different enemy creature. Resolve these fights one at a time. Hi All, The rules say i must complete the text of a card if possible. If my opponent has one creature, i would ready and fight. Would i then be able to ready two additional times (even though my opponent has no more creatures to fight)? Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. I hate to say Just get good, but you've got to figure out what works for rebels and then *gasp* practice it. I know its harder than picking up boba and palob, but it can be done. People dont talk about Biggs enough: he is the backbone of the faction IMO.
  6. You've got to fly rebels in the way they want to be flown. Everyone is loving things like Thane, but Biggs is the correct answer. For example, this list keep wedge and Jan alive until the endgame, allowing them to really put the hurt on the opponents squad. fun to fly, and lots of damage mitigation. Red Squadron Veteran — T-65 X-Wing43 Selfless3 Servomotor S-foils0 Ship Total: 46 Half Points: 23 Threshold: 3 Biggs Darklighter — T-65 X-Wing48 Servomotor S-foils0 Ship Total: 48 Half Points: 24 Threshold: 3 Wedge Antilles — T-65 X-Wing52 Servomotor S-foils0 Ship Total: 52 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 3 Jan Ors — HWK-290 Light Freighter42 Moldy Crow12 Ship Total: 54 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 3
  7. Well as others have said, an across the board price drop is needed. But for Corran specifically, i wish they gave him force (1 or 2), and then made him spend a force to double tab (out of front arc, not just bullseye). That to me would be better (read: worth points investment) and more thematic to his legends story.
  8. Don't understand all the Jake hate. 40 points for that ship. take him cheap, and hes good enough IMO.
  9. I really hope FFG has missions, or a campaign, coming out with the App at some point. I'm happy to make my own if not, but it would feel like such a missed opportunity if they didn't at least allow fan created missions.
  10. Just in my head: Luke/Dash Boba/Fenn Bombs, especially things like traj sim Punisher or genius Scurgg. Concussion missiles
  11. I'd love to see an aces and mini swarm be good, but the swarm would prob have to be cheap ships points wise. One thing i'm looking forward to in 2.0 is building lists with the same initiative. I did this all the time in 1.0 using VI and Adapt. and its going to be easy in 2.0. So something like three initiative 4 e-wings, one of them Darklighter, sounds super fun depending on if it fits points wise (the squad being competitive is another thing altogether). What do people think about Alpha Strike squads with high initiative and missiles/torps. I think its harder to get 4 hits on ordnance is 2.0, but you still retain the possibility of killing something outright before it shoots - that's going to hurt lists with a few 3-4 mid-range ships.
  12. I feel like Wexley is in a tough spot here. like most rebel 1 AGL ships she'll get murdered by alpha strikes. she really wants VI to be PS9, but I feel she needs PTL to work as well. She's also a pilot who needs points spend on her to make her ability work (my current build out is below). I'm worried that her ability is to hard to pull off (if you need to spend the target lock to reroll, then u can't use the ability) for the amount of points you have to sink into the ship. ARC-170: •Norra Wexley (37) Alliance Overhaul (0) Push The Limit (3) •Kyle Katarn (3) •BB-8 (2) Thoughts? Should she be build defensively? Regen?
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