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  1. Still going to play. I could find out that this is a game based on fictionalized events and I'd still play.
  2. With the +1 damage on Recon tokens Clear Minded always felt like a third ability to me. Does an extra Recon token seem like too much?
  3. Not the Avengers, but Jarrod has got to be Wolverine.
  4. First, remember - "It's just a game" Second, it was your mistake so grit your teeth and remember this mistake and play so it's impossible (hopefully) to repeat it. Example: put your new deployment cards on the tiles in a way that you can't continue the game with them in the way. I've been playing this for a couple years and mistakes still happen. (even without the whiskey)
  5. Could start a new rumor. In a month. With a new thread.
  6. Wow, wow, wow. I'm going to borrow this for the next session. (pretty sure I'll give it back in less than 2 hours)
  7. Ah, well, I'm using Nemeses and grasping at straws. Thanks.
  8. Since the Clawdite forms are unique, do they count as "villains"? And can you use only one in a mission? IE - the senator dies, can you bring back a senator?
  9. Could always use "IT". Unless you are a knight who says . . . umm, never mind.
  10. YES! She was my first character, had Sarlaac and Force Pike with Extended Haft. The poor Imp player couldn't bunch up (we had Fenn) and just couldn't separate far enough. Diala often killed groups of Imperials with 8 health. That free pierce did alot.
  11. Stockpile: "When a friendly figure within 3 spaces interacts with a crate, that figure may draw 5 Supply cards and choose 1 non-VALUABLE card to keep, shuffling the others back into the deck." I see this as one interaction that you have two choices to pick from - draw one card OR draw five cards and pick one non-valuable card. If you look at it the other way you get two interactions.
  12. I'd use a timer for all players - Rebs and Imp - to keep things as "gentle" as possible. In playing Star Wars Miniatures my friend thought I took way to long and I knew he wasn't as fast as he thought he was. So we got some 30 second timers and had a penalty of losing an activation (opposing players choice) if the timer ran out before you declared your move/attack. It's amazing how much time 30 seconds can be under these circumstances.
  13. YESSS! Good to have confirmation on nefarious plans ... um, game mechanics. Thanks!
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