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  1. I'm a bit new at both creating campaigns in Genesys and cyberpunk world's, but I got the idea to look at Netrunner Agendas and make some campaigns around them. This was one that came to mind, but it seems a bit long winded and could use some help. Background, NBN at times allows it's workers to take risks, and create passion projects. Often these are done with their reputation at risk, and the cheaper and quicker it can be done, the better. One of the things that are in high competition between the different studio subsidies is classic movie props. Often times, the rights to what a studio controls, comes down to what they have possession of. The studio that has the original Alien from the Aliens franchise, has sole rights to that. The studio that has the original Elder Wand from Harry Potter, are the ones who create new works in that live action series. One day while browsing the archives of Haarpsichord Studios, the famous actress Miranda Rhapsody passes a pair of Red Slippers, and instantly knows what her next blockbuster will be: A musical sensie of 'The Wizzard of Oz'. Quietly the studio gets a script together, signs up actors and directors, and getting ready to make a big announcement at NBN headquarters about their next hit. Shortly before the scheduled meeting, the slippers go missing, and a director based in New Angeles, known for only making straight to pad 'Sunshine Junction' threedees, has a big announcement scheduled himself. Plot:The director has hired the Tri-Maf to steal the slippers and fabricate ledgers showing that his studio has had it in their possession the entire time. A rep of Rhapsody hires the player's group to steal them back, and find evidence of the theft/forging. Since this is an internal NBN matter, Rhapsody and the studio can't be connected to this dirty work. And with the hired tri-maf protectimg the goods, the rep can't handle this with just his connections in the Corp.
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