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  1. There’s so much Star Wars content now it’s just not possible to like everything. Believe me, I’m reading through the old EU, it ain’t all Thrawn and Mara. Luckily I love all all the films (ok, not the Ewok ones) but I’m fully aware that might change down the line. If/when that happens I won’t be trying to ruin the fun for everyone else or throwing all my toys away. The phrase cutting off your nose to spite your face comes to mind. However, if your reasons are sexist, racist or homophobic you’ll not be missed.
  2. So looking forward to this, although I have no access to Disney channels so I’m gonna have to wait a bit. l’m getting so much Ezra from the new guy. I wonder why they went with, what seems like, an identical character.
  3. How did you get it working? Inquiring minds would like to know. If I right click on the link and download I get 'Failed - No file.' Hey thanks. I'm trying, just not having that eureka moment yet.
  4. I'm getting 'File Not Found' from the link on the front page.
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