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  1. Clear and helpful once again, thanks! And yes, Faranim, you are correct - I meant "play" not commit. (Though it does occur to me now that I have included the intelligence pip on Practice Makes Perfect when I have played it, which I obviously shouldn't). Is the only way to force the discard pile to be reshuffled into the deck by drawing a card when the deck is empty?
  2. I'm hoping someone here can guide me towards a correct answer with another edge case situation... I'm playing Mandy Thompson and have "Practice Makes Perfect" in my deck. I wish to commit it to a skill test on an investigate action to "search the top 9 cards of my deck for a Practiced skill and commit it to this skill test". There are only 6 cards left in my deck, which means I know I have a Deduction in there that I'm looking for. Question 1: Do I a) Search only the remaining 6 cards, resolve the effect of Practice Makes Perfect committing the found Deduction to the test and pulling a chaos token. b) Take the top 6 cards, shuffle the discard pile to form a new deck, take the top 3 of the newly formed deck, add it to the six and search those cards for a Practiced skill to add to the test, taking one horror for cycling through my investigator deck. c) Something else that I've not thought of. I've previously played this as though b) were the correct way to play. Is this the case? Question 2: Possibly something of an edge case, but I'm curious how this would play out; I'm playing Extracurricular activity and have Beyond the Veil in my threat area. (I don't know how to do cover with spoilers here, but the overview is that it is a treachery card that has a negative effect that will activate "If your deck has no cards in it". Does this mean a) I can't play Practice Makes Perfect without triggering the "If your deck has no cards in it" condition of Beyond the Veil and therefore must accept the negative effect of the card. b) Beyond the Veil somehow "misses the timing" of my deck having no cards in it, and I can recreate my deck from the discard pile as it is happening mid-action. c) Something else that I've not thought of. I'm going to play this as option a) for now as it seems likely the correct interpretation, but it was curious enough that I thought I'd ask to see if any of you more seasoned players could provide clarification. Again, thanks in advance for your guidance.
  3. I think there's an opportunity to trade XP for curing being poisoned between two scenarios in the Forgotten Age campaign. If memory serves, it's a 5XP cost. Does 1-2XP to cure a trauma seem balanced against this established inter-scenario health recovery notion?
  4. CSerpent, That's good to know, thanks! I assumed that any event with the keyword "fast" could only be activated during the [squiggly sideways lightning symbol] player windows. I was interpreting "after the last clue is discovered at a location" as "at the next available player window following the discovery of the last clue at a location". Happy to know that I was wrong and I could cash in Crack the Case for additional resources. What a helpful forum this is :]
  5. Faranim, I went through a similar thought process initially. I agree that the last clue being discovered and the location being successfully discovered would both occur in ST.7 therefore I would be able to apply them in "the order of my choice" as per the rules reference. I then discounted this as there is no player window during ST.7 in which I could play Crack the Case, I would have to wait until until after ST.8 to play the card. Have I misunderstood this and I can actually play a fast event with "after the last clue is discovered at a location" during ST.7 when the last clue is discovered?
  6. Thanks for all the input so far. I had forgotten that Ancient Stone also allows me to grab an extra clue, so 6 clues total (if they're there) makes sense. The general consensus seems to be that for the first part of the question, 6 clues would be recovered and a ridiculous 18 secrets would be allocated to Ancient Stone (after recording it an unnecessary second time in the log). That fits in with how I was interpreting the cards. Jurcccy, you raise an interesting question... I have just done a bit of extra reading of the cards, of the rules reference, of skill test timings and player windows and have to conclude that you are correct. The wording on Crack the Case simply says "that location's shroud value", irrespective of what it may have been bumped to for the actual investigate test itself. Thanks for all the help, though I'm not sure when this particular scenario will come up for me again, it certainly helps to get a better understanding of the cards mechanics now that I'll be taking Mandy through a whole campaign after testing her out in the Night of the Zealot.
  7. Hi, Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, I did a search and found some of what I was looking for (I think), but was still unsure. I have Mandy Thompson at the Miskatonic University in The Midnight Masks Scenario. She has taken Rogue events and skills. Miskatonic University has a shroud value of 4. It also has the Obscuring Fog treachery card attached increasing it by 2. I investigate using Ancient Stone increasing it by a further 3. I also commit 1x Deduction, 1x Double or Nothing, and after a lot of set up 3x Three Aces to guarantee the test succeeds. Here's what I think I should resolve: I gather 4 clues. I record 18 secrets on the Ancient Stone. Is this correct? If I then play Crack the Case having taken the last clue from the location, how many resources do I receive? Do I receive 18 resources? Or do I receive 9 because the "difficulty of the test" was doubled, not the "shroud value"? I think I 'only' receive 9. Is this correct? And if I happened to have a second copy of Crack the Case in hand, could I play it at the same time or am I limited to a single card interaction with "...after" effects? I think that I can only play one, because after I play the first one, the last thing that happened was me playing a card, not me discovering the last clue on a location, so the timing is off for a second copy. Is this correct? Thanks for you help :]
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