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  1. SpainRuneLord

    Latari Elves Collaboration

    Hi, any clue why FFG didn't released yet the latari elves faction? i would buy it straight...
  2. Hi FantasyFlightGames developpers, Could you please make possible to generate army lists? it would be great to make our own 25 points, 50 or even 100 points lists and make them printable with the card format...just as the 'starter armies' that come in the game core box and also in the expansion boxes. It also would be great to make our own command or even spells and unit cards...with your support, that would generate a lot of stuff with the same format, which is always great and makes a great community. Could you make it happen?
  3. SpainRuneLord

    Future Reinforcement packs?

    I need the elves showing up quickly.....that would make me very happy...very very happy!!
  4. SpainRuneLord

    scale? More than 2 factions?

    Hi...quite disappointed with this new... I started to play battlelore a few months ago and i am really happy with the game.....but i felt it is quite simple (i used to play warhammer and the rules comparison is out-of-the-question) therefore i expected some kind of enhancement to the rules in a near future. And here it comes a new game...but with a different scale!!!!! WHY?? WHYYY???? 20mm is the perfect scale for massive battles!!! the details in the models are great!! it does not take a huge case to move all the army...no need of extralarge movement trays.....so why change that?? i hope FFG reconsider this and uses the Battlelore 2nd ed models and scale in this new game....all i have to say is that i really want to test the game mechanics...but with my Battlelore models.