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  1. I've been working on a custom hull for a sort-of "end of campaign" reward for RT. The core concept comes from this picture, courtesy of deviantArt user kill_stereo Without further ado, the profile: ------------------------------------------------- Mortifact-class Archeotech light cruiser Dimensions: 4.1 km long, .8 abeam at fins Mass: 22.5 megatons 45,000 crew 8 gravities max sustainable acceleration It is no small secret that the Imperium of Man has fallen hard. The Dark Age of Technology, and the wonders it created, far overshadow the technologies available in the 41st Millennium. During that time of scientific advancement, light cruisers such as the Mortifact could take on small fleets and come out with barely a scratch. Outfitted with ancient systems and advanced shield systems, the Mortifact is extremely rare even amongst archeotech, with only a few examples being found in far-flung corners of unexplored space. The risks in finding these rare vessels are great, but it's advanced systems can decimate entire fleets, and outgun even the most offensive Imperial Battleships. Speed: 5 Detection: +20 Armor: 25 Space: 60 Maneuverability: +20 Hull Integrity: 55 Turret Rating: 1 SP: 100 (There is no feasible way of acquiring this vessel, short of it being salvaged from an old space-hulk or provided by the GM as a suitable (large) reward. This ship cannot be bought in the usual way that starship hulls are acquired, no matter how persuasive the Rogue Trader is. Ships like this are just too rare to be bought!) Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 2, Port 1, Starboard 1 The Age of Science: This ship has seen many millenia of service or dereliction, with many ancient systems still around on the aged and well-weathered vessels. This ship has an Archeotech component (cannot be a weapon) already installed, but the millenia spent in either active use or near-hulking had reduced it's power significantly. Subtract 5 from the hull integrity, reduce the speed by 1, and Tech-Use tests to repair the ship are made at a -30 penalty. The reductions have already been applied in the profile. The Archeotech component does not take up space, but power must be provided to it. Unknown Power: Somehow, the ship can mantain multiple void shields despite being a light cruiser. The ship can take Cruiser-only void shields ------------------------------------------------- Most of it is taken from the Secutor ship hull, with some modifications to make it seem more arcane and powerful. Thoughts and ideas are appreciated.
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