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  1. I'm unsure if you noticed, but this hero is extremely flexible with both ranged and melee weapons as the xp cards doesn't really rely on either type (ex. Diala can't use Precise Strike with a gun, same with Gaarkhan, Mak is not Ambush-ing anybody with a sword), this custom hero has none of those drawbacks I think her starting weapon (the bow) is a bit on the weaker side so I'd remove the strain cost for weaken, this would make the passive ability easier to trigger so it'd be ~: Pierce 2 ~: Weaken free reroll for 2xp Vicious Motivation I would either remove the strain cost or change it so that this custom hero takes the strain instead of the targeted ally Animal bond needs some rewording typo on Dark Heal, "Then, all friendly figures..." rest looks fairly solid
  2. Then specifically say it's for Rancor only: "ability to control Rancor" is very different than "+1 Endurance" because the latter has a ton of other side effects/implications (ex. can now strain-move more, are better with items that costs strains like DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol or E-11D or Mandalorian Helmet) I would be very specific on "unmounted creature", so she is able to control Loth-cats, Nexus, Wampa too? unmitigated damage is ridiculously strong, and having the potential to put 5dmg (on avg you can expect ~3) while healing allies is beyond broken imo, it is a strictly better version of C22 Frag Grenade yet it's unlimited, most imperial figures are only ~5HP The Imperial equivalent of it pretty much comes down to "once per round, remove 8 damage from Imperial figures, choose a Rebel hero, that hero suffers 8 dmg" (not outright wound/eliminate someone, but enough to put them as badly damaged), do you see how ridiculous that is? I would remove the red die and just roll the yellow die, that's already strong enough (heal 2dmg + re-allocate 2dmg best case, on avg 1, worst case 0 each round) Alternatively you could also just say "Action: Choose up to 2 friendly figures within 2 spaces, each of those figures recovers 1 damage. Then, choose up to 2 hostile figures within 2 spaces, each of those figures suffers 1dmg" and remove the heroes-strain penalty. The difference is that now there is a range-limit and you cannot pile all those damage on a single figure anymore if you insist on having Reach (Reach + Cleave is a also very powerful combo because the range has been extended from 3x3 to 5x5) and Pierce 3 then I would perhaps make the Pierce conditional: after all it's not a lightsaber is it? so it would be Reach ~: Cleave 1 ~: +2dmg 2 strain ~: Pierce 3 Lastly, I'm unsure if you're aware of this
  3. Vicious Motivation: 3MP is almost equivalent to a free-move. I know Fenn has his 1xp Tactical Movement but imo that card should have been a 2xp all along, so I'd change Vicious Motivation to just say gain 2 MP (but now without the strain cost) Nightsister Initiate: +1 to Endurance or Speed is usually reserved for the 4xp class cards, giving +1 to Endurance for 2xp is way too good, I'd swap it out perhaps for +HP. I think +2HP is a fair trade as the 2nd part combos nicely with the passive ability (Prey on the Weak) Animal bond: what's an "unmounted creature"? Dark Heal: I didn't really understand 100% so I'm just looking to clarify, it's a damage re-distribution? so in theory suppose you roll 3dmg on red and 2dmg on yellow, you could remove 5dmg from heroes and put them on Vader? with an expected roll of 3-4dmg that's even better than a straight-up grenade (grenade doesn't let you remove dmg from heroes) Light Whip: I would remove the Reach and nerf the ~:Cleave 2 and ~: +2dmg to ~:Cleave 1 and ~: +1dmg respectively
  4. Perhaps you missed this line? "Figures corresponding to the chosen cards are bounty hunters" You don't choose "a bounty hunter", you choose a deployment card and a deployment card could have more than 1 figures (ex. eStorm, eSnow, eRangers are 3-figure deployment groups)
  5. Apart from the rules mistake, it'd be helpful if you also post who are the other 3 Rebel heroes chosen (Diala + ?), which Imperial class deck you're using and which Campaign you're running (Core? Hoth? Bespin?)
  6. If you want to bulldoze the Imperial player, go with Diala that being said however if I was the Imperial player I would not allow such hero list. I keep a restricted list (deemed to be way too powerful) and I only allow max. 2/4 heroes to be chosen from: {Fenn, Diala, Gideon, Shyla, Vinto, Drokkatta, CT-1701}. You have 4/4, and that's on top of Hoth being a very Rebel-favored campaign. I hope your Imperial player understands that there's a non-zero chance that he's not going to win any mission the deal I usually make is that I promise not to min-max as Imperial and Rebels is allowed to pick max. 2 from the above restricted list. If my Rebel player absolutely 100% insists on using such lists then that's when I will absolutely bust out a min-max build of either Subversive Tactic/Military Might/Tech Superiority/Hutt Mercenaries with Imperial Industry (attachment to give any Imperial figure the ability to stun) along with all the best Agenda cards and stockpiling up 10 secret agenda cards for the finale I strongly recommend that you guys (the Rebel team) go with another team composition
  7. Sure, I can do that, but beginner Rebel players may disagree so I usually get at least 2 Rebel players (each player controlling 2) before starting a campaign
  8. strictly speaking, Rebels still have 4 activations each round, but playing with 2 heroes you should expect to have inherent balancing issues I always insist on playing 4 Rebel heroes for all campaigns, and if I can't find enough physical players then I just make my Rebels double-duty
  9. Endless Ranks used to be total garbage with only the Core box (eStorm 9-1=8, rStorm 6-1=5, rE-Web 6-1=5...) and remained garbage up to ~Wave 5 (eSnow 10-1=9) but that has been changed since the release of the new TROOPERs: rRiot for 4, eRiot or eJet for 6, Dewback for 4 are great deals I've noticed the problem started with Death Trooper spams: eDT for 3 and rDT for 2 means I have little to no reason to bring in Stormtroopers anymore, so my intention was to deny the spammable ones like rJet or eDT 4-1=3 while maintaining the cost efficiency for the higher costed ones like eJet, eRiot, Dewbacks only if the Rebels decide to activate that hero though the intention is that as Imperial I can also deliberately make my own (current) attack do less damage. For example, the +1 evade is useless if no surges were rolled for the current attack. This would allow the Imperial to trade -dmg right now for +dmg later. Also notice the strain tokens are usable by any Imperial troop, so you could have rStorms go in and take a useless shot, gain a token, then use that token as part of the AT-ST's attack
  10. "Active" would mean "Ready" in this case for the 2 recovery cards, my goal was to make the Imperial figures more difficult to kill and to permit undo-ing Rebel's attacks, I tend to shy away from straight up +HP because it can be demoralizing for Rebels to attack a 20HP figure I'm aware that perhaps not every word is up to FFG standards yet so at this point I'm not too concerned about the minor '.'s, I will post a PDF version later (this is just the 1st iteration)
  11. little bit about my own background, I love campaigns, but it irks me that there's always 2 class decks that I would never pick: Subversive Tactics and Inspiring Leaderships Subversive Tactics is infamously known as the un-fun deck because there's a lot of take-that going on, it focuses on overloading Rebels with strain to deny their fancy abilities Inspiring Leadership is laughably weak for the most part, and Rebels doesn't really have to pay too much attention for roughly half of the campaign because the power doesn't really build up until you pick one of the two 4xp cards So I've came up with 2 homemade decks as replacements. I haven't thoroughly tested them and I agree that I should perhaps come up with better namings. My goal here is to have them on a more acceptable power curve, hence they're not meant to be super-powered but they shouldn't be ridiculously weak either. Appreciate y'all feedbacks! Bonus: I also felt that MM is in a weird spot, because its lower-cost xp are relatively strong yet one of its 4xp card is totally garbage. This partial replacement aims to nerfs (slightly) the lower xp cards and fixes the 4xp "Shock and Awe"
  12. it's completely fine if your group doesn't use eStorm as a baseline, just a friendly reminder that I'd be very cautious when comparing single-figure activation groups vs. multi-figure activation groups this article has already done an amazing job at analyzing the differences (since you mentioned Bossk) https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/206889-the-costs-of-unique-figures/ TL;DR: given a figure with the exact same stats (HP, speed, defense, attack), having 8/4 (2-figure group) is significantly better than having a 4-point single-figure group even if the stats are the same
  13. That was my biggest frustration with IACP: the power curve, all else being equal I'd much rather see a blanket-nerf or even blanket-ban than a blanket-buff, this is because you get a lot more freedom in tweaking a weaker figure who's expected to do perhaps ~2dmg on average than someone that can do say ~5dmg on average with the former we can start to discuss recosts, ability tweaks... but with the latter some units are flat out unplayable regardless how cheap they are, because they'd just get one-shotted = they need to be ridiculously overpowered so that the player can get it's worth before it gets one-shotted and before we know it we'd need figures like 30HP to not be one-shotted I do acknowledge the flaw in my argument is the time limit: in a real tournament you usually even won't get to 40VP but my argument to that was playing until the end is the "true" ending and should take priority. For example, at 30min you might win 22VP : 18VP but at 55min you'd lose at 28VP : 30VP, but if you continued you'd win 41VP : 35VP at 75min. This isn't an issue in casual FLGS games but in a tournament setting you won't even get to see the victory 41:35 result and you'd be ruled as loss 28:30, even though the "true" outcome is that you've won 41:35
  14. quite a wall of text, I didn't discover this designer journal until today, but just wanted to say everything you wrote above will not go unnoticed as a suggestion, would it be possible for RIAST to have ready-made cards? you can build those using https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/282009-imperial-assault-tools-list-builder-card-editor-more-now-works-on-windows-7/ This way we can have a quick glance of "oh, what's does the new figureX looks like now?" edit: I'm unsure if this has already been thought of, but these are my go-to posts whenever I try to make any houserules or adjustments or new units, imo all of them have already done some amazing analysis on units: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/206889-the-costs-of-unique-figures/ https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/250722-grand-tier-list-for-ia-skirmish-to-be-updated-as-new-waves-emerge/ http://boardwars.eu/ally-and-villain-packs-for-star-wars-imperial-assault/ and I use http://mattyellen.github.io/imperial-assault-calculator/ for damage calculations and https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1631857/ability-resolution-order-during-attacks as a rule checker some abilities could be tricky to figure out with the damage calculator however (ex. eStorm's reroll means their power curve is probably higher but Farmboy Luke's reroll buff would be a lot tougher to measure)
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