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  1. ricope

    Skirmish upgrade for Saska

    I'd change the abilities slightly: Saska, Rebel Spoils Cost: -1 Improved shady contacts: you may include up to 1 [Mercenary] deployment card in your army & up to 1 [Mercenary] skirmish upgrade card Ultimate spoiling: Once during your activation, you may choose to exhaust a skirmish upgrade card or deplete it if the skirmish upgrade card is already exhausted This allows Saska to bring in FotK IG-88 if you want to and the activation order will matter a lot more
  2. ricope

    Imperial Assault Tiers, Anyone?

    True, that's why I mentioned it's not for competitive tournament play, but for casual skirmish games I make up my own meta all the time For example, "ban all figures and skirmish upgrades that are >= wave 8", or "wave 1 figures only", or "troopers < wave 8 only"
  3. ricope

    Imperial Assault Tiers, Anyone?

    Only from a certain point of view and I blame the increasingly power curve: the ability to shell out massive amount of damage in one shot I mean when a 13HP Terro or a 12HP Drokkatta could be removed in 1 activation there's really not much to go on, what happened to the Rebel troopers or Stormtroopers and dealing 2-3 damage per shot was the norm?
  4. I would be cautious of having a straight-up point reduction, because the core problem for most of the so-called "overpriced figures" can't really be easily fixed by making them cheaper: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/206889-the-costs-of-unique-figures/ I would also be cautious on where to draw the line: we saw a completely new power curve post-Wave 8 so Wave 6's ISB isn't even close compared to Wave 11 Sabine If you're hosting a casual tournament, I would flat out ban all figures and deployment cards/skirmish upgrade cards that are >= wave 8 and leave the rest as it is. Trying to compare everything to SC could very well mean you could have eStorms costing 4 and still nobody would take them because they'd all just be one-shotted. I remember hearing about how even Terro simply got 1-shotted by a fully-buffed Onar or something
  5. That's a very interesting point, although "Target of Opportunity" does have a win split ratio of nearly 85% Rebel victory 15% Imperial victory (https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2094335/tyrants-lothal-how-balanced-each-scenario) so it's even more unbalanced than the Core mission "A New Threat" and "Flying Solo" My guess is that "A New Threat" and "Flying Solo" are story missions meaning they're much more likely to get played than some ally's side mission, hence people weren't as vocal on Target of Opportunity than the other 2
  6. ricope

    State of the Meta 1-29-19

    I remember there was an analysis being done on SC that in a vacuum, SC is a card worth ~12 points that's priced at 2 points, so I don't think bumping by only 1 is anywhere close enough "in a vacuum" because the Spectres are clearly designed with SC in mind, without SC the Spectres immediately loses their tier-S+ status
  7. I think a lot of side missions plays very differently if you play it early on in the campaign vs. late campaign. The threat level adjustment can only do so much For example, with the post-errata'ed Sabs (Pierce 1) it's nearly impossible to win this mission as Rebel: they desperately need that Pierce 2 but if this mission was played in late-campaign? The rebels could might as well win it easily without ever rescuing the Sabs, because at that point their own weapons offers much more firepower than Sab's Pierce in one of the last campaign I've played, Loku drew his side mission near the end. The mission trigger says after X, bring out now if this was played in early campaign, Rebels might have great difficulty taking them down with starter weapons but because we played as a last (or 2nd last?) side mission, they were all taken out in like 1 activation
  8. ricope

    Revisiting old Skirmish Maps

    I think this is true in general not just for IA but for all games as much as I love to setup a skirmish game, I never thoroughly bothered to analyze any map and I'd much prefer to be surprised by maps For example, in one of the recent games I've played I ran a RGC list and we drew Kayn Somo's map where you could be in your opponent's deployment zone within 4 movement points, turn 1 RGC Brutality (with mission rule free Pierce 2) was amazing was it balanced and fair? definitely not would we ever see that map being in competitive rotation? most likely never but was it fun? YES!
  9. ricope

    Revisiting old Skirmish Maps

    umm it depends, I know some people (including some others on this forum, myself included) don't really play in tournaments but is always happy to bust out a skirmish game, it can get exhausting keeping up with "the latest meta" so we deliberately ban some of the figures from play (ex. no SC, no Hatred Vader, bring back the ISBs and Leia and have a Rebel Trooper vs. Stormtrooper duel), but with all the released command cards
  10. I'm assuming you meant the following scenario: You have 5 ready deployment groups, your opponent have 6 ready deployment groups and have initiative Since you have strictly less ready groups than your opponent, you may pass If your question is "my opponent had initiative this round anyway, can I pass again?" then the answer is no, the passing rule's got nothing to do with whether a player has the initiative this round The exact wording for the passing rule is "During a skirmish, if your opponent has more ready Deployment cards than you, you may choose not to activate a group and pass play to your opponent."
  11. ricope

    Restriction list for Campaign use.

    Rebel side: I would never deliberately perma-ban any particular hero, it was always "if you guys are going to choose X, then you cannot choose Y/must pick Z", so if they pick Gideon or Shyla then the other heroes must be chosen from a weaker pool. For example, Gideon+Mak+Fenn+Biv is fine but Diala+CT+Drokkata+Fenn is not Imperial side: I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish by banning 4 class decks: Subversive Tactics is the anti-fun deck but is not an unbeatable deck imo, I think most of the bad experience comes from new players because SubTac requires a very different shopping strategy. For example, if I'm playing Fenn I might go for Suppressive fire if I got 3xp, but against SubTac I'd go for Trench fighter I don't see what's the problem with the other 3 class decks
  12. ricope

    State of the Meta 1-29-19

    "OP" is relative
  13. ricope

    State of the Meta 1-29-19

    It's not that eSabs and RGs are becoming more weak and in need of more power, it's that SC is broken imo and is in need of a nerf The meta is definitely not in a healthy state at the moment and I feel that trying to judge all figures using SC's power curve can be misleading
  14. There's a difference between "~: Focus" vs. "Become Focused" the 1st one grants the condition from a surge ability, so it does not apply if the target suffered no damage, Kayn uses the 2nd version and grants it directly, so it doesn't matter if the target suffered damage or not
  15. That's a dark path to follow though, suppose the current power curve is 8 (taking a guess, 8 is meaningless right now). If we take your suggestion and make every figure close to 8 as possible, and a year down the road new figures have been released setting the power curve to 15, then we'd need to revisit all of the fixes to put all those old units as close to 15 as possible As a result the power curve keeps growing and we're already seeing some of this, if it goes unchecked eventually I wouldn't be surprised for a unit to need at least 25-30HP to not be one-shotted, eStorm is completely out of the meta right now for this reason, even eRangers can one-shot them I'm in favor of saying "let's establish an acceptable power curve, does 8 looks good? great! we'll stick with 8 and every future figures must be ~8" this way if a new figure with power curve of 15 got released, we only need to say "nope he's too good, nerf that (one) guy" instead of having to say "welp, guess it's 15 now, let's re-do all of our 50 homemade skirmish fix" I felt the sweet spot is ~Wave 7, so just before Wave 8 got released