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  1. Strafing runs

    To be fair, the rules themselves do allow for a "Grand Army" scale game, which is 1600 points on a 4x6. It won't be right away, but I predict an AT-AT expansion eventually that will be 'Grand Army only', just like the Epic ships in Xwing.
  2. Poll: What’s your favorite ship maneuver?

    Any maneuver with Deathfire that let's me drop a set of Clutermines on someone. Usually it's a 3 hard into a barrel roll.
  3. Supremacy-class Interceptor

    I think the base model is appropriately costed. It's basically an A-Wing that loses 1 shield into hull and gains the system slot. So that seems fair. With the title, however, it resembles a TIE Interceptor, but is 1 point cheaper for a shield and the System slot, plus a cool, if weak double tap. I feel like the title should be 3 or 4 points (I know Alphas are overcosted) but other than that, it looks pretty cool. I'd fly it!
  4. Boba Fett - Where!? (A Fan Idea)

    I like it! I've been working on a similar idea! Here' my version so far: Name: Boba Fett Unit Type: Special Forces Cost: 120 Abilities: Autonomous – During the Assign orders phase, assign this unit a face-up order token. This does not count against your total. Jetpack – When moving, this unit ignores terrain of height 1. When clambering, this unit may use 1 action to clamber up to height 2 instead of height 1. Arsenal 2 Quickdraw (At the start of your activation, you may ready 1 weapon card for free) Upgrades: Weapon, Weapon, Weapon, Tech Weapons: Melee – 3 white dice; Ranged: 1-2, 2 Reds, Pierce 2 Speed: 3 6 Health, 2 Courage, Red die Upgrade Cards: Weapon – Handheld Flamethrower, Range 1: 1 Black die, Blast, Spray – 10 points Weapon – Grappling Hook, Range 1-2: 1 Red die. If a trooper is wounded by this attack, assign them an Entrapped token. (When a unit activates with an Entrapped token, they perform 1 less action, then remove the token.) – 5 points (Tappable) Weapon – Wrist-Mounted Rocket launcher, Range 1-3: 2 Black dice, Impact 2, (Tappable). -15 points Surges: Attack into Hits Defense: None I like your version of the grappling weapon, as it fits in the context of the game more. I also like your take on Move 1, but as an action he can jetpack. I think I'll steal those ideas!
  5. Banshee Title for Lancer?

    The problem is that I don't think cloak will ever be competitive except on the phantom (or a pure support ship that doesn't care about shooting). Since you have to take Cloak as your action, it only really works on the turn before combat, where you might come in at an unexpected angle. If cloaking without ACD actually worked, the low PS generic Phantoms might have had a chance, but they never did. Cloaking has only worked with ACD. I know there is the fun Jakku build, but even that isn't competitive. Giving the Lancer a way to Cloak doesn't really help it, as that renders half of your list doing absolutely nothing (except maybe blocking, which, with Cloaking, it would actually be pretty decent at, but with so many passive mods, blocking aint what it used to be). I don't really know the solution to this. I really like the thematic flair of the cloaking, but don't know how to implement in a way that would not be A) terrible or B) terribly OP.
  6. You always have to watch for those unguided publishers. Man, they'll publish anything!
  7. On this note, throw Cluster Missiles on them.
  8. Regionals: Talk Me Down from It

    If your list can get the TLT off with Boba, then I'd say you have a chance, but you might be too far back in the damage race by then for it to matter. Nym has no way to mod his dice except by tokens, so Fenn will use his ability on him. First round of combat, Nym will do no damage. If you decide to shoot the harpoon, statistically you'll roll hit, hit, blank, focus. The Ghost will sensor jammer one of the hits to a focus, and then he'll spend the evade. No damage. Fenn will shoot turani and will strip him of his focus. He'll shoot his harpoon, and roll hit, hit, focus, blank. One hit will become a focus, and He'll reroll the blank, and because of Glitterstim, he should get 4 hits. Ok, 4 shields off of the ghost. If the Jumpmaster chooses the Ghost for ASTS, he'll get past the sensor jammer, but he's also giving the ghost the possibility of 4 free mods a turn with the TLT. Ouch. The Ghost will TLT Nym for 4 damage, no questions asked. Your list isn't bad at all, the problem is the Ghost-Fenn is basically a giant Omega Leader that works on the entire list. You've got to find ways to get past Fenn's ability, or you have to kill Fenn almost instantly. If you have Torani shoot his harpoon on Fenn (and Nym threatening as well), you might kill him round 1, and now we've got a game. Good luck!
  9. Mandalorian Guantlet Fighter: Lets put it on paper (or card)

    Sounds like a good start, but for stats I would use the guidelines previous ships have set for large bases. If 0 agility, give it a mix of 16 hp If 1 agility, give it a mix of 13-10 hp depending on cost If 2 agility, give it 10 hp. The ships 'feels' like a 1 agi ship to me, so perhaps a mix of 13 hp, maybe more as a recompense for have no turrets?
  10. Harpoon Loss Aversion

    Isn't half bad in a Fenn Meta, anyways.
  11. More Universal 1 Point Mods Needed

    He means that they can't do it unless they have no shields. FFG has stated that you cannot do an action that lets you recover shields if you have no shields to recover (this applies to Chopper, for example)
  12. More Universal 1 Point Mods Needed

    I know, I was just throwing it out there. Really, its really no different than a Talon roll though.
  13. More Universal 1 Point Mods Needed

    Whaddaya y'all think of these?
  14. More Universal 1 Point Mods Needed

    Would this help? Rigged Ramjets Modification, Scum only Discard this card to after performing an action to perform a free boost action. 1 point Combine it with fearlessness, Glitterstim, and a target lock action, and now we're talking!
  15. Harpoon Loss Aversion

    I would say that, given your situation, if you aren't point strapped, Homers are still really good. TBH, I really wish FFG would issue a Range 2-3, 4 dice, no loss of TL attack at 4 points that did nothing else. I actually believe this is the baseline for a 4 point Missile, and should have been from day 1. I'd say they would even compete with Harpoons because some squads want to knife-fight and don't want that splash damage. Maybe the errata for Harpoons will just dump the condition card? I wouldn't mind it.