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  1. I was just messing around and, based on many of the ideas on here, came up with these two 'expansion' packs. Very early draft, obviously. Input and criticism highly appreciated, as I am just trying to help the conversation along. Expansion #1 Deepwood Archer Infantry, Archer, Ranged Movement value: 2 Combat value: 2 (range 1-4) Health: 3 [Heroic] Crackshot: Ignore all other dice rolled during this combat and cause 1 damage to the target unit. Mobility 1: If this unit was ordered, it may move up to 1 hex after your Attack step. Storm Sorceress Infantry, Ranged, Caster Movement value: 3 Combat Value: 2 (1-3) Health: 3 [Heroic]: Gain 2 Lore Summon Storm: Instead of attacking, you may choose an enemy Flying unit at range 1-3 and roll 3 dice. For each [Ranged] and [Heroic], deal 1 damage. Leonx Rider Cavalry, Melee Movement value: 3 Combat Value: 3 Health: 3 Mobility 3: If this unit was ordered, it may move up to 3 hex after your Attack step. Strider: This unit ignores the movement restrictions of forest and water hexes. Darnati Warrior Infantry, Elite Movement value: 2 Combat Value: 4 Health: 3 [Heroic] Killing Blow: You may add 1 damage if this would cause the opposing unit to be destroyed. Fearless: This unit ignores retreat results. Dragonfly Rider Dragon, Melee, Legend Movement value: 3 Combat Value: 3 Health: 5 Flying Sky-born Volley: Instead of attacking, this unit may make a ranged attack at range 1-3 with attack dice equal to its current life. This attack ignores line-of-sight requirements and hills provide no defense bonus. Expansion #2 Deepwood Archer Infantry, Archer, Ranged Movement value: 2 Combat value: 2 (range 1-4) Health: 3 [Heroic] Crackshot: Ignore all other dice rolled during this combat and cause 1 damage to the target unit. Mobility 1: If this unit was ordered, it may move up to 1 hex after your Attack step. Aymhelin Scout Infantry, Melee Movement value: 2 Combat value: 3 Health: 3 Strider: This unit ignores the movement restrictions of forest and water hexes. Evasive: This unit may suffer a retreat to ignore 1 damage each combat. Dryad Infantry, Ranged, Caster Movement value: 2 Combat Value: 3 (1-2) Health: 3 [Heroic] Spell of Growth: Choose 1 friendly unit at range 1-2. That unit may recover 1 figure. Vine Growth: Adjacent Enemy units may not move. Pegasus Rider Cavalry, Melee, Elite Movement value: 4 Combat Value: 3 Health: 3 Flying Climb and Dive: Instead of moving, you may remove this unit and set them aside. In a future activation phase, you may use one of your orders to place them in any hex in the target front. They may attack that turn. Forest Guardian Melee, Legend Movement value: 2 Combat Value: 4 Health: 4 Armor 1: Throw Bolder: Instead of attacking, this unit may choose 1 enemy unit at range 2-5 and roll 1 die. On a [Ranged] or a [Heroic] result, that unit suffers 1 damage.
  2. I really like this idea, and with the "upgrade bar" creep that has slowly occurred over time, alot of TIEs can use a small boost. I think this would bring Bombers from fringe competitive to competitive, and would maybe give Punishers a shot. TIE SFs with the ability to take LWF and Chimps or MK II would be amazing, and would definitely catapult them up to the top of the heap, which I don't think is unfair (They are slight above the middle of the heap right now). With that said, Soontir, Carnor, and Quiz all would love MK II, but maybe that's not too bad, since A) They cost 1 more point, and B) would become a little more competitive once again. Give them some new life. The main ship that doesn't care about this is the Defender, since they need to take MK II anyways, and the whole point of X7s is that they are cheap and efficient, and taking something like EU or HU or SU kills that efficiency with little reward, so overall I really like this idea. Here's hoping FFG is listening!
  3. You can do Stridan with Hux, that'll do it.
  4. Thing is, everyone hates Wedge and try to kill him first, but with Tomax coming in at only 29 points, I am looking to pair him with a classic Ryad and a classic Inquisitor (with prockets) for 99 points. That would leave him as the low man on the totem for attack order, or, if they do attack him, he's a slightly more expensive Biggs. I'm fine either way.
  5. I wasn't saying it was a good reason, just a reason:)
  6. Maybe the "You" is on purpose, so that it only works while Jabba is alive (although maybe it wouldn't work anyways).
  7. Thanks for the clarifications! So here's an idea I came up with for Epic. Put Azmorrigan and Jabba on the same ship. Send your Z-95 swarm with Glitterstim or HSB or whatever at the enemy and pop them on the first turn of combat. Then, dump Jabba out the airlock and put Gunner there instead (or whatever) and proceed as normal.
  8. OK, so I have a question about Jabba, which I think ties into the FAQ on Boba Fett, but I need help answering it. So here is what the FAQ says about Boba Fett being used to discard EM: " If Boba Fett is used to discard an Upgrade card that has an ordnance token on it (including the Extra Munitions Upgrade card itself), the opposing player can discard the ordnance token instead. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 4.2.1, Updated 07/01/2016)" So, if I understand that correctly, if Boba discards EM, then do you need to discard all of your Ordnance tokens? And what if you had already used some of them? Do those Missiles stay untouched, or do you need to discard them if you don't have an Ordnance token still on it? The reason I ask this is it seems to me to be a similar case to when the ship with Jabba blows up. Since EM only affected the ship it was on, Boba Fett was the only case I could think of to match this scenario. In other words, when Jabba dies (or is Boba Fett'ed, or is switched out with Azmorigan) do you lose your Tokens, and if you do, do you lose Illicit cards still in play that don't have tokens on them because they used the token earlier? Thanks for the clarification!
  9. True, but I think when the designers first made turrets as upgrades, they never intended them to be your primary damage dealer. I think they were intended to be powerful but situational. As it stands, the TLT is so good, it shuts all of the other turrets except Autoblaster, mainly because it is the cheapest (and it's effect is brutal when it triggers). I would like to see more variance in the turrets. Like with the new turret coming out, you need a TL, which in many cases (especially with the opening joust for a low PS) is going to be hard to do, when TLT are just easy street. What I am trying to say is that the designers work hard on these turrets, that no one will use. LOL. If they slightly nerf TLT, so it is still solid, it might allow some other turrets to rise to the top and be used again.
  10. I think TLTs are fine, they are just a tad to cheap, and the real problem of that is that there is no reason to take any other turret besides Autoblaster. This follows the same logic that FFG used to nerf the previous cards, too much benefit for too little cost. I've heard this suggestion, and I really like the idea of changing the rules regarding secondary weapon turrets to allow for Range defense bonus (or simply changing the TLT card to add a green die at R3). I think that would be just enough to make the card be a 6 cost card, rather than an 7-8 as it is right now. It doesn't need a nerf hammer, just a slight tick down the ladder.
  11. I thought Focus tokens only let you reroll Focus results (why I thought this, with TL being a thing, I have no idea). I thought you could take the same action twice, if you wanted to (like with Darth Vader). I thought BR was middle-middle, in other words, no forward or backwards movement, only lateral.
  12. Alternatively, instead of doing a reinforce token (problematic with the rules), you could give them a pseudo-reinforce token that is slightly weaker (to offset that it is free). Something like this: Reinforced Deflectors: B-Wing only. Modification.: When defending, if you have 2 or more shield tokens, you may add 1 Evade result to your roll. This essentially gives them the Reinforce action, but for free, but it turns off when they are at half health. It would need to cost something, perhaps 2. As for Knife fighter, I don't know if someone mentioned this, but half of the card says if you performed a K turn, you may add an Eye to your roll. Unless your the B-Wing that can spend stress as a Focus, this doesn't help. Also, when I think of them being Knife fighters, I think of their hard 1, rather than the straights. Maybe have it be: Knife Fighter: Title: When performing a Hard 1 turn or a K-Turn, you may reroll any Eye results when attacking or defending. These are just ideas. Thanks for sharing!
  13. I agree wholeheartedly, I think that's what makes Quickdraw so good, and now with LWF, it really allows her to shine. As I mentioned in my post, if you pair her with a Biggs that the enemy REALLY wants to kill, and Draw their Fire, it works out really well. Now someone could attack my Quickdraw on the first round, but three dice, a focus, and shields are somewhat strong against it, combined with the revenge attack, most people choose to try to kill Deathfire, because they are afraid of his bombs. But if they don't, and they leave Deathfire untouched, ready to launch homing missiles and lay down clusters, really, I'm ok either way. SO in conclusion, there are generally two types of QD. Those that burn themselves and lay a big hurt, or those than try to stay untouched and trigger their ability three times per game. I think both are good, in the right build.
  14. I've found success with a variant of a build I saw did well at a tournament, which had QD, Omega Leader, and Tomax. My variant is this: Quickdraw: Draw their Fire, FCS, Homing Missiles, PA, LWF Deathfire: Homing Missiles, EM, Cluster Mines, LRS Backdraft: VI, FCS, Primed Thrusters Works great because EVERYONE hates Deathfire, and want to PS kill him, which is really hard with Quickdraw sucking up the crits. Also, Bombers hate crits, so makes the opening approach alot less scary for them, especially on the second turn when Deathfire can do Deathfire things and drop Clusters right in the path of the enemy. If my Homing Missile hits and my clusters hit, I generally find that I've traded Deathfire for some crucial ship in their list, and then my two SFs arc dodge and finish what's left.
  15. I feel sad for the A-Wings because I think they would have been very differently nowadays with all the designers have learned. In the fluff, the A-Wings have maneuverable turrets that are extremely accurate if locked onto a particular target (but don't do much damage) AND can swivel to shoot above, below, or behind. In light of this, I would love to see the A-Wing get an Auxiliary Firing arc that needed a Target lock to fire in the rear, and something like TLT in the sense that they throw alot of dice but can only ever deal 1 damage, or something like that, to make them cheap little gnats that slowly grind your health down. That would make them unique. As it is, the A-Wings are already quite pushed out by the Protectorate (just a hair more expensive, basically same health) or the Interceptor (which now is long in the tooth as well). I love the A-Wings, but they are just too expensive for that measly 2 die primary. I would love to see a new A-Wing that had some tricks up it's sleeve, like they've done with the recent releases.