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  1. OL and the Rho serve opposite purposes, really. OL can 1v1 any ship in the game (except for Regen), he is one of the premier closers in the game (only problem is getting them there, and he has to kill what he is facing, or you'll lose on points.) The Rho (and the Nu) to me are much more alpha-strikers who then harass the enemy the rest of the game with the threat of more missiles. So gunboats help you get to the finish line, while OL wins at the finish. Personally, the way I build lists I've found I like that alpha striker early (which is why I fly Deathfire). If those points can take the heat off of my aces early, then I find that they bring me to the finish. OL is great, but he does too little damage early and is too hard to bring to the late game for my tastes. This is probably something you'll need to test to see what your preference is. HLC gunboats have a natural weakness at Range 1, so the Flechette helps with that, and, of course, allows for slamming and shooting, if you are so inclined. I have found that Linked-HLC hits like a truck, though, especially if you have a focus, but if you use your LRS wisely, you might not actually need the Linked, and might gain more from the Flechette. Will need to play more.
  2. Good question. I would say, at this point, it depends on your playstyle and the rest of your squad, but several people at Austin filled those 26 points with a Rho with VI. Whether you do VI or Crack, it is really nice to get above Lok Revenants so that you can PS kill them (or at least get your harpoon off before they kill you). I've played OL a good amount, and I respect him for what he does, but for me, if I have 26 points, the Rho is definitely something I'll consider. Right now, I fly with a 27 point Deathfire with Harpoons, LRS, EM, Clustermines, and I really, really love what that little guy does for my squad, but I will definitely play around with the gunboats and see what they can do.
  3. The HLC definitely has a place (whether it will actually shake up the meta, I don't know), but I think what came out of Austin is the one thing no one was talking about: Gunboats without any of the titles, and only Harpoons and LRS. This makes them a mere 22 points (almost nothing), hit like a truck on the initial engagement, and then have the luxury to run away, reload, and come back for more since your opponent will need to deal with the other 78 points you took in your list. I really think, for 22 points, this guy is undercosted, and my hunch is that the playtested never tested the things without any of the titles, and so you could say this guy is at least 2 points undercosted. I will say this: If you have 22 points to spare in an Imperial list, this is the thing to fill it with, at this point. A TIE Bomber with EM is the same base cost as the Gunboat, and you get so much more from the SLAM and Reload. I really think generic Nus are here to stay for Imperial list-building. If all you have are gunboats, I think you'll run into the problem that they can't shake the enemy from their tail, but if you only have 1 or 2 and a more immediate threat (like Quickdraw), then they can run rampart.
  4. I like that the ship is a little more clear (it was a little too foggy in the first one). As for color scheme, I think they are both good. I like the aurebesh and the numbers on the original one, to be honest.
  5. To be fair, I don't anyone thinks that 3-die, plus a reroll is terrible offense, in a vacuum, the problem is Kylo's 3-dice is taking up almost half of your list at 45 or 46 points. Let's look at some other (small-base) aces in that point range and see how he compares. Intensity Poe (33): R2-D2 (4), Intensity (2), Black One (1), Comm Relay (3), AT (2) - Total: 45 Points Same cost as Kylo, same PS, roughly equal offensive output (Kylo gets his 1 die reroll, Poe gets to change 1 focus to a hit). 3 Die primary, no secondary weapons. So why is Poe playable (not totally meta-defining, mind you)? He is a 45 point fortress that, even if he is out-PS, his Focus-Evade, AT, +Regen gives him the ability to slowly, but surely, outlast you. Classic Corran (35): PTL (3), FCS (2), EU (4), R2-D2 (4) - Total: 48 3 more points than Kylo, but you gain double-taps with FCS, greatly increasing offensive output. You lose 1 overall HP, and lose 1 PS, but gain Regen. You don't have as amazing a dial, but Regen counters that. Also note, if you need to, like Poe, you can Focus-Evade when you get caught and can't arc-dodge. Plus, even if you do get hit, you just dial in a green and get a shield back. Again, a point fortress. "Buzzsaw" Whisper (32): ACD (4), FCS (2), Gunner (5), VI (1) - Total: 44 You can make him cheaper, but to be point-for-point along with Kylo, we put Gunner on Whisper. So, we have the same PS, similar premove shenanigans, but gain 1-red die that hits like a truck, and then, with Focus (gained from attack)-Evade (action took) behind 4-dice, you are virtually untouchable. Again, a point fortress. So, what do we see from these 3 expensive aces? They have one or both of these traits: +High defense backed by Focus-Evade +Offensive punch that compensates for being half of a list Poe doesn't really have the second one, but both Corran and Whisper have both. So, what is ASPTL Kylo lacking that this guys have, and does his bring sometime else to compensate? High Defense backed by Focus-Evade? Nope. He has AT and hopefully a Focus, but without Regen, damage will get through and it will stick. Every arc-dodger gets stuck sometimes, and that's when they Focus-Evade to live (or Regen the damage back). Kylo can do neither. Offensive punch to compensate for being half of the list? Nope. Just 3 dice and a light reroll (forget the focus, you need it to survive) is nice on 30ish point ships, but not 45 points. Poe makes it work because he's impossible to kill late game, even if you have PS on him. And this, I think, is the Achilles heel of PTL-AS Kylo: Anyone moving after him kills him pretty much for free, and it's not really a fair fight. Without focus-evade, Kylo will take hits and he'll take them quickly. Yes, he can dish out the condition, but then he's got to trigger it with a crit. If they are an ace and have Focus-Evade, that crit is not going to hit (if he gets lucky and rolls it). Let me put it this way: if the developers tomorrow came out and nerfed Veteran Instincts and said that PS9 is now a hard cap, Kylo would be amazing with a bid (Whisper would come back again too). But as it is, Kylo does not bring either the damage mitigation or the offensive threat that is needed for his points. Maybe, maybe, VI-FCS-TT Kylo might be able to hold his weight and not die to higher PS, but I struggle to see what he brings to the table that Quickdraw (or Soontir for that matter) doesn't already bring. Yes, you get tons of crazy repositioning, but eventually you'll get caught out in the open, and you won't have focus-evade to save yourself. You'll lose half of your health, and deal the condition, and pray you can get it to trigger. Sometimes you will, sometimes you won't, but with that Ace moving after you, I think it will be rarer to get the condition to pop than not. I really wish I was wrong on this, and maybe if the meta shifts to lower PS it will, but for now, I can't see him consistently getting your points back. (PS - Let's not even talk about ships that have auxiliary or mobile arcs. Kylo will just straight up die to those. I'm looking at you, Asajj)
  6. Looks great! I might paint one like your scheme. Here is some gunboat art of my own!
  7. I've been experimenting with this combo recently: TIE Punisher - "Deathrain" (26) -Bomblet Generator (3) -Trajectory Simulator (1) -Unguided Rockets (2) -LWF (2) Total: 34 points And to tell you the truth, it really isn't that bad, not bad at all. In fact, after playtesting, I found that Deathrain's ability was not really needed, so you can shave this down to 29 points with a Cutlass. I don't think it will crash the Top 20, but my guess is that Punishers will jump at least 10 spots to eventually settle into the middle of the pack. 29 points for a 3 Att, 2 AGI, 6 Hull, 3 shield infinite bomb slinger is not a bad investment. I think, if I can dare say it, the Punisher has finally gotten all of the cards it needed to be fixed (none of which existed when it first released) and gives you access to something that TIE Bombers can't do. If you want missiles or Torps, the TIE Bomber is cheaper for the same effect. But as a cheap jouster that throws bombs at the enemy? Not bad.
  8. I've proxied Kylo once, and for sure he is a different beast altogether, and is worth experimenting on, so I'd say give LW a chance, see what happens. In my proxy, I did the PTL-AdvS build, and it was interesting, but I could tell already that turrets (even with AT) and High PS will make his life hard. Certainly, VI-FCS-TT is a good combo, and one I'll try, but as long as we are on the subject of experimenting with odd EPT choices on him, I am strangely considering this build: Debris Gambit-FCS-AdvOptics-EI (44 points). Will it be the best Kylo build? Probably not, but I want to experiment with it. Yes you lose autothrusters, but hopefully gaining possibly 2 Evades a turn will overcompensate for that (and be useful in more matchups), and in an ideal situation, you can take 5 actions a turn (2 Evades, 1 Reposition, 1 Focus, 1 TL), which is pretty cool. It would make him very tanky, and then he can run off with his 3-banks or 2-turns or 5-forward to regenerate his focus and come in for another pass. Basically, I would use FCS for my offensive mods, and just save the focus for defense. Well, we'll see how it goes!
  9. Thanks for doing this! Can't wait to see what the future holds!
  10. Hello "Epsilon Ace" meta!
  11. A similar (albeit rare) scenario is when you Kylo someone, but they have no Pilot cards left in their deck. The action 'succeeded', but the result was not what you wanted. It's a little wonky, and to me seems inconsistent (how is a Kylo Action successful if it didn't actually 'do' anything?) but I think the same logic will apply here.
  12. For 3, I've heard people wanting to try two HLC gunboats or two Delta Defenders. Worth a shot.
  13. 1. Considering that PTL Kylo can't take the Evade Action, and can't really arc-dodge a PS11 Kylo that hasn't moved yet, my hunch is that, even with only one action, PS11 Kylo will be able to arc-dodge enough + FCS that he will get some devastating Rng 1 shots with FCS to make PS9 Kylo sad. It's a close call, and on any given day, PTL Kylo could certainly win, but I have to give edge to VI/FCS Kylo (although, if PTL Kylo brings it to time, he's more expensive). 2. This is trickier and depends on meta. If there are alot of high PS running around, I'd rather have VI Kylo (and maybe, just maybe put the new tech on him to gain that extra action to arc-dodge during the combat phase), but in a more PS 'calm' meta, I think the PTL/AdvS will be pretty powerful. The biggest weakness for VI Kylo that PTL Kylo doesn't have is the threat of bumping. While FCS mitigates the offensive side of that, without a Focus, he will die pretty quick. So if bumping returns, then PTL would be better. However, right now, the meta is much more into stress, which VI Kylo wins (especially if he has Primed Thrusters). So, again, I have to give the edge to VI/FCS Kylo. 3. I suppose there's a bunch, but if Aces come back, I imagine RAC will be a great wingman (whose action is now freed up because Kylo is on another ship). I suppose the weakness is that the enemy would target RAC and try to burn him down, but if you trade RAC for most of their squad, then Kylo can pretty much dance his way to time or the last kill. It will be the first wingman I'll try, at least.
  14. I think the Trajectory Simulator may make Punishers actually viable. Here are two builds I want to try: Cutlass (21): LWF, UR, Trajectory Simulator, Bomblet OR Deathrain (26): LWF, UR, Trajectory Simulator, Bomblet With Deathrain, you launch a Bomblet, then do a 1 forward and take a Focus for the inital round of jousting. You have 6 hull and 3 Shields behind a pure 2 AGI (unless a Hwk is attacking you) and you have 3 attack dice with the focus. Then, the next round, when everyone approaches into Range 1, you drop the Bomblet out of the front, possibly barrel, then swerve away, to rinse and repeat. They may not be tournament level, but I really think the Punisher has finally gotten all of the upgrades it needs to see play. I am excited!
  15. What about this? Epsilon Ace (17): Targeting Synchronizer Omega Ace (20): Adv. Optics, Swarm Leader Omega Squadron (17): Crack, Comm Relay Omega Squadron (17): Crack, Comm Relay Academy (12) Total: 99