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  1. So you're ok with paying 225 for the damage a Stormtrooper squad puts out. Math works out to me! Please Notify me when Vader does anything of note at any tournament. I'll be waiting.
  2. Ok, here we go. For those who think Vader is 'competetive' or that competetive players play him, that is simply false. Check Invader League. No one took him for the Elims. He sucks. Now, I can back up my claim as to why Vader is objectively worse than Luke, IN EVERY CATEGORY. Here we go. 1. Health: Vader seems like he has more health, and you'll hear people say you need to hit him 16 times to kill him. This is false. Vader doesn't have 8 health, he has 7. If you disagree, then you believe his 1-pip is called Ambush. If his 1-pip is to mean anything, then Vader has 7 health. He Also has '-' courage. This means that if Vader is fired at TWICE in a whole game where suppression would have gained him cover, and Luke was in a similar circumstance, then Luke and Vader have the same health. Period. Any future shots actually mean Luke has MORE health. Also, Luke has Stims. And is cheaper. Thus, Vader has worse health. 2. Dodges/Master of the Force: It may seem like Vader can get a bunch of dodges for free, and this makes him better than Luke, but this isn't true. Because Luke has 2 cards that give him dodges (and Vader only 1), and Luke is fast and can jump out of LOS blocking cover to close to melee, Luke doesn't need the crutch of Force Reflexes, he just leans on his cards. Thus Vader's 'free' dodge comes at a hefty price, making him even more expensive than Luke. Keep in mind Vader must activate to get those dodges while Luke doesn't. 3. Damage: Because Luke is 50% faster than Vader, he can close very quickly. Both Vader and Luke do NOT want to engage in range shooting. If you use them for ranged attacks, you have misspent your money. They NEED to deliver their payload via Melee attacks. Luke can make this happen very quickly, while Vader is banking on making his presence felt in turns 4-6, but by then it may be too late. Saber throw sucks, and half the time results in only 1 suppression and no dead models. 4. Tactical flexibility: Luke can grab boxes. He can change where he is depending on battlefield conditions. He can force the fight to the enemy. Vader only works on two objectives: Key positions and Intercept. If the objective isn't those, Vader will go somewhere that doesn't matter and won't be able to reorient himself. 5. Command cards: Vader's cards suck. Luke's are amazing. We are know and fear SOS, and Vader's is a paultry comparison. Vader has to take damage to get one more activation where he only gets 1 action. What makes SOS so awesome is the immediate ability to kill a key enemy unit, Vader has to wait, giving that unit an opportunity to counter. As for 2 pips, it isn't even close, as Vader's 2-pip might as well be Push, while Luke's gives 2 dodges. As for 3-pips, Vader's might be the best in the game, but he's so slow it is hard to make it payoff in a timely matter. 6. Upgrade slots: It may seem that Luke has 2 Force, 1 Gear, and Vader has 3 Force, but this is false. Vader has only 2 Force, because one is forcibly sucked up by Saber Throw to make him functional. This means that both Luke and Vader have the same amount of Force slots, but Luke gets a gear. Also, having more varied slots is clearly better than a bunch of the same. So not only does Luke have more slots than Vader, he also has more variety. In short, yes, objectively, Vader is worse than Luke. I am convinced that if both were available to both factions, and they both cost 160, Vader would still never see play.
  3. I agree on the X-Wing points thing. As for Vader, I'll believe it when I see it. I think he's fundamentally broken and point won't fix him. I think he's objectively worse than Luke, for 40 points more. Personally, I don't think my fix goes far enough.
  4. Most competitive lists take 3 Snipers, just check the Invader League. Also, you can run 3 saboteurs or Snipers, but you'd have to take the Main squad in addition to the Strike teams to do it. I actually run saboteurs, and think it would still be worth it. There is just no reason to take anything other than a Sniper team in that slot. Now, at least one special forces slot would be 'open' to a 'less efficient' choice. 2 Snipers I think is ok. 3 is oppressive.
  5. In my opinion, Vader is horrible. Like T47 levels horrible. Palpatine is actually really good, and just needs Anger and Esteemed Leader to be effective. Vader, even with the cost reduction, would still really struggle to see play. He's just...not...good. Even with a point reduction, he still has the worst threat range of any character in the game. Palpatine is slow, but has a powerful Range 1-2 attack that devastates (it is as strong as Luke's saber). Vader, even with these changes, will still do this: 1. Walk toward the enemy very slowly 2. Throw a saber to maybe do 1 damage 3. Die before he gets into melee In other words, he'll still suck, but the points reduction may make him reasonable. He's a badly designed character, there's just no getting around it. His command cards suck (except for his 3 pip, except he's so slow he can't use it) and his damage is pathetic. Nobody complained about the 30 point reduction to the T47 because we all know it sucks, but so does Vader. Jyn is pretty universally regarded as significantly overcosted. She isn't bad, but way too expensive for what she does. She averages 1 kill per turn, which compared to Han and Sabine, both at her price point, they kill about 2 models per turn and put 2 suppression out. Her offense is actually worse than Leia, since Leia averages about 2 models killed per shot with her Sharpshooter 2. So Jyn has the worst offense of any rebel hero. She has pretty good strategic abilities, but without the raw offense she isn't worth taking. She needs a drastic cost reduction. As of now, Commanding presence only helps with issuing orders, which for 10 points is a joke. Clearly, FFG though the power to issue orders was more relevant than the game actually bore out over time. All of the 'issue order's upgrades are never taken (Battle Meditation, Long-Range Comms, Commanding Presence). If Commanding presence actually aided in panic checks, it might actually be usable. Getting rid of Triple Snipers reduces no one's experiences, but opens up the possibility of actually playing different special forces. Sniper strike teams have kind of broken the game. All the exhaust weapons are about 50% more expensive than their counterparts, and most of them suck even with taking away the exhaust mechanic. I think the only competetive one would be the Fleet troopers grenade launcher. The Ion gun for the Snows is a total joke, the Ion gun for the rebels is ok but expensive, and the Rocket launcher for the Storms is barely better but comes with cumbersome, so I don't think they would see much play, even with this fix.
  6. Each unit should be properly balanced if the game is made correctly. Stormtroopers are more expensive than Rebel troopers, they pay for that save. They also are heavily Aim dependent, and can't move and shoot as effectively as Rebel Troopers. Vader is bad. I mean, baaaaad. Every time I have played him with friends (regardless of who has him) we are blown away by how bad he is. Even at 180 and a Saber Throw with Critical 1, Vader will be lucky to kill 1 guy on his death march across the battlefield, while Luke can jump over terrain and kill a whole unit. Also, Vader's 1 Pip and 2 Pip suck, while Luke has amazing cards. Frankly, I think Vader should be cheaper than Luke, based purely on a comparison. I think Luke is waaaaay better in all categories. But, to be conservative, I put Vader at 180 with Saber throw. I think if FFG made these changes, Vader would still not be competitive, unfortunately.
  7. Thanks for the input. With Vader, here's the thing. Compare a 180 point Vader with the built-in Saber throw to a Luke with Push and Stims for 178. Yeah, Luke is still better. That's my thinking. I'm not too worried about the Impact on the exhaust weapons because they are still ridiculously expensive and I have tried to buff armor.
  8. Hello all, First, this is not a topic to get mad about. If you feel the game is perfectly balanced, that's fine. What I am looking to do here is an adjustment of the rules for an optional homebrew rebalancing of the game. I am specifically thinking of using this for my local scenes Fall legion group as an alternative style of play to provide more variety and to give overlooked units a chance to actually see play. I am bringing it here to see if I have missed something someone has found helpful (such as a unit that is overpriced or a homebrew rule that has helped the game). Anyways, honest and helpful critiques are welcome. Anyways, here is the list: Legion Rules Adjustments Speeder X – A unit with Speeder X may never have its cover reduced below X by Sharpshooter. Vehicles – When a Vehicle performs an attack against a trooper, it may treat any Impact X it has as Pierce X/2, rounded down. Pass Mechanic – If you have less activations than your opponent, when it is your turn to activate, you may ‘pass’, and play returns to your opponent. Points Adjustments (units) Darth Vader – 180 Jyn Erso – 100 T-47 – 145 Points adjustments (upgrades) Long-Range Comms – 5 Targeting Scopes – 3 Comms Jammer - 5 Errata Darth Vader – Gains a Ranged Weapon, Range 1-2, 3 Reds, Critical 1 Strike Teams – Card gains 2 ‘dots’, meaning that you can only take up to 2 in a list. Commanding Presence – Should read: For all purposes, your command range is up to range 4. The 4 basic trooper exhaust weapons – All lose the exhaust mechanic. Any constructive feedback is welcome!
  9. Hello all, So when I play with friends I play with Jyn sometimes as I find her good fun, but I noticed in Okimedes last article that he mentions specifically that Jyn is really bad. I haven't found her to be bad in my fun games, which is in contrast to how me and my friend felt about Vader from day 1 (I.e., he sucked the big one). So my honest question is: why is she so terrible in competitive play? I'm not challenging that she doesn't work there (I am sure the competitive players would use her if she gave some advantage), I am just trying to understand. (Any Math proving she sucks is welcome, I enjoy Math).
  10. I've done the Weiss version enough to know this works extremely well, and is the best version of the ATST. Is it competitive? Probably not. Will it destroy a whole unit of Rebels from full health? Probably.
  11. Yeah, but you are paying way more too. The most efficient build of the ATST is actually to take Arbmab and the GL and keep moving and shooting at people out of cover. If you make it work (which you very much can) it deals the most damage for your buck of any Heavy the Imperials can buy. Weiss deals a little more damage but costs way more.
  12. This isn't an upgrade but a change to the RRG. I think the Speeder X entry should add this rule: "A unit with Speeder X is may never have its Cover reduced below X by Sharpshooter." In other words, Bikes would always have Cover 1, and the T47, which desperately needs help, would never have its cover reduced below 2 if it took the new pilot. Bikes right now get wrecked by Snipers, and the T47 is still going to go down to Bobas Rocket attack pretty easily. I think this change makes thematic sense as well as since they are moving so fast, even a sharpshooter can't hit them except with luck.
  13. In my experience they aren't that bad but you need to play them cheap. The heavy weapons are pretty lackluster, so when I run Pathfinders, I run them like this: -Rifle upgrade, Duck and Cover, Recon Intel Personally, I feel the Rifle upgrade is a toss-up, but it gives them Range 4 as well as a really solid Range 1-2 that doesn't need aim tokens. IMO, Pathfinders work best as cheap skirmishers that get in your enemies way early, which allows the rest of your troops to get into position. I also tend to only play them with Jyn, and will tend to play her 3 Pip on turn 1 to get Suppression on her and the Pathfinder unit so that they are rolling 2 dice (because of Duck and Cover) right from the outset, which makes them very beefy. They can die to a bad random shot, but to the most part, if you place them well, you may have just won that part of the board before the game started. Further, I never aim with Pathfinders. I either dodge or move, if I have the action available. Rerolling white dice isn't amazing, and the Red dice don't need it, so I would rather dodge to annoy my opponent even more. Naked Pathfinders are 68 points, but I feel Duck and Cover is auto-include, which makes them 76 points, 84 if you deck them out as I listed above. Either way, they are cheaper than a Commando squad and way more resilient, but have a niche. One of my favorite Rebel lists right now is Jyn and Luke with 1 Pathfinder. The big weakness of Pathfinders and Jyn is melee, they get absolutely wrecked in melee, which is where Luke comes into play. Purely competitively, they may not be the best choice, but I frankly think that has more to do with the fact that they are taking up a spot that is reserved for Snipers more than anything else. Overall I think they are really solid, cheap skirmishers. Don't worry too much about the damage they deal, that is not their value. Their value is forcing the enemy to have a slower advance in one part of the board, and to lock down an objective. They are very good at this role.
  14. Yeah, based on a recent interview, it seems that the designers are trying to create numerous 'sidegrade' options to fit different play styles. Unfortunately, usually only one of them ever emerges as 'efficient' and the others get left by the wayside, but we'll see.
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