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  1. Thanks for all the responses! I initially had a 10 unit, ATST list, but found the list a little vulnerable to Luke and Boba, which is especially a problem if Boba snipes Veers and runs away with an objective. I am planning on playing with 9 activations, one of which is a Royal Guard to deal with Luke or Boba who get too close for comfort. I have pretty solid reps with it, so am excited. Looking forward to it!
  2. So with the results of LVO in, and trooper spam clearly still going strong (I was quite surprised how little the expansions of the past few months had dented that meta), I have a confession to make: I love big tanks, and I cannot lie. I love the Weiss ATST, and am SUPER hyped for the Occupier. Anyways. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, maybe I just want to be off meta, maybe I've played most list archetypes, Rebel and Imperial (I play both) and have found this one resonates the most with me. I don't know. Needless to say, I was really disheartened when I saw the LVO results, my heart sank into my gut. Well, I think I am going to go ahead with my Weiss ATST list, but was wondering if others had an existential crisis like this after the LVO results, and, as my title suggests, am I stupid for running ATST at Adepticon? (Spoiler: yes, probably)
  3. SirCormac

    Jyn Unboxing!

    I'm sure we'll get one. The specialists were so similar that I think they got lazy and felt the Rebel one was good enough.
  4. SirCormac

    we may as well get the ball rolling

    Luke with Stims and Push is 178. 178!!! He's 22 points cheaper than a naked Vader. If that doesn't convince you that Vader is overcosted, nothing will. The problem with Vader is he pays for upgrades over Luke you don't really need. 3 courage is better than Infinite, imo. Pierce 3 is simply unnecessary. Impact 2 with Surge Crit is only marginally worse than Impact 3. Relentless is better than Charge, but I'd take Luke's 2 move, Jump charge every day of the week over Vader throwing a saber into heavy cover. Vader is only marginally better than Luke (maybe not even) and is waaaay more expensive. Hopefully they'll fix him. Don't know how.
  5. SirCormac

    Jyn Unboxing!

    So I'm confused. Normally these releases come out on the fourth Thursday of the month, we're a full week early. Is Jyn coming out this Thursday?
  6. SirCormac

    Veers/Boba list, looking for opinions

    Glad I could help!
  7. SirCormac

    Veers/Boba list, looking for opinions

    Too bad Boba has Sharpshooter 2, and your Duck and Cover and your low profile are completely useless. And you can reroll your dice all day with Uncanny Luck, but Pierce don't care. I'd hardly say that combo is a 'nightmare to all'. Han gets wrecked by anything with pierce or anything with Sharpshooter or Blast. If your Han isn't dying, or getting close to death, than I daresay your opponents aren't doing their jobs. I've never played a game with Han on the table (either with me controlling him or as the enemy) where Han hasn't bit the big one.
  8. SirCormac

    Veers/Boba list, looking for opinions

    Personally I've found Hunter to be great on Boba. I agree that on most characters it probably is a waste, but Boba wants to kill heroes, and man does he need that Aim. It really sucks as Boba to roll your 4 black dice and see 2 blanks staring at you. I have found he doesn't need Duck and Cover so much because I always do this with Boba: Move last in round from LOS blocking terrain, shoot target (with free aim). End of Round. Shoot first with Boba at target (with free aim) and then retreat behind LOS blocking cover. Rinse. Repeat. He won't single-handedly win you the game, but he should be able to scare/kill a key person (like Han or Leia), and hopefully run away with the VP.
  9. SirCormac

    Veers/Boba list, looking for opinions

    So I have a few things: I'm 'uneasy' with the naked Scout unit and the naked Royal Guards. I feel the Guards do 2 things: Guard Palp/Vader, and counter-charge a force user (especially Luke). You don't really need the first half, and you need to upgrade them to get the second. With Boba in the list, you do have a legitimate threat for a Luke to deal with, so you are probably ok. I would drop them. As for the Scouts, you could either turn them into a Sniper team, or so as the above post suggests. As for one EWeb, I will say I have found alot of use for EWebs, and it is fun to put them in with Veers with Barrage Generator. It is alot of fun to throw that many dice AND suppress people, just to refresh the card again! Maybe with dropping the Guard, you take another one with Barrage? Just a thought. If you want to be more 'mainstream', I would drop the EWeb and the Guards for 2 units of Bikes, and maybe switch up the commandos for either 1 full unit, or 2 Snipers, otherwise drop them for a 3rd Bike. Also, if you have specialists, the Officer is really good on the Snows. Also, Impact or Frag Grenades are really good on the snows too, if you have points to spend. Good luck!
  10. SirCormac

    Ok, Commanders and Operatives are good now...

    To be fair, while you CAN put 4 heroes on the table (currently the maximum), which will take up more than half your list, there is at least one thing greatly reducing the attractiveness of that option: Command Cards. If you really take 4 characters, that means you need to choose only 6 cards from their 12 options (not counting the 6 non-unique options available). Considering the strength of unique units is largely tied in with these cards, it seems to me that for each unique character you choose above 2, you are drastically reducing the efficiency of ALL of your heroes as you do this. You will also run into major command problems as you may NEED to command one of your heroes, but simply have no way to do it as you've already used up their card. I feel the sweet spot is 2-3, as with 2 you can take all of their cards, and with 3, if the combo is right, you can mix and match and still get the strengths of all of your units. On another note, I love the rank and file (my favorite commander is Veers, and my favorite list is Weiss ATST with Veers), what I love about named characters is each one drastically changes the, umm, character of an army, usually due to their command cards. I feel named characters really changes up the variability of the game by magnitudes. We will get more 'normal' troops for sure, and we must NOT forget that the expansion before Sabine and Bossk are two generic heavies. Also, this expansion was simply to get us up to 2 operatives. In short, I feel we needn't be afraid of new commanders/operatives, as it really does fuel list diversity. I feel the fact that you need to take a minimum of 3 corps, and they are still the most efficient units in the game (and should remain so), helps alot.
  11. SirCormac

    On the Hunt - Sabine Wren and Bossk!

    But not the one we deserve.
  12. SirCormac

    Rebel With A Cause: Jyn Erso Article

    Ooh, good one! Don't know which one I like more.
  13. SirCormac

    Rebel With A Cause: Jyn Erso Article

    I'm calling it now: Jyn-Leia lists shall henceforth be called 'Girl Power'. That is all.
  14. SirCormac

    Mistakes were made....

    You'll want the extra sniper team. Believe me. The Empire is always in dire need of good, cheap activations. I never leave home without at least 2 Sniper teams.
  15. SirCormac

    Excited for Death Troopers and Achivement

    We'll see. The 'infiltrate' keyword on Pathfinder might be broken good. Will have to wait and see.