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  1. For me, I'm going all in for the RT97. Besides the higher damage, it also is a legitimate range 4 weapon. DLTs can't get through cover at range 4 (barring a rare Crit) but combined with precise, the RT will get through cover on most attacks. This makes the Stormtroopers really dangerous.
  2. True, but regardless, I feel they are overcosted. Basically no one at LVO took them, and the lists at LVO were actually quite varied (although Top 8 wasn't too much). ATRTs actually were seen almost as much as TTs, but Dewbacks were non existent, and they've been out for a fair amount of time. Even though TTs are obviously underpriced and Ram is way too good, they point I was making is that they are streamlined for their purpose (Melee charging) while the Dewback doesn't feel like it really excels at anything. They're just in an awkward place.
  3. But, to answer the OPs question, if I were to use them, I'd put them in a Veers list, probably two of them. I'd give them long range comms so that Veers could recover them and clear their suppression. With aggressive tactics, this will give them a surge defensively as well. I'd run them with Tenacity and the T21 in this scenario, and try to force a Melee with them. Hope that helps!
  4. I might be wrong, but I've experimented with the Dewbacks and believe them to be overcosted. I feel all of their weapons should be 0 points. One of the things that makes TaunTauns so good is everything they do synergizes toward their goal of charging the enemy with their Melee attack. Their ranged attack is really good and appropriately short-ranged. The Dewbacks, however, don't quite know what to do with themselves. The flamer is worse than it looks, and without an aim against a 5-man squad will only average 5 hits. That's 2.5 dead Stormtroopers, which is ok, but not for the price. Also, you want Tenacity on them, but you really need Endurance because of all the extra suppression you'll be taking, which is unfortunate. Their long-range weapons are ok, and I'd recommend the T21, mainly because it is the cheapest, and is decent when used without an aim due to Critical 2. Overall I think they are decent units, but FFG way overestimated their weapons and the platform. You can play them casually and have fun, but competitively they need a price reduction.
  5. At 75 points, it's kind of a wash and probably depends on player preference. The 74z has an expected health of 9 (adjusted for saving throws) while the BARC has an expected health of 10. In other words, the red die, 5 health is slightly better than the 6 health, white-surge. This boost in health gets even bigger when you realize that at 3 damage, the bikes lose halve of their offense, while the BARC, at the worst, will lose a die or two, and only then on an unlucky roll. Also, since the damage threshold is on red dice rather than white, the BARC will live a little longer before it happens, and generally it isn't a big deal, while for the bikes it is always devastating. As for offense, the bikes clearly have the better offense early, but strangely, the BARC does after 3 wounds have been taken (with the naked setup). In short, they're in different factions, and pretty much a wash as far as the numbers go. The 74z are better alpha strikers but die quicker and lose their offense pretty quickly, while the BARC can take a bit more bunch although doesn't hit as hard. Also, if you have Aggressive Tactics, you can get the BARC a surge for defense. Hope that helps!
  6. If a Terrain piece would grant cover to a unit, and that unit is obstructed (ie some of the unit is not visible), then you draw a straight line from the firing unit's leader to the defending minis. If the straight line passes through the obstructing terrain for at least half the defending minis, then the defending unit would gain the benefit of cover. So, somewhat using your example, let's say 1 speeder bike is out in the open but the second one is barely peaking out. Then half the unit would be in cover, and thus the unit would gain heavy cover. Hope that helps.
  7. Generally speaking, a unit only receives cover if the piece of terrain is at least half the height of the mini (the main exception to this is that the FD cannon gains heavy cover from barricades). This is agreed upon by the players before the game. So if there is a piece of terrain that is 75% the height of an ATRT, then yes, it would gain cover. This would apply before Impact, so could save it a hit. Otherwise, if the opponent rolled enough hits, the cover will be meaningless.
  8. You are correct. That's in the upgrade pack.
  9. While I have no idea whether B2s will be competitive, I do believe they fix alot of the problems that plague Fleet Troopers. I do not believe the main problem with Fleets is the R1-2 shooting. Their shot is unbelievable powerful (best in the game for price). It is heavily dependent on terrain, unfortunately, but with a good LOS blocker, these guys would be scary and would be used, I feel, but are hamstrung by a few key issues: 1. Courage: This is the true Achilles's heel for the Fleets. One random shot that doesn't even do damage, and this entire unit becomes practically worthless. Strict orders helps, but that means you need them ordered. An officer helps, but that makes the unit pretty darn expensive, negating their cheap power. In short, their courage 1 is an absolute killer 2. Health: Fleets generally melt like any rebel unit, and don't have any way to mitigate (like Nimble or Defend) and need to move so can't take dodges. They are purely dependent on their health and dice. A normal squad has 5 minis behind surging white dice, which equates to 7.5 expected health, which simply isn't enough for a close assault squad. Now let's look at the B2s. Let's say for argument sake their 3 red die weapon costs 26 points (10 points for heavy weapon. It's 12 for the Fleets Scattergun, which is pretty clearly better). This makes the squad 74 points, which is only 7 more than Fleets. The greatest strength of the Fleets is their ridiculous offense, but the B2s aren't far behind. Fleets expect 4.75 hits backed by Pierce 1, while the B2s expect 4.5. So clearly the Fleets win here, but if the B2s get a Surge token, which if you are running them you definitely need to get, their offense jumps up to 5.5 expected, which almost compensates for the lack of Pierce. The Fleets are still better, but not by too much. Now I mentioned earlier that the Fleets biggest weaknesses are their courage and their health (if we ignore R2), and the B2s Excel in both areas. First, their courage is 2, and they are Droid troopers, making them virtually immune to suppression. These types of units desperately need to move and shoot most turns. This fixes the greatest weakness of the Fleets. Further, the expected health of a Fleet squad is 7.5. The Raw health of the B2s is 8, and the expected health is 9.6. This is a huge increase, and does NOT take armor into account. Armor is hard to judge, but needless to say it's a great keyword. Now, one random shot at the B2s at long range won't wreck them the way it would on the Fleets. Further, this health boost to the B2s allows their offensive dice to stay effective and alive longer than the Fleets, making them far more effective in the long run. Finally, even if you don't get an order to them, their keyword AI isn't too bad, since most times you won't have a shot anyways as you move up. I think having 4-5 B1s (with some having the R1-2 coordinate trooper) and 1-2 B2s will be viable. It may not be too shelf competitive, but many of the glaring weaknesses of the Fleets have been fixed here. I, for one, am excited to try then out.
  10. Unfortunately they are making a Finn and Rey show. It's called the Rise of Skywalker, and it's the third part of a mini-series. It's being exclusively released on one platform for a few months, but then it should be available to stream.
  11. You and me both brother, but they never will. I'd love to see a Jan Ors, Kyle Katarn wave. One can dream.
  12. Also, don't forget about Boba's Rocket card. Has Impact 2 on it, and full dice at Range 3. 2 rounds of Boba shooting and the T47 is dead to Boba alone.
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