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  1. SirCormac

    Luker Gunner costs ~30 pts?

    But who's gonna fly it kid? You? You bet I could! I'm not such a bad initiative myself!
  2. SirCormac

    Han vs. Leia, some thoughts

    This is why I think it is so crucial to have a mix on any table. No only for things like Han, but to create more decisions. "I really want to go over there, but is light cover enough to protect me?" I always try to have a mix on my table. Also, agreed on the cards. I didn't talk about this because I was more worried about the hard stats. Reckless diversion is amazing, and I think is arguably the best 2 pip card in the game. I will say, you will probably want Leia near both of those troops to pass them Dodge tokens, but otherwise, its still pretty awesome.
  3. SirCormac

    Han vs. Leia, some thoughts

    So I've been thinking recently, with the addition of Leia to the game, about how AWESOME she is, and how aggressively costed she is. You get a real package for 90 points! But, this got me worrying: Will there be a place at the Rebel table when Han gets here, or have Luke and Leia soaked up those spots? For a while, I really couldn't see how Han will justify the 30 point jump, especially since, strictly speaking, Leia has the better ranged attack than Han does, and with Sharpshooter 2! It seemed to me that Han will be a bad bargain...that is, until I sat down and did some math. So I am presenting to you some of my findings, and why I think Han may be a sleeper hit, and might be pretty awesome. Enjoy! Ranged Attack 1. Both 1-2 2. Out of Cover or in Light Cover, Han averages 1.75 hits with .5 Crits. Pierce 2 kills both. Leia averages 1.875 hits, with .75 Crits. Pierce 1 Kills 1. If all go through on a Stormtrooper, Leia can expect to kill 2 total (same a Han). Leia has a higher ceiling but lower floor, but odds of the stormtroopers rolling 3 blocks are 12.5%. Otherwise, she’s at least as good as Han. 3. Heavy Cover, Han will lose 1 hit on average and scores .75 hits, which Pierce kills. Leia’s stats are the same as above. 4. Gunslinger – This is Han’s real show case ability, since, while he barely loses to Leia in light or no cover (and somewhat significantly loses to Leia against Heavy cover) he makes up for it by attacking twice. If he catches two squads not in cover or in light cover (forests, anyone?) he can very reliably kill 4 Stormtroopers on a turn, which rivals Luke and Vader in melee. In addition, he can dish out two suppression. Even if both enemies are in heavy cover, Han can still reliably kill 2 stormtroopers and dish out two suppression, which effectively equals Leia’s death count + an extra suppression. Melee 1. Leia clearly wins here, with the same stats she has with her pistol (except no pierce), while Han deals a measly 1.125 hits. Don’t get him in melee. Survivability 1. Stats are the same, but Han has two defensive abilities: Low Profile and Uncanny Luck 3. While Uncanny Luck is active, it turns his dice from 1/3 chance into a 5/9 (better than naked Red dice). Weirdly enough, better than Luke and Vader without Deflect! If Han only takes, at most, 3 hits coming in (hopefully likely with heavy cover), his effective health is 10.8. For comparison, Leia’s effective health is 9. So Han has almost 2 more ‘effective’ health than Leia does. If Han is ever caught in the open (with Duck and Cover) vs. Leia in the same situation, or, if they need to go into Light cover (both common situations), Han can easily make this distance even greater. Only Leia with a dodge in Heavy cover is better defensively than Han, and then, only against multiple shots (against a Han with a dodge). These things are harder to gauge mathematically, but are worth considering. In short, I've played some games with Leia, and have been quite impressed, and now am pretty stoked to see Han on the table. He has a real ability to dish out damage at range that we haven't seen before. He could even charge into an open field to get past stormtrooper cover, shoot at two units without cover, kill 4 total, then, when he gets shot back, take a suppression and get heavy cover! Also, stormtroopers in woods are going to fear Solo. I think Duck and Cover will be auto include on him. Can't wait!
  4. SirCormac

    Is Vader Overcosted/Does he need help?

    If you keep Luke in cover until the time is right for the charge, he won't really get suppressed much, and then he's in Melee. Vader's so slow he kind of has to go out into the open field and take hits. My point is that if Luke has to do that, he at least gets cover bonus from suppression. You also need to dump a TON of suppression of Luke for it to actually matter and cost him his action (4.5 suppression). If Luke is taking that many attacks, the Luke player screwed up. I do, thank you very much. Doesn't change the fact that Vader's moves, early in the game, are way slower than Luke's move (when you are usually double moving), meaning Vader has to preplan what he is doing from the beginning of the game, and can't readjust. Luke and adjust on the fly anfd fix problems as they arise on the battlefield. Also, unless all of the terrain you are playing with is LOS blocking, there will still be open fields for Vader to die on. I don't know where you math is coming from, but 'twice as good' is a stretch if I ever heard one. If both Luke and Vader are slashing an armored vehicle with a naked dice roll, Luke should get 3.75 hits, with 1.5 of them being Crits. Vader will get 4.5 hits, with .75 of them being Crits. This means that Luke, on average, rolls 2.25 Hits and 1.5 natural Crits. With Impact 2, that means he will end up with 3.5 hits coming in on the vehicle. Vader, by contrast, gets 3.75 Hits on average, and .75 Crits. With Impact 3, this means that Vader will, on average, score 3.75 hits on a vehicle. A difference of .25. In other words, not twice as good. Now you could bring the difference of Pierce into play here, but that will very, very rarely matter. If Luke and Vader are both chopping an AT ST (which surges to block on defense), Luke will face 1.16 blocks, and Vader will face 1.25 blocks, so Vader's extra Pierce doesn't help here. In other words, Vader does, overall, .25 more damage on a Vehicle than Luke does without an Aim. If Luke has access to an aim, since he surges to Crit, his stats go better than Vader, even if Vader has an Aim too. So, in short, yes, Vader is better than Luke, but not by much, which my point. It's basically a wash. I will admit, I didn't explain myself well here. If Luke takes Force Push or Jedi Mindtrick as well, his Ready actions can do 2 things for him: Clear all of his suppression, and refresh ALL of his cards. If Luke has both Reflexes and, let's say, Push, one Ready action is actually really good. It allows him to use both of his force powers turn after turn if he's in the heat of the enemy, which is REALLY good. Vader can only refresh one of his cards, but does it for free, and needs both of his actions to move. Again, I'm not saying Luke is better, I'm saying it is a wash. Only problem with Saber throw is, without any surging to Crit, Vader will struggle to get past Heavy cover. He will average 2.25 Hits on three dice, with .375 Crits. If we add the Crits to the 'excess' Hit number, we get .625 Hits from Vader. In other words, Vader can sort of count on 1 hit going through, which will definitely kill 1 model. Definitely nice, but not overwhelming. As a comparison, if Luke moved and shot with his blaster, he will generate .5 Crits to get past the Heavy cover, and again, Luke's lesser Pierce doesn't hurt him. So true, Vader moves farther than Luke did on this round, and will do slightly more damage, but my argument the whole time has not been that Vader sucks (which is what everyone seems to think I said), but that Vader is OVERCOSTED. You are getting small benefits over Luke for a huge cost. I don't think it adds up. The real problem in the Luke vs. Vader debate is really 1 card: Son of Skywalker. The strange truth is, if Luke plays correctly, he will charge Vader when Vader has 3 damage on him, and will kill Vader before he activates on that turn, ripping the heart out of the Imperial side. Don't get me wrong, I love Luke, but the devs kind of messed this one up. Luke is 160 naked, Vader is 200 naked, and if Luke is played right, Vader lives in fear of him. That's my point. Vader is good, but I would have priced him at 180, not 200, and that is a 10% difference, which in competitive games is HUGE. Again, I am NOT saying Vader is bad or terrible, he can do amazing things, I just think, in comparison to Luke, you aren't quite getting your money's worth for him. This is why I think, as the game evolves, if a new Force power doesn't come out to help Vader, he will fade. I think once Boba comes out, you will see Veers and Boba, and Vader will fade, unfortunately. I want Vader to work, but I am worried for his future.
  5. SirCormac

    Is Vader Overcosted/Does he need help?

    Some of you are missing my point, I think. It's not that Vader can't do work, its that, over the course of tournaments and many games, he cannot, consistently, recoup his costs, in comparison to other units in the faction. We see this born out already, as most competitive Imperial list just take Veers. Is not that Vader is useless, it's that you are probably better off taking other units instead, which will help you more. I think Vader would be better costed at 180, which is my point.
  6. This is an honest question I am posing to the community. My friend and I have played about half-a-dozen games. He plays Imperials and I play Rebels. We have found Vader to be, well, lacking. Also, when I do theory crafting, Vader does not seem to really justify his 200 points. Let's break it down in comparison to Luke (who I think is awesome) 1. Courage (Vader - Infinite, Luke - 3) This may seem like an easy win for Vader, and my guess is the Devs thought this infinite courage was worth the price jump to Vader, but I have two problems with this. 1. 3 courage is really high, and it's rare to even see Luke lose 1 action, let alone panic. BUT, there is a HUGE upside to suppression tokens: Cover. If Luke gets caught in the open (he should have a dodge), after the first attack (where he spends his dodge), he now gets 1 level of cover, something Vader never gets. In other words, Infinite courage is not a pure plus, it is a double-edged sword. I feel this is a push. 2. Health (Vader-8, Luke -6) This may seem like a pure victory for Vader, and again, I am sure the devs are making you pay for the extra health. However, because Vader never gets suppressed, and thus never gets that bonus cover, he NEEDS the extra health to make up the distance with Luke. As weird as it sounds, I feel this one is a push. 3. Weapon (Vader - Melee 6 Reds Impact 3, Pierce 3, no surge, no ranged, Luke - Melee 6 blacks Impact 2, Pierce 2, surge to crit, Ranged 2 reds Range 1-2, Pierce 2) At first glance, it may seem that Vader wins here with Red dice, again, something I think the Vader player is paying for, but it's not as good as it first seems. First, black dice with surge to crit are almost as good as red dice without surge. Yes, the Red dice are strictly better, but Vader has no native Ranged attack, but Luke does. I feel that Luke goes down to Black but gains a native Ranged attack, which is a fair trade to make. The Impact is a wash because with Luke surging to Crit, it's basically the same. The one true advantage Vader has here is Pierce 3 rather than two. For that extra pierce, I'd be willing to pay maybe 10 points (but then you need to pay 10 more points to get a ranged attack). I would almost call this a push, but let's say Vader needs to pay 10 just to be safe. 4. Abilities Both have Deflect and Immune: Pierce, so that's a wash. What about the other two? Vader has Master of the Force 1 and Relentless, while Luke has Charge and Jump 1. Jump 1 is amazing, and combined with Charge and 2 movement speed, is really synergistic with Luke allowing him to pinball around the battlefield with ease. Master of the Force 1 seems awesome at first, as it freely refreshes your force cards, but if Luke is in the thick of things, he can easily refresh his cards with a recover action, and then Jump into melee and charge, essentially the same thing. The other problem is that Master of the Force suffers from NEEDING another upgrade to work, meaning it should be costed less than what Luke gets, as Luke can be 'naked' and still benefit from his abilities, while Vader cannot. Relentless is, on paper, clearly better than Charge, but considering Vader's movement (next area for discussion) I think this is a wash again. 5. Movement Here we go, the Achilles' heel of Vader. Movement speed 1. This singlehandedly boot-straps Vader. I'm guessing the Devs were scared of Relentless being on a platform that could move 2 each move, and then hit with 6 reds, so they gave him move 1. This clearly is inferior to Luke, without question, and should give Vader a point reduction, minimally. I think 10-20 is fair, to say the least. Conclusion: So what we get is a weird situation: If Vader was 160 (same cost as Luke), would he be OP? Would he be as good as Luke? I think he would be a fair alternative version of Luke. What do you guys think? Because of all of this, I have created a 'fix' card for Vader, and wanted to see what your thoughts are: Anyways, thanks for the help! Any suggestions for how to use Vader effectively, or your feelings on his cost are greatly appreciated! These are just my ponderings over the last few months.
  7. But if Dash needs to use up his EPT to do that, I think I'm ok with that. Looks good! Thanks for the speculating! My one critique is that I think new Marksmanship is horrible, regardless of cost. Changing a hit to a crit was never, I repeat, never good. In a vacuum, it seems ok, but it will always be outbid by cards that straight up help you. I feel its stiffest competition is Crack shot, which also works in bullseye, but gets a guaranteed damage through. If Crack shot is cheaper than Marksmanship, it will never see play. My hypothesis is that Marksmanship is 1 point, and Crack is 2. 1.0 Crack should be 1.5 points, so limiting it to bullseye knocks off 1 point, down to 2. If they make Crack and Marksmanship both cost 1, you still will never see Marksmanship.
  8. SirCormac

    2nd Ed Han pilot ability

    Unfortunately he still can't shoot, even if he has Luke Gunner.
  9. SirCormac

    4 player game variant

    This is basically how I was doing my first game, but didn't have a good way to resolve ties, but I think you just gave it to me. Will try this next time.
  10. SirCormac

    4 player game variant

    So the other night I was teaching some friends Legion, and decided to create a 4-player 'variant' of the game. In this variant, each player had 1 commander (Luke, Leia, Vader, Veers), and 400 points of troops. I wanted an easy learning game, so I chose key positions, clear conditions, and battle lines, but the last one with a twist. I cut out the middle range 2 band of the battle lines, and forced each player to deploy within their section. This meant that I was sort of creating 2 400 point games, but it was exciting as you really cared what happened to your ally, and sometimes there was cross over, as I deliberately put one of the objectives in the middle of the board. Each player was given a full hand of 7 command cards. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do command cards, but this is what I am planning on for my next games: 1. Initiative is won low to high, as normal (this may mean one faction 'double moves', don't know about this yet) 2. If there are ties within a faction, those players decide who goes. 3. If there is a tie across faction, then you roll the die as normal, and the winner chooses 1 of their sides to go first. Then the loser choses 1 of their sides to go second. Then the winner would chose his remaining force (if any) and then the loser would chose his remaining force (if any). It's still a work in progress, to say the least, and any suggestions are welcome, but it was a ton of fun, and I want to try it again! Just wanted to share a different way to play Legion!
  11. SirCormac

    The Imperials in 2.0

    Staple ship: Tie Defender. Live these guys, and while they will be more expensive, getting a boost and a shield is not a bad deal. One of the few ships in game that can focus evade. Really hope Vess is basically the same. Also, Deathfire. My favorite little guy comes back,quite different, but I'm okay with that. Not sure: The TIE Advanced looks less than stellar Surprise: TIE Bombers?
  12. SirCormac

    I proxied 2.0 Vader, here are my thoughts...

    Thanks! Yes, I agree. Thing is, we don't quite know the new power levels, and this was my first time experiencing 2.0. To be fair, Vader was fun, although the Advanced has never been my favorite ship, not by a long shot, which could color my perspective, but I was slightly underwhelmed by his action economy. Still, sinc the designer's have tried to pull the power levels back down and make flying matter, Vader could still be a beast, but man he misses evade.
  13. SirCormac

    I proxied 2.0 Vader, here are my thoughts...

    Only problem is, according to the devs, if you are a Force user, you don't get access to Talent slots, only 'Force' slots, which is interesting. But still, there might be an awesome Force power for Vader to really shine. I have no doubts that Vader will be good, but he isn't as OP as he first seems.
  14. So the other night, using some of the pre-built 200 point squads (we assume) from various videos of 2.0, I played two games last night (with a new damage deck, and all the rules we know). Both games were Vader and 4 TIEs vs. Boba Fett and 2 Fang Fighters. Besides the fact that I think generic Fangs are great (that boost or barrel into a red focus is nice), here are my thoughts on Vader. To sum it up, before I go into detail, I believe Vader is best described as...balanced. He is better than his current incarnation in some ways, and worse in other ways. Here are the points. Pros: 1. Force - With 3 Force on him (as pseudo-focuses), Vader kind of has three actions banked until he needs them. This is pretty nice, and means he can k-turn or T-roll without a huge loss to his action efficiency, which is very nice. The force power they gave him (sense) I don't think makes sense on him and doesn't really help him, but maybe there is another one which we don't know yet which will work well on him. 2. Dial - The 2-banks being blue, plus the white-1 forward are very nice (as well as the t-rolls), but I have been saying for years that he needed a 1-turn, which they didn't give him. The dial is unarguably better than what it was, but not quite what I was hoping for. Cons: 1. Actions - I know it sounds weird on a Vader that can theoretically chain actions to say there's a problem here, but there really is (imho). New Vader only has reliable access to three actions: Focus, BR, TL. That's it, and natively, the BR is already chained to the Focus. So I found myself on many turns with Vader (since I already had the TL up), simply 'turning' the red BR white, essentially, as I would Focus and BR. And if you don't need to BR, on many turns, you'll find yourself with 'nothing to do' with Vader other than Focus. He reeeeeaaaallllyyy misses the Boost and the Evade, which leads us to the next point. 2. Squishier - Without Evade and only access to a very limited Boost, Vader is much more squishy than before, and can't really rely on new Palp either. This makes new Vader feel very squishy, as he has no way to deal with a bad roll. He just takes it. He never had autothrusters, but now without the evade...Ouch. In Conclusion, this Vader build they gave us might not be optimal (I doubt it is), but my conclusion is Vader is balanced. He's not OP, from what I can tell. And to tell you the truth, since Advanced don't want to use their TL anyways, most other Advanced Pilots will have similar action economy to Vader (if you accept getting stressed). When all of this comes out, I may consider playing a lower PS Advanced, if they cost alot cheaper. Will be interesting to see it all play out.
  15. SirCormac

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    I'm pretty sure they said it has 2 crew, and 1 gunner slot. Don't know what else.