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  1. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    Yep! Can't wait till GenCon and all of your cool events!
  2. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    Xwing is still a blast to play, but I have to agree with @Stay On The Leader that, as a meta game, it is probably broken beyond repair (but maybe always has been?). Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems that, to truly excel in the meta, to be that top 1%, you have to sacrifice the fun of playing for the 'fun' of winning, and that isn't a trade I want. However, there are alternatives to fighting, as Obi-wan taught us. I created an Xwing gaming group of about a dozen people and I put on tournaments for them every few months, but I always throw in a wrinkle to mess with listbuilding, and we all have a blast. The core of the game is good. The upgrades are fun. Make your own fun. If official tournaments are toxic, make your own fun! That's why @heychadwick and the Shuttle tyderium guys are my favorite podcast, because they hone in on the fun of the game rather than the brokenness. I recently played in a regional and went 4-2 (was 4-1 and in 6th before the final game, just missed the cut) but I brought a list I wanted to bring. I wanted to have fun. And you know what? I did. I had a blast. It's a game. If some people play broken lists (which they know are broken) to win, and 'have fun' winning, well, I'll be over here with my friends having a blast. You are welcome to join us!
  3. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    FFG: I can't nerf my own game. Community: Then the emperor has already won. You were out last hope. FFG: @MajorJuggler spoke of another. Community: The other he spoke about was Community mod.
  4. Bombs Away! Deathfire!!

    Yes, Please! Either one of these!
  5. Bombs Away! Deathfire!!

    I do love Deathfire for sure, and have played him a lot, and have a few thoughts. 1. Letting him equip more bombs (like in the missile slot) won't help because he needs to stay cheap. 2. Therefore, I would love a title or upgrade (could be missile or torp) that, at 0 points, allows you to put an ordnance token onto any equipped bomb upgrade, Imperial only. Rebels have Sabine, and Scum have Cad Bane, but maybe the Imps can get a 'tech' instead of crew. Something like this: Advanced Bombing Trajectory Imperial only You may drop bombs using the 1 banks, or the 2-straight. You play place 1 ordnance on each equipped bomb upgrade. Torp slot, 0 points. This helps Punishers and Bombers out, and gives Bombers a bit of an identity compared with Gunboats. My normal build for Deathfire is: 1. Harpoons 2. EM 3. LRS 4. Clustermines 27 points This would let me save 2 points (as I could dump EM), and now you've got a pretty solid 25 points. And now with gunboats, I think we need a title for Bombers and Punishers that allows for 2-3 modifications that cost 2 or less, so you can get LWF and either guidance or LRS. One day day.
  6. Bold Predictions

    I find this idea very intriguing. The picture on the card seems to show a bwing, so that adds to the credibility of your guess. Problem is, the ghost can take torps. Maybe it will say small ship only? Or is it clear already that there are no restrictions like this? Will be interesting to see.
  7. Fear the Reaper?

    My hunch is that they will give it sloops but no k turn.
  8. Bold Predictions

    Agreed. I'd also like this wording for crew for the UWing. It needs SOME advantage over the Auzituck, even if a small one
  9. 2018 quarterly tournament kits? Is that what you meant?
  10. Fear the Reaper?

    Hey @Babaganoosh, I was just thinking that the reaper might be a really good objective grabber, especially if he is the only target (I mean, the only guy that can interact with objectives). We need to see the dial and what advanced ailerons does, but if this guy can move a little, then maybe LWF, Title, and Rebel captive? If he takes takes the evade and stays away or at range 3, could be a really good use for him. I'm excited! (Also, can't wait for Grayskull 2.0)
  11. Director Krennic

    First shot has to be a secondary weapon. The second shot can be anything. We were soooo close to making him not totally suck.
  12. Bold Predictions

    I don't think its a title. I think its a Torp slot. Then it fits
  13. Bold Predictions

    And by destroy I mean break.
  14. Bold Predictions

    Good job! That's interesting if it is true. I think its 3 or fewer hull, but who knows? I think this might be a 'fix' for the bwing and the Uwing. Hopefully it doesn't destroy the ghost.
  15. Fear the Reaper?

    Aww, but fine sir, if the Ps 1 costs 20, it will be a quintuple Reaper list that will break the game. Fair well Xwing..sniff...fair well.