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  1. statisticlly speaking each green die you add increases you chances by ~60% so if the number of dice positive and negative are equal it's 50% success chance than once you increase 1 more you are kinds guaranteed a success? (not considering setbacks now). I am presuming than that capping your own abilities at 4 is a good idea so as to keep things interesting and not "rolling over" everything? but having abilities on 3 actually makes it harder for you to get to the 4 dice pool via investing in skill ranks? Thanks a bunch for sharing with me your knowledge so far, it's my first campaign in FFG Star Wars.
  2. Richard are you sure about the way it upgrades? shouldn't it be just 3 yellows? as each time you buy a rank you upgrade an existing green, so the fourth rank goes to upgrading the third green die you bought with the third rank? Edit: My god you are right! i just noticed it in the book, didn't know it worked that way. Thanks! What counts as an "exceptional pool" and what counts as "good enough" ? When is it "too much" that any challenge the GM puts up (in your skill) you just steam roll ? I would prefer to avoid it as it unbalances the game for the other players who are no so good at that particular skill
  3. I never read the EU books so i don't know much more than what is in the movies and though i can argue against i can see your point. It's ok by me i think, it's just a shame one finds out about it (especially if you are new) only after much digging into the the mechanics but we are all new in our group so i couldn't get much help. Oh well, next time for now he will be only ok with 1 yellow and 1 green until i have more XP to invest in him.
  4. ... 2. It's doing what it's supposed to be doing. If you want to add both a rank and make it non-career, add two different mods. ... Hey again OggDude, I tried what you suggested (adding another mod) but it doesn't let me. Meaning once i pick the "Lore skill" in the mods and choose it as a career skill (at this point i can't make it add another point to the skill) per your suggestion i should just get back and add another "Lore Skill" Mod to the Holocron i am trying to create, but i can't. Meaning once you choose a mod, you can't choose it again. This make sense with single use mods like add initiative but not with the skills mods because the 3 toggles inside the skill mods make them "exclusive" to one another and you can't create an item that adds a skill (with a mod) and make it a career skill for example (with another mod). Not sure if this is intended but that means one needs to create twice or thrice the amount of items to allow for this functionality. I know you have bigger fish to fry, and no pressure with coming to that, just thought to let you know.
  5. Can you try and reference as to where it says that you can't activate to different effects under the same tree? Under that same term does that mean that you can't commit to increase your agility and your brawn at the same action under the Enhance tree?
  6. Hey guys, I wanted to ask you about the Misdirect Illusion duration upgrade as it relates to the strain the target suffers when you activate it via 1 DS pip. According to the rules he would suffer strain on the count of ALL the pips you invested (even though only 1 was dark). So does that mean that when you then commit 2 force dice to extend the duration, he continues suffering that amount of strain each round? What about the master illusion upgrade? can you invest your pips on the same target and will be "bombarded" with illusions according to your cunning+deception ranks and EACH of them makes him suffer the number of strain invested? or only those strain invested without the 2 you need to use to activate this upgrade? how does that compare to the Influence force power?
  7. Been reading your comments here on committing dice to a power and un-committing them and i got confused. Why can you only commit 1 die every action? what about powers such as Misdirect which require 2 committed dice to prolong the effect? Does that mean i need to activate the power once and commit one die, then next action commit another? what about powers such as bind who require 3 committed dice? Do you need 1 action to commit then 2 more later or just 1 more? Or are you guys completely wrong about it and you commit as much as you want to the same power once it activated successfully? Edit: After checking in the core book it doesn't state you need multiple actions to commit a number of dice, you simply choose how many you want and that's it. So i think you are wrong about needing more than 1 action to commit a number of force dice. You do need more than 1 if you activate different powers and commit their upgrades but i think ( a guess here) that you can at the same time commit for 2 different effects if they are under the same tree. Meaning, you activate enhanced and committed 1 die for Agility and 1 die for Brawn.
  8. That i understand that against mooks the force works any time, and the mastery of Misdirect is also why i invested in cunning and deception. But to create illusions for example, even on mooks you need to use a skill check in it's description (as stated " unless already opposed the user MAY roll.... to make the target Experience the illusion the user needs to succeed on both checks") unless i am reading it wrong? And the main issue was against rivals, which are more protected and suddenly your whole combat or character "Shtick" goes down the drain when you need to roll Discipline while in life you are a thief, or a dark side user who taps his own fears and emotion (my characters morale strength and weakness is cautious and fear, which seemed like a cool background to turn him into a Dread Lord in the future if it might come to that). Is it on purpose so? that when a character who is "Disciplined" can easily negate ANY force power directed at him? doesn't it seem some what nihilistic and crippling even to those characters who are heavily invested in force powers?
  9. Now i understand and i am ashamed to say that i might have been this guy you reference trying to manipulate so as to use his better skill. In my case though i really wanted to play a secrecy jedi (shadow/ ataru) who is invisible to his opponents and strikes through the shadows using Stealth or Misdirect and maybe makes Illusions to scare his opponents. That is why i invested in a high agility (4) and cunning (4) as well as Misdirect but the more i read i suddenly see that i can't use my high Deception or Stealth together with my Misdirect attempts though i think it would make a lot of sense. At that point i felt "cheated" by the system because there are different kinds of jedi and they are all good at something else but here they all have to be good in Discipline to fuel their powers. Thanks for clarifying that for me.
  10. I am not sure i understood cimmerianthief's comment about the assassin checking coordination for drawing weapon, unless that comment was not addressed at me. But saying that Discipline is useless is weird as it's the skill you use against fear AND the main skill against Coercion, Deception and Leadership checks directed at the players. That seems like more uses that even ranged which is only used when trying to shot something. It seems to me that putting all the force powers under the discipline skill might be unfair to other characters who are not playing a jedi counselor. They are already invested in other skills heavily and now they need to invest even more to get a semblance of effectivity (if they have 2 will and now need to invest 30 xp more to get 2 yellow and 1 green which seems the average) when confronting something tough (with force protection). But writing this i also might understand that those other characters who are counselor are not good at those other skills the first ones invested in so it should even out. I guess. Then i would ask, would you allow your players to use other skills instead of Discipline in certain Force checks? and if so, which ones and what skills?
  11. Notice plz that there is also a full jedi battle armor in Keeping the Peace, maybe that's why?
  12. After much deliberation and not noticing what was written i am sorry to res this topic but in the "resisting force power checks" on pg 283 in F&D they state: "The skills used in the check are up to the GM and the players involved, and they depend on the circumstances of the check. Generally, the attacking character can default to using the Dis­ cipline skill, although in some cases, other skills may make sense. An opposed check involving the Seek power, for example, might have the attacking character use Vigilance, whereas a check involving the use of Influence in a social setting could use Deception or Charm. " so basically you might find that using ranged skills also works with "Move" because you are good in understanding the ballistics of objects or use medicine to "Bind" someone because you know how his anatomy is affected. So far i felt that Discipline became some what OP because i thought you had to use it unless stated otherwise and so it crippled other types of force users but i am happy i found this clause as it makes more sense and the force powers can actually benefit from my already invested in skills.
  13. Hey OggDude and friends! Dude, i LOVE your generator, it simplifies the **** out of everything. You are a god send! I wanted to point out that in the attachments slot, the Poison Reservoir attachment in the description talks about blades but in the editor you could also put it on brawl weapons. While it may seem okay as the poison maybe seeps in through micro needles or through skin contact, per RAW it's meant for blades i guess. Second, i wanted to say that i think the skill modification in the data editor is broken. Because when i try to create a holocron that would make the Lore Skill career one, pressing the toggle turns off the other options (meaning if i also want to grant 1 up in that skill or add it only if it's ranked). Maybe i also used it wrong? Thirdly, i would be happy to help if i knew .NET programming, but i don't so i am left with asking you for a feature if possible. Is it possible to add an option such that if you add a skill it will not add over a certain rank? such as those without would get a 1 up, but those with 3 or more cannot benefit from it ? Again, thanks a bunch for your work! And if i can help in any way, be sure to let me know.
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