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  1. After tries and tries of growing a beard i decided i don't like the feeling and the hassle involved that i just prefer go "face naked" (very lewd images appear in my head now ) and be happy with that. I will have to simply contend with changing my clothes or the face reaction to commune a younger or older look. Besides Marcy not many girls i talked to seem to enjoy a man's beard and it seems only men berate other men for their "lack off". Doesn't seem to me all that worth it really?
  2. All these threads about Character art and Ship art and NPC art made me really inspired and they are amazing to say the least! About Men complimenting other Men, I don't know who hijacked the Social Norm about what is right or not (i think it probably started when gay people were pushing for rights and acceptance and then some people started tagging others as being gay or not and then it became what we know today) but not that long ago, men were pictured holding hands with their men friends or even sitting on each others lap etc. I too once felt awkward complimenting other men or being able to appreciate a man's beauty but as i got older and more secure and firm in myself it changed. I actually like complimenting others men or women because i know it makes people feel good (if it's not overdone, and also a compliment deserved just feels right). So i think it really comes to how a guy is "comfortable with himself". If he is, he really shouldn't be affected by what others say about him on that respect. Those others will see his confidence and wouldn't know what to do with themselves. So Unite my fellow Men so we can all be able to appreciate ALL the beauty this world encompasses without filters who deny us those pleasures! (rolling leadership...)
  3. That's a really dynamic picture and position but i wouldn't advise any Jedi to stand in this way. Bullets move faster than human reflexes so at the least get the sword above your head and downwards to be able to at the least try and reflect
  4. I also understand how you feel about the rigidity and that was my first complain when i was trying to design my first character. I wanted a force sensitive sniper but with some of the abilities of the shadow. And i wanted that without buying into a second career as everything was costly and XP scarce. Though i haven't tried to find a solution, and prefered to just "live with it" it do think this rigidity is somewhat of a draw back especially in the case where you try to design a character who doesn't fit nicely into the offered specs. But in the end i was able to design him (tough without any bonus talents to help his Sniper aspect) i could explain his abilities via investing in skills and i think this is where the fluidity comes from. The point i believe FFG tried to make is having it "newbie" friendly by offering you a path with a small limited number of choices (unlike old D&D which could boggle your mind with the number of options of feats and weapons and skills and what not). But having the checks based on the higher of your characteristic or skill rank and upgrading allows you to still be able to perform well in that other aspect of your character which is not your "main". Sure, you are not Super in it, but you are not lame either. I have a feeling there is some hidden secret about life hiding in that realisation. Something about the choices we make and their sacrafices. What and Where is the excellence, and being able to be satisfied with what you get and chose ... but maybe it's just me
  5. I felt your disappointments from across the internet ! I am ashamed ! please forgive me ! Now for the matter, i like your idea amrothe about using a template instead of changing advantage, yeah that might work. And not trying to open a war here, but i think a boost is better than an upgrade, percentage wise (a boost adds 33% success and 33% advantage while an upgrade only increases the odds of success by 23% i think but does nothing for advantages, but it adds triumph who's odds are ~8% but it's a massive bonus).
  6. I was just browsing the crafting rules and except for accuracy for weapons didn't see a way to add "boost die", not to clothes nor weapons or tools. So i was wandering if it is intentional (probably, as you said, it might make it OP). But i do think it could be nice to replicate some of the effects that other armors or weapons/tools have on your character. Think of a very impressive Heavy Armor, the kind that lords would wear, that armor for example might give you a boost to social check the same as Nobel's Regalia does or Diplomat's Robes, etc. So considering costs, maybe make it even more costly than 4 adv? because unlike ranged attacks other skills might have "more uses" therefore making it worth 1 triumph sounds reasonable or is it too much?
  7. Whats a "pom"? and if Ron in Harry Potter says Bloody all the time, i think i am fine thanks Not "bogging" out
  8. So i wanted to ask you if you would allow your players to craft items that give Boost Dice even though they are not listed as a possibility in the crafting sections we have right now. If so how much should it cost in your opinion? If not, why if you don't mind?
  9. Made some calculations and was actually able to create a knight level starting character with most of the stuff i wanted! Yeepee !! But i also made a calculation as to how much will the character "cost" to get to her "Final Form" and it was 1250 XP, which is quite a lot. Any ways, Thanks for all your answers, Love you all
  10. Can you give me an estimate as to how high your characters get XP-wise?
  11. What is the usual XP you get to with your adventures? I think this will give me a better understanding of how far one can reach and so a better view and perspective on wether it really is expensive or not. (Trying to build a Hermit/Pathfinder with heal is ridiculously expensive)
  12. Am i missing something or over thinking something as to why Heal is so **** expensive? it's almost impossible to buy it at starting play and if you want to really make use of it's auxiliary abilities reliably you would need at the least Force Rating 2 or even 3. Unlike it, Move at that point is so devastating with throwing objects silhouette 2 at you or even easier just throwing the targets into the air and let gravity finish them off. So what's the rational with making Heal so expensive? (I am grumpy and frustrated as trying to make a somewhat decent Dathomiri Witch character with Heal is ridiculously expensive and more than Knight Level XP ) Edit: is writing Bloody considered offensive because it censored it?
  13. Yeah my bad thank you. My Physics is unpolished.
  14. Oh i didn't insinuate a plan or avoiding dedication, on my current shadow character i am working towards the dedication slot to increase his cunning to 4. I was merely saying that even to get there i need to make a lot of "tough choices" of spending my XP which sucks and it affects the concept of the character. It's like everything "good" is so expensive that by the time you will reach there, you are half the character concept you set out to be and the campaign is over (this really bugs me but maybe the trouble is with me).
  15. Can we find a Fiction or Fluff explanation to the way the Defense "stacking" works in both cases? 1) The first where Defense does stack, it's kinda easy as all the sources mitigate the chances of bodily harm. But than wouldn't cover for example increase your soak as well as defense because you can shot through brick walls with a big enough caliber slowing it's impact? Yet with a cover large enough you can sit crouched enough that likely hits might actually miss you so it should also increase Defense. (Thinking of this this way i might understand why the developers will opt to not do it like that as it involves "too much realism" something this game tries to avoid so as to keep it's narrative play style) 2) how does one explain the second way of looking at it(choosing the best of all Defenses available)? does one need to position himself a certain way to enjoy the deflection of his armor but this hurts the way his lightsaber or riot shield protects him as they need a different body position? or that big and bulky armor is a great soaker but don't plan on moving as fast with your hands as to avoid potential shots(that doesn't make sense as power is mass x velocity)?
  16. Aristide, maybe he meant for a non Force user the initial skills are 8 and not 7. emsquared, that's a good point about the diminishing returns... but the way the careers are made now you would really have to take a lot of "junk" on the way in order to get to that dedication talent (yeah, sorry, that's my thought, it's really hard for me to build characters in FFG SW without making concessions all the time because everything is so go **** expensive. Not only that but the trees sometimes actively block you and make it a pain to get to the talent you actually want which makes it a drag).
  17. Mainly what you say Richard is that investing in a Characteristic is "cheaper" because it affects more skills rather than putting it into the skills directly. I dig that and i am on your side here. Edit: Maybe i should just open new threads about this as the latest posts here are more about Characteristics and less about Discipline and Force? 2 questions: 1) What are your guys thought about raising a characteristic to 5 at character creation? 2) I am entertaining myself with the thought of creating a Dathomiri Witch based around the Heal/Harm power. She should be very much like your thoughts of a witch in the swamps where she uses guile and looks to sway you in but her main focus is Healing/Harming through the force ("nothing is free, one takes life to give life"). So far the best combo i found was a Pathfinder/Hermit for increasing the force rating and the survival aspect of leaving in a swamp, but i am not sure how to maximize or at what point is it enough to invest in the Heal/Harm force. Meaning, what combo of, INT, Medicine, Force Rating, Heal/Harm upgrades is best? (for a starter character it seems not enough XP so lets assume knight level?)
  18. On the contrary, green is great. What i mean is that extra green > boost >= upgrade to yellow. Not sure how you understood that i think green is useless.
  19. It seems to me the way that the dice are made (their averages) and the way you build your dice pool (choosing the higher of the skill or characteristic then upgrading with the lower of the two) that it's better to have a characteristic at 2 or 4 but not 3 unless you want to singularly invest in only 1 skill dependent on that characteristic(be a master con artist with a skill of 5 in Deception but the rest of Skulduggery, Survival, etc will come from your Cunning) and be "Above Average" as Richard showed at the rest of those skills but not invest in them. That's because, having more than 2 proficiency dice seems an over kill and makes the triumph symbol not so special, and needing to upgrade your skill 3 times before ripping the benefit of an extra die (which is better than an upgrade). Am i wrong about that?
  20. I have a question, and it might seem stupid and trying to "game the system" so forgive me for that, it's not completely intentional. The basic Heal/Harm force power works on engaged targets and then you can buy a range upgrade which increases the range by 1 range band. If engaged is a part of "Short Range", does the upgrade send you straight to "Medium Range" or you increase it to "Short Range" first? How do you play it?
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