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  1. i would also explain move being the "simpler" of forms because one can "grab" someone using the force and throw him about similar to what you do in a Judo only enhanced. e.g: you grab his hand and flip him around to the next range band. This is a shorter duration power, and is a simple direction and objective of use not needing much of concentration to perform. On the other hand, bind is reactive in a way when immobilising because the target tries to move his legs a certain direction and then through concentration you send an equal force in the opposite direction (i am aware you can explain it in different ways of course). This is a continuing use power which seems to me harder to perform because it remains in effect until your next turn, lore wise. thirdly, it's not all about damage. Bind's power denies a certain type of action from the target which is a far greater effect then moving someone a number of range bands. Binding the enemy nemesis can wreck the encounter for the GM or the player and deny him his moment of Glory, while moving him will delay him but won't strip him of his effectiveness in the same way. So in this case it serves the mechanic as to not nullify encounters as easily but still retaining coolness. So i am in camp D with Richard about this one.
  2. I would like to address some of the things you mentioned: How are they getting those HUGE dice pools you are naming? aren't the skills "capped" at 5 meaning the most you might get is 5 yellows and 1 green if you have 6 members in the minion group and they have 6 ability score at the characteristic used (very unlikely, the likely outcome is 3g2y ?)? As far as i understand having more than 6 means the other minions are simply used as a buffer allowing you to keep using that dice pool for some more turns before minion number drops. 5y1g dice pool is considered huge? (i have some experience with the game but have yet to throw so much at 1 time). Also, If you can use it, so can and should the enemy right?! This will make combat against enemy squads and leaders that more tense. And as you said, in our table we keep it subtle and manageable via RP. The leader in our group doesn't get minions left and right and so "each head counts". This makes it all the more powerful when one gets killed whether by enemy action or by directing damage to him or when he is able to recruit a new one to join his band. We also RP his specialists he get which mean that until he recruits that certain specialist he can't use that skill in the specialist formation. (in a way it seems to me like a way to min/max for battle similar to auto-fire rigging or the newly discovered signature ability "last man standing" which can rather quickly derail combat challenges if not addressed by the GM and group). Thank you for answering It's and honour and i hope i don't do a disservice by offering this type of interpretation.
  3. I am not really sure if it should work that way or if it's benefitial if it's that way. I can see that KRKappel likes your post so he probably agrees but in the other topic he referenced to in that same page 3, he himself says that it can be interpreted differently and that the playing group can choose how they interpret the rules (they were doing playtests again). I would like to offer the explanation we went with in our group which i think is the better choice because it does not take way from the "immersion" by "not making sense" (why would the minion weapon skills disappear and not be able to use them? can't the leader just point at a target for them to shoot?). In our group the squad formed can choose who's skills they use for the attack. If the leader is a speech type mainly directing his troops, then he might prefer giving his minions to "do their thing" and attack using the normal minion group rules (counting the minions to determine skill level, and using their characteristics score). He himself can increase the attacking skill used if he has at least one rank in it (he is a pc after all). So in this case a Figurehead with mainly training in Ranged-Light (at least 1 rank) would count as an extra minion when forming the dice pool if his minions in the squad would be using Ranged-Light weapons but he won't add anything (not even his characteristics) if they use Melee, Brawl, Ranged-Heavy etc. (he also forgoes doing extra attacks if triumphs are rolled, as his sole contribution is by shouting "shoot at that target !!!" and not any real expertise. This also keeps him from gaining all the advantages without any drawbacks to the situation) This also means that for gaining boosts to attacks, these must be gainned via the leadership checks and formations and not the simple maneuvers performed by a single character. In the second option, if the squadron leader is a super soldier, with much combat expertise, he would use his own pool and gain the triumph option by contributing with his personal skill (out maneuvering the enemy and gaining a shot at them by himself while the squad goes out the back and catches him off guard for example) and they contribute by adding more fire power. Here too because he is in a squad no personal maneuvers can give benefits unless he disbands (not to mention that the squad benefits are a bit stronger as they follow into subsequent turns while maneuver ones do not). We decided to go this route because it didn't state otherwise, and because in the Skirmish formation it says it adds the boost to Vigilance "made by the Squad or it's Leader", suggesting a choice of whose better skills to use (A Vigilant commander ready for anything, or the 10 sets of eyes looking in on every corner keeping guard). This seem to use to make the better sense of it while not making squads too over powered. I hope this helps you guys.
  4. Hey Oggdude, Thanks again for your wonderful creator, it's a real blessing! I wanted to address/suggest a couple of things: 1 - Currently and in the past versions i tried, the windows format of the inner tables do no increase much relative to your native resolution as can be seen in the link i added below. I have a resolution of 2880x1800 and this leaves a lot of unused screen real estate. It also get much more annoying when trying to quickly browse over equipment and see the item skill or abilities . So if you can, please make them increase relative to your native resolution and not stop at a certain value. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ne5u526ohcoyvtu/screen.jpg?dl=0 2 - As a continuation to the first idea, maybe even allow each user to resize their tables as he sees fit (if it's possible). I just recently found out i could drag down the skill description below and it freed so much space 3 - Consider Switching the "Filter by Type" to a different filter such as encumbrance, rarity, skill used or a certain ability or hardmode points. Filter by Type is already addressed in the previous Filter by Category so while only collating a number of groups together it doesn't add much i think? 4 - Addendum, maybe consider making a toggle screen to allow each user to add or remove table columns he might need or not in the equipment section. Currently searching by rarity, encumbrance, skill used or a certain ability (e.g: auto-fire, disorient etc) is a real hassle as it doesn't always fit in the small window that is opened. Adding such Filters or better yet a table column (especially if you allow for a bigger resolution support) will make everyone's life much easier don't you think? Well that's what i wanted to say, i hope it helps and a BIG BIG Thanks for all your work done. p.s: this is the second time i am trying to write this message. The last time i tried adding a picture, failed, and it deleted the whole text... so if someone knows how do i post pictures and not just links i would greatly appreciate the help.
  5. That's a nice explanation as always, thank you Also it does say in the squad rules that forming a squad increases the new target/group silhouette by 1, so your decision makes sense and i would do the same.
  6. To your second question Richard, Does that mean you can bring an object from extreme range all the way to close range or vice versa? or does the move power affect up to 1 range band (moving an item from close to medium or from extreme to long) ? Another Question i thought of regarding all powers in general, When your enemies as grouped as a squad or minion group, making a force power check on one of them means you affect them all (because they share their skills and Wounds)? This could explain a force move power that maybe kills one, but drops prone all the rest... Such explanation can also be attributed to an Influence or Misdirect check where the PC/NPC beguiles the whole group. Or is this too much?
  7. Nice! thanks a lot not sure how i missed those topics though... search doesn't function properly?
  8. It seems i have a problem. I just got word that we are entering into crunch time in my work place which is not going to leave much time for me in the coming weeks so if something changes i would be happy to join later but i don't see how i will be able to participate now (****). I think this also frees up space in the second group for Shlambate to join (to keep it under 6) and also for eryrwyn to play a 'Face' instead of my characters. Sorry group B, Team Rocket rules!
  9. TCArknight, i think that's interesting idea. I thought of Ka'Ching as a very Hutt type of character manipulating and all and very ruthless but this actually brings another dimension to it and i think it might be nice. Something of the sort of "years of conditioning and a certain way of treatment builds you in a certain way, a way that is hard to break... but at times something gets through and touches him deeply". Maybe Ka'Ching is not really "bad" it's just that he has to be. Has to be because if he acted otherwise his family will not accept him. Has to be because otherwise the other Hutts won't respect him. He has to be this way to keep on a facade of control, and excellence. But inside he can see their fear, he can feel their pain and he connects... so he has to bury it deep. But not always deep enough? I'll keep on reading the Lords of Nal Hutta and see if this can work well
  10. Suggestion: It would be cool to start a bit different between the groups as Jedi Ronin suggested (one with a homestead, the other a ship maybe or maybe a third option with haven't thought of yet). Suggestion: If we manage to in the future it would be cool to meet up for a session of two between the groups as rivals or a cameo or two squads in the same giant combat or operation or something. Suggestion End.
  11. I'll work on a back story tomorrow (am going now to a very good friend's wedding) and i am also reading Lords of Nal Hutta to get a better feel for their species. I'd be happy to hear from the other Players/Characters i'd be playing with in "Team Rocket !"(Group B, if you accept that name, and it's not suggestive of necessarily evil doers) (Guardian - Armorer, Bounty Hunter - Modder, Seeker - Executioner) if they have a suggestion in the mean while their character to one of those i listed (Wircka - heal witch with animal companion, Ka'Ching - Hutt entrepreneur, both are face role but we can share the spot light). Cheers
  12. TCArknight, Arctanaar and Rakaydos hey there group mates! Currently i would be most happy playing a sort of 'face' character. The most i am inclined to i either Wircka the Dathomiri/ Nightsister survivor/Exile (if we consider the attacks that happened on Dathomir during the clone wars) who uses the force to influence animals and sentients alike. Or a Hutt Entrepreneur trying to make a name for himself and maybe hiring most of you guys? I haven't thought much on a background yet, but i will work on it today. Is there any character you would prefer in your party between those 2 ? their current stats iteration: Ka'Ching - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3Tal-6qy4DvRF9BSEpZNXJEVTg Wircka - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3Tal-6qy4DvY1VBR19nRnljdms
  13. Hey guys, It might sound foolish but i want to run some of these premade adventures FFG created to my friends after listening to the order 66 podcast and was wandering if there is a certain order for recommended play? If there is already a post on the subject i would be happy if you could point me to it as i couldn't find it on my own. If not, could you maybe try and order them from your experience playing them? Thank you for the help, i think this could be a real help for those only starting out in RPG play
  14. Hey waywardgm, i am not sure i understand if your response was an invite to continue building the charcters or not? meaning there be more than 5 players? (i read here you were considering making 2 groups?) Also, it would be cool to know which concepts are already "taken" and their roles and what is "missing"? I am asking because both my concepts were based around medicine yet it seems there is already a droid concept for it, so maybe if you still have place, i'll think of something new but i won't bother otherwise (would you mind editing it in you first post if you already have players who finished building?) P.s. Is character "deep" roleplay encouraged or are we more inclined to the mechanical side of the game (i am getting lootey yo!!.... [yeah, i was totally going for the booty nuance *ashamed*] i just got paid! and it feeelt so good!...) edit: from your explanation in the first post asking for more thorough descriptions i believe you are interested as do i for a more character play. P.P.s (cause 1 P is not enough!, i am sorry, i saw too much lonely island just now...) Will we be having space combats so it will make sense picking up those types of characters or squadron type of play or even mass combat or crafting ? P.P.P.s I don't know the story in M.A.S.H and the redemption there, and you reminding me of Sabrina and her cat Salem made me feel really foolish with picking this name But yeah the dathomiri witch i was picturing is more close to the types of witches from the Witcher 3, a darker aspect though she is not a dark sider... or is she 0_0 ? A kind of witch that is beguiling and trades one life for another and believes in a force based in the living as was presented in the clone wars season 6 with Yoda.
  15. If it's not too late i have these 2 ideas mostly for Knight level play but i can recreate them to fit what needs be: 1) Wircka, a Dathomiri Exile witch followed by her pet guardian Salem after being wrongfully accused of delving in the Dark Side. She has been living for some time alone surviving but now seeks to find a new life and charm her way off of this planet. (Mechanically is focused on Heal/Harm, Influence and the Animal Bond with Survival) 2) Doctor Nur Gesh, a Lannik Doctor who once served in the Senate Army until the Jedi were wiped out and so he quit and now seeks to redeem himself for the atrocities he helped commit. (Mechanically is focused on Leadership and squadrons as well as Medicine and Brawl in order to heal or incapacitate).
  16. I am sorry if i insulted you, that was not my purpose. I think i'll just go with cimmerianthief's answer and try to rule it at the table.
  17. Exactly! other are much bigger than them, so they must be smaller! And by the same logic of Watto being the exception one can say the same thing of other members of those species who by their Lore Size should be considered silhouette 0 but are not (Drall, Lannik, Dug). Any way i get the feeling you guys don't want to question the RAW so there is really no point in trying to convince each other
  18. The Jawa and Ortalan i took from the unofficial species menagerie. It's a nice try to explain it but the same stubbiness exists on toydarians and they are size 0. Also you need to be quiet foolish to think you can withstand blaster fire and Lanniks or some of the other "smaller-ish" species are not stupid (with intelligence 2 and higher). I would also add that it's independent of your agility (by trying to explain that they are naturally faster). So it's either a balancing issue or a mistake on the other species. The big benefits i can find of being a lower size is that you can ride a smaller beast or machine (silhouette 1 is enough) and that you are harder to hit for the bigger guys (2 and up). On the other hand in a brawl you are likely going to be knocked down more easily and maybe your encumbrance is a bit lower (being increased by 5*size on bigger creatures).
  19. Been looking about in the forums and haven't seen references or talks of this so i am asking this here. After comparing some species sizes with other species such as between Jawa(1.1m size 0), Ortalan(1m size 0), Aleena(0.8m size 0), Drall(1.2m not 0 size), Toydarians(1.2m size 0), polis Massan(1.4 not 0 size), Chadra-fan(1m size 0), Gossams(1.25m size 0), Dug(1.1 not 0 size) and Lannik(1.2m not size 0) i can't help but feel there is some inconsistency . This leads me to ask, whether being a one size lower silhouette is only a boon and therefore is "graciously overlooked" in those races for balance reasons or whether being a one lower size is also a detriment (aside from being easier to fling you around with the force) and therefore it really is a simple mistake?
  20. Hey OggDude, Just wanted to add that the character generator goes a bit bonkers when building a character and then buying another spec and then changing your career. It wont let you remove the bought spec or the former spec if you switched completely to the new one. (maybe consider "reseting everything below" when you go back up the generation ladder?) I also happened upon when playing with the character generator that my characteristics "froze" and would not change (on the lower right side) not matter what i did but i couldn't find the reason for it.
  21. BTW, do you mind pointing to the rules about "squading" up with minion groups? i can't seem to find it and the ideas presented here are supremely good. Edit: NVM, i found it in the GM kit in Age of Rebellion if any one is interested
  22. These sounds like a challenge for Minecraft lovers! making a full size Imperial destroyer like they did for Star Trek
  23. I have some experience with guns and i don't see the point in drawing from across your body. As derroehre said, while drawing from the same side the gun is pointed downwards and not risking anyone else which is preferable when needing to actually use your gun. Also while being sitted in a car or on a chair, unless your back rest is quite big and so is interfering with your elbow, it would be much easier to draw you gun from your side than across the table, with your arm sticking out allowing for your assailant to "lock you" by pushing on your elbow and nullifying your draw. As with all weapons, especially missile, you want to keep it close to you to maintain control and avoid retaliation (disarm, arm lock, etc) if you are in "engaged" range P.S your gun isn't worth much if it's holstered and the assailant is in the ~10 meter range from you. It takes much longer than you think to draw, cock the gun, aim and fire than for him to close the distance and bash you.
  24. Yeah you are right. I was thinking more on those characters trying to turn the encounter into a social one such as being demonstrated in "Desperate Allies". But those you showed are really the answer here i guess... unless one tries to stop the combat outright as was previously suggested with increasing difficulties.
  25. If it was up to me i would make them use the social skill as a Strain Dmg "weapon", eroding their enemies of the will to fight. They will not be incapacitated this way but they might stop shooting and maybe start talking or simply leave the party if they were convinced "they were not the targets we were looking for".
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