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  1. Hey guys, So i just finished reading the Bane trilogy and also been playing Tyranny, and with a background talk with Sirin the Archon of Song, she told me how she convinced her teacher there was something amazing just beyond the window and he dropped to his death. She explains her power as what seems like Illusions. This made me think whether a Jedi can use his Misdirect power to simulate some item qualities once he bought the Illusion Control upgrade as then you are mostly limited by imagination. It's important to have the Illusion control upgrade and probably the duration commitment upgrade for some of those i will list but without the Illusion control, you can only make something disappear or change it's properties (and you also do not add skill dice so you can't use advantages) which i think is not enough as i don't have a ready explanations to how changing property will create said effects. What i am talking about it using the Misdirect to Disarm your opponent for example, or maybe Knocking him Down, or even make the targets weapons more cumbersome or unwieldy thus gaining you upgrades when they are trying to hit you. Because it's an Illusion this can be explained by his mind making him do this things (similar to Fight Club where he was hitting himself really hard). Because he believes something is causing it, his body reacts in a way to what should happen even though it's not real (think of how you feel you are falling when day dreaming and your body suddenly jerks). For a Disarm for example, you can explain that a tendril is grabbing his weapon and pulling on it, making his mind activate a jerk motion and drop his weapon. Or maybe that same tendril is grabbing his foot and so he falls down because that is what would have happened if it was real so his "mind complies". I will list the item qualities i think it might be able to reproduce: Cumbersome - you make his weapon seem heavier or bigger than normal. Unwieldy - the weapon is more rubbery and he is having trouble to aim straight, like a snake coiling. Defensive - very similar to the basic power, and maybe can be gained simply through this but can also be explained by extra targets the mirror image. Deflection - the same principle as Defensive. Disorient - similar to a fear check or dancing lights or even simply to make him feel drunk. Ensnare - tendrils grab his arms and legs denying him of motion. Knockdown - like the example above. Disarm - like the example above. Concussive - i am not sure if to include this as it might be too strong at that point already, and except for maybe the Mastery upgrade one Illusion should not be able to make you day dream (if that's what you made him think). What do you think? 1 - should you be able to reproduce those or some of those qualities with a Misdirect Illusion and maybe even Influence Control where you add Discipline ? 2 - If so, would you price it the same way (2 adv for activation?), what happens when you try to affect a number of targets (do you use Auto-Fire rules)?
  2. I have to say that i heard that episode, and it was part of them talking about the new free running talent. At that point they didn't really delve into the rules and i think they just answered what came to their mind as that same GM Phil i think or one of the other hosts simply answered "Yeah Cool Cool... " in a manner very similar to some one doing something else at that same point (sorry if you are reading this and i am wrong, but it sounded the same as when you speak to your friend on the phone and he is on Facebook at the moment, not completely there). I would go with the explanation that it does allows you to engage or disengage the target because it sounds more nerratively cool, but also because the force powers tend to be a way for characters to buy abilities or talents they wouldn't be able to otherwise. The Hawk Bat Swoop not only allows you to engage but also grants advantages, your character is not an Ataru Striker but you still want to be mobile so you buy the enhance and get a semblance of that ability. Or in another case, you want to be more charming but you are shadow, so you buy the Influence power and gain a semblance of what the Consular and Guardian gain in their talents. In this spirit i think it's not game breaking to allow this rule of cool to pass (and it also costs 50 xp which is not that cheap, so allowing to engage/ disengage sounds about right for that investment).
  3. I stand corrected. I got mixed up with the ranges between things and it finally dawned on me where i was mistaken. You always need to compare it to a point you are engaged with. Usually you would need to make one maneuver to disengage, thus moving to within short range and only then another to further this range to medium between the two of you. This power does this with 1 action or maneuver (if you have the range upgrade, otherwise it functions as a more robust normal maneuver allowing you to bypass difficult terrain). That means i come back to the fold and count this as 2 maneuvers instead of one, but leave the decision to the GM wether one needs to engage the target or can simply jump "on him" and "off him", though per the wording i would go for the latter explanation. Heil Merry i am back
  4. You are completely right, i compared them because of the "spirit of the rules" i get when i look at those too games. But the wording of the power stays the same, it's a question of how loose do you want to be with the interpretation.
  5. I thought so too that the Move is great, until i started playing, and i saw the cost of things and how slowly i was advancing. Suddenly sinking a whole load of XP into this 1 "shtick" wasn't on the top of my priorities. So once you "taste" the game and it's pace, you suddenly see how the gears fit into place (And why they haven't changed it nor needed to). This is such nonsense and i think some people use it to increase their post count or something, don't know what for.
  6. I think Syrath might be right on this per the wording of the power and if you compare our Jedi's to the Imperial Assault Game (I think they tried to make them compatible and many things there seem to be similar to how the rules work here). Diala the Jedi padawan does exactly that, she only ignores difficult terrain but also gains 1 speed (an increase from 4 to 5). This 1 speed increase is because you can practically "move" a 3rd time using this power which you couldn't before with the 2 maneuver cap. So yeah, it's a lot less stellar that we thought...
  7. I think you are missing the point of the synergy of Niman vs Ataru. A Niman disciple can use a force move if he misses something the Ataru can not. Sure if the Ataru hits it's a "blast" and so it's talents are geared towards heavy "damage" (crits and damage itself or other effects) but it's not like it's Hawk Bat Swoop is in a vacuum, it should synergize with the other talents and so while if an Ataru hits he hits hard but if he misses nothing happened, the Niman on the other hand hits moderately but might hit constantly with his move power (and all the other effects you can creatively come up with). Also don't forget he gets defensive training and the Sum Djem which the Ataru doesn't (though Ataru gains saber throw, but with the recent headache it gives i am doubtful about the benefit of having it on a single spec Ataru having only one FR). So yeah, talents should synergize.
  8. I want to add because it seems to me that maybe you missed it, but there is no need to "engage" friendly characters. The engagement rules are made for combat or hostile situation where engaging or disengaging might mean you might get hit by melee (this simulates the attacks of opportunity from DnD). So in this case, if both your characters want to move to the same place then there is no need in another maneuver to engage. If what you meant is being engaged for other talents then yeah, there are none, but as suggested there is no reason not to interpret it as if staying engaged.
  9. My character hides his saber as a decorated curved drinking flask, with what looks like liquid splashing in part of the handle. He is a Shadow so he deals with scumbags a lot and if one asks him how he got it then he says he won it of a stupid noble... Trying to drink out of it will result in the line "This drink is too strong for you..." and a lightblade to the face.
  10. how do you use the range scale that PlainDog added? I mean, it seems to me you would need such a scale around every character as you can be engaged with one enemy but in short with another and they both are medium from each other for example (if they try to flank you for example). This becomes tedious and something that Roll20 should be able to do easily but then you enter the realm of movement points like in DnD which this system tried to somewhat avoid. Am i missing something? (If you need further clarification, the range bands works like radar rings around your character extending outwards to count the number of movements and difficulties you will have in an encounter)
  11. SO EXCITED !!! Seeing as the picture right next to the mention of a new force power is a night brother with a glowing staff i think the new power would be something like an "imbue item" or telemency (if that's how it's called). This way they can still make a power useful but not OP and it is similar to other powers we got (accomplishing different niches via magic). I would love though if we had a transformation type of power like they mention that some Night sisters amulets perform. This will tie in with the Hermit and the Seeker career very well. They might even make a power of "summon monster", seeing as we are in Dathomir and it is teeming with life... But this is going to be great and hopefully they will address and make other philosophies of the force part of their adventure in a meaningful way.
  12. reading the crafting rules it clearly states that the player first chooses how to spend his advantages and triumphs and then the GM does the same with his threats and despairs. As Aetrion said it's obvious that an item with only disadvantages, unless the crafting process is capped via the story (you can craft only once and therefore what you get is what you have) will be very quickly discarded for another try which beats the point i think. The bad things actually make it really interesting and can give more personality to your items and in turn your character. So that's how me and my GM are going to play this out, boons and curses be damned !
  13. Force speed is also portrayed here in the Clone Wars series when Ahsoka is trying to escape. Thanks to the power of the internet, here is a link: You can clearly see in the first 20 sec of the clip how she is much faster than the troopers who are chasing her and she is using her Force Leaps and i'd say Enhance to gain ground on them. This also makes sense with how this enhance power is portrayed here being 2 maneuvers instead of one, twice the speed just like Ahsoka has. I really loved this part
  14. Sam's answer is really strange, and short so maybe a clarification could help. If either of you played Jedi Academy then there you have two types of saber throws. The simple one of rank 1 i believe is where you pnly throw it straight a head and then bring it back. The next one though opens up the throw control where the saber swirls and can be controlled and guided. That i think fits more with this talent where the simple throw (not using a pip to hit) is similar to the Ranged(light) thrown weapon but then you can use the other pip to bring it back, and when you do put the Force behind it, you guide the saber and it swirls around and you hit at up to medium range. Compared to the Draw Closer, and Hawk Bat Swoop this is a strange use of wording as discussed already. I mean, look at the improved Saber Throw talent in Endless Vigil. This time it says "when performing the Saber Throw action, the character can choose a target within long range. If the character does so he MUST spend 2 pips to have the weapon return to his hand". ( bold added by me ) so under this same ruling, if you choose to throw the saber further a head you are in an even worse shape than before (trying to get 3 pips) ! This might seem petty by me and maybe they didn't mean that... but maybe there did !
  15. I'd actually be happy to have met Xylas and Rakaydos's character at some point. This would be a great reason for me to say "the living force draws us together, for reasons yet to be known" when we meet again or scratch that if we already work together. It would be helpful if you can upload your stories into your character sheets so we can have them in one place and not needing to scour this topic for bits and pieces. Tarcknight, do you want to be medicine inclined in the end or piloting? i see you stepping down from the armorer and wouldn't want to make you feel pushed a side with Wircka's Healing abilities. So if you prefer to play a medicine man i'll choose to play the hutt and it would fit into a bounty hunter crew more. I have a couple of other suggestions to consider before we settle on bounty hunting : 1) we are a music band traveling from place to place and we can't stop sticking our noses into matters not of ours (or they tend to find us for some reason). 2) we are transporters of goods to colony worlds being the life line to many distant planets. 3) we are con-men and women trying to rob the empire blind (because all the rest are too small of a fish, and honour among thieves and such). 4) Mercenary group fixing problems. 5) Smugglers and pirates. 6) a fledgling rebel cell trying to a mess a full rebellion (we haven't heard of the other rebels nor they have heard of us). 7) empire officials or crime officers collecting debts and protection money. These are some i thought of now and i'd be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions. The first (being a band) is a bit different from normal star wars and it'll be funny when you have a cantina band doing heroics.
  16. Richard why do you think only 1 animal can be bonded at a time? After reading the Animal Bond now, it reads "... a single animal with which he is currently interacting." and nothing else. This seems to suggest you could bond with more than one, activating only one of those via maneuver. But this would need to be addressed via role play so as not make it OP like with Squad Rules etc. Same as maybe having a droid menagerie but now the animals become too unruly when there are too much of them and the obvious hassle to flying from place to place with such a zoo. I am also basing this on the wording of the Menace talent in savage spirits saying "... any suitably threatening creature linked through the animal bond talent". This and the wording on the animal companions rules suggests to me the possibility of more than one bonded animal otherwise they could have simply said "the bonded animal" or other statements referring to a singular companion. They probably left it open for group interpretation and different table uses.
  17. Another option for use with the triumph and advantages is that the saber cuts a power cable behind the target blocking his escape, or it cuts a beam making the mine shaft starting to collapse giving both you and the enemy setbacks due to falling rocks. so i wouldn't give up on those advantages and threats (triumphs and despairs) just yet, as they can make it more interesting, even if that means losing your saber
  18. Here is a link to the Dathomiri witch character to think of connections (or do we prefer to not be connected at all?) http://swsheets.com/c/6codfifrd-wircka
  19. This is a really good question actually After reading some more and comparing to other attack talents such as HawkBat Kick, this sounds more like the descriptions used in the Force powers themselves such as Move or Bind. There they say you MUST generate enough force points and succeed, similar to the situation here. So i am in Absol's camp on this and think that when you declare such an action you THROW your saber "hoping for the best". You do not have to spend the force pip if you missed and or don't see a way for it to return to you, but you do have to spend it if you wanted it to return. And this is also where it gets interesting, that in this case you might actually lose your saber if you throw it and you do not have the force pips to return it. Never thought of that but it's interesting and makes it tense narratively , that in such situations a gun might be the smarter option, or just using your saber to reflect. This also explains why we don't see many Jedi throw their sabers, that and the fact that you can't reflect without them so at that second you might be open to attacks. Nice question, thank you
  20. Hey guys, and especially waywardGM, I happened to read your group A sessions and their are AWESOME. I really liked the play, details and explanations and i would really like to try and get back in again if it's ok. Though i said i was pretty busy, which is true, it seems it was an exaggeration on my part (it's my first job so all i had was the stories i heard from friends) as i do find free time and i would prefer filling it with good role play. So if possible, and if eryrwyn isn't playing in the end (as i haven't seen him post any character since then) and you would have me back i would be more than happy to join back and make this Rock (do you see the Rocket innuendo? ... yeah i'll stop now) ! I would prefer playing the Dathomiri human witch over an Enterpreneur hutt because after reading on Hutts, it would miss the character experience i thought of if i'd play "a good inside scumbag outside" type. I also prefer the witch because she would be less than perfect "face" character (mostly 3 greens and 1 force die) which i think would make it more interesting with the difficulty it will bring with it. That and talking Force philosophy. Therefore, if you choose and the group accepts to have me back, and eryrwyn isn't playing (because i have given up my place for him) i would be really happy to join. Please
  21. I just recieved this error while trying to plan out a Niman Jedi. I bought the Sage specialization and started buying talents downwards (from XP i didn't have) and this popped. I was trying to figure out how much XP needed for Force Rating upgrade. edit: Happened again, when buying the smooth talker talent in the sage tree, when purchasing
  22. Can you give me a way to reproduce this? I've tried a bunch of combinations with this and I can't get it to break. I've bought career specs, non-career specs, universal specs, then changed careers and starting specs, removed specs, and everything works fine. Well you are right, i can't seem to reproduce this as well, maybe it happened after a lot of playing with different characters and a certain Ram or Memory leak happened. At the time i was trying to build a Pathfinder / Hermit but then switched completly to Hermit and it started doing the problems but i can't seem to reproduce it now under the same tries... so i guess that's ok Sorry for bothering you.
  23. The reason I had posted was effectively you can use Bind and Move in very similar situations, if you use bind in one situation and you use dark side pips for doing it you cause damage, if you use move in exactly the same situation you can cause damage and don't need to use dark side pips at all. Given that you are performing the exact same thing why would you treat one different from the other. I'm not rules lawyering because I'm just trying to see what people think about the anomaly that this seems to introduce because RAW you can indeed do the same thing with both, but with bind you need dark side pips to cause damage or you coukd just say move allows you to do the same thing without dark side pips. I'm not trying to argue with the way people do it in anyway. Now i understand better, thank you. After reading over the powers again i must say, as was said before, that they seem to work differently. Move is subjected to Silhouette while Bind is not. That means with a Bind you can Immobilise a RANCOR! and pretty easily at that ! (and that's a silhouette 3 or more). This would only cost you 1 pip with Bind while using Move to affect it you would need 4 or less pips depending on upgrades purchased. This simple example leads me to conclude, as was stated before, that they work very differently and though there is some sort of overlap between their effects it's not completely intentional, meaning they are not to be exchanged one for the other. (moving a target with Bind is like trying to power your house with a bicycle, sure you can do it but it's not the purpose of the bicycle). So this explanation seems to work for me, meaning they overlap at some areas but exchanging them was not the original purpose. P.S: Lore wise i think Bind is an upgrade of Move as you learn to affect things over a multitude of time rather easily and now instead of only being able to apply the Move power to a certain direction (as that is what Move does, you apply Newton force in a certain direction, you do not pick him up and rattle him from side to side like a rag doll) you learn to apply it from ALL directions at the same time ! In essence crushing him under the force. Sure you can do it gently simply denying him movement or you could unleash RAGE and HATE and do it the other way !!! ARGH!!! (inflicting damage and criticals and so on ). So i would think that, while keeping concentration on applying Move from all sides(Binding him), and also trying to move the target a range band closer or farther, this will be more intense on your concentration and therefore cost more or work a bit worse/ different. Edit: i also now see what you mean about the dark pip, but this is already "paid for" when making a ranged combat check. I understand what you mean because i think what you are trying to say is that it should affect the Force User morality using the force to damage others in such away, and maybe you are right. But then i would ask at what point do you stop? should a jedi be penalised for using his lightsaber, an extension of the force, to cut down an enemy as well? This is the point where a force user doesn't have a different way to use this power other then to hurt or menial work therefore there is no need for the dark pip (though he maybe should use it to drop some crates to block their way and run. Another option is to use it to "drop prone" your enemy and run without damaging it) but aside from this, there is no "other use" for that power. Bind on the other hand is exactly that "jedi upgrade" where they learn to use the Move power for other uses and as such can immobilise a target instead of hurting it. If on the other hand a jedi would use his powers for ill, at that point he will need to draw on the dark side because he doesn't HAVE TO. He can try and stop the fight(by "nagging", immobilising, staggering, etc. his way until the enemy is subdued) and try and solve it in peaceful ways. Wow, sorry, it's a bit long.
  24. So after watching all this awesome art in the forum and you guys drawing your campaigns i couldn't help myself and try and join the fun. This is what i came up with, as i haven't touched a drawing instrument for 12 years give or take and i wasn't a great drawer but i am amazed at what i came up with, so that's nice Hope you like it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3Tal-6qy4DvUEVPQ0ctekpiVnc (i don't know how to upload images... i am that old, nor do i think i can)
  25. Syrath, i think you are trying to rules lawyer it too much and i am not sure for your motivation for doing so. Any way, look at page 11 in the book for and example of play and towards the end he clearly states he uses move to flip his comrade into a speeder, so yeah OBJECTION ! edit: this is also mentioned in the Resisting Force Powers black box, at it's end as well, clearly stating "...attempt to use Move to throw a character...". edit edit: The term object is defined as such and is not bound to only inanimate matter: ob·ject noun ˈäbjəkt/ 1. a material thing that can be seen and touched. "he was dragging a large object" synonyms: thing, article, item, device, gadget, entity; More 2. a person or thing to which a specified action or feeling is directed. "disease became the object of investigation" synonyms: target, butt, focus, recipient, victim "he spent five years as the object of a frenzied manhunt"
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