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  1. What are your thought now after the last episode of this season? Is the Bendu still healthy or not?
  2. sounds like a really good idea if you succeed that is... but it would be hard to pull of when you don't know who is sensing you i think. If you are behind a wall and on the other side your pursuer uses the Sense power, you might not know it as it is not usually contested. But it's a fun idea.
  3. Thank you for your help but i got it to work !! I started playing with the language and region settings to see if this helps in case something was corrupted in the way and it INDEED solved the problem !! For some reason he doesn't like the Format: English(World) . For any other settings that i tried it worked ! So it seems something there is the problem. THANK YOU so much for the help and time invested. I really appreciate it
  4. I am so sorry, i thought i wrote i am using Windows 10 :/ Also my local and region settings as well as language are all set to English and United states in windows settings. Are you thinking the problem is on my end ? something to do with my system (probably as everyone else is using it just fine) I also ran a file verification for the .NET framework to see if something was missing and these were the results. I added only those that were missing the rest is obviously there. Is this something you are using in your program and may be the culprit?
  5. My settings.xml file is empty... nothing is written there at all for some reason (i open it using notepad). This is also the only file there. Do you think the problem is somewhere on my end where it doesn't let your program write there for some reason? my OS is windows on mac using Mac's bootcamp. Previous editions worked just fine, even the 1.8 beta... just this one causes a bit of problems Thank you for your time, I hope this also helps others in the same situation.
  6. Ok i think i got the hang of it or it was simply luck (understanding the EventViewer i mean) I have 2 errors showing up. 1 is a KERNELBASE.dll and another a .NET error. I am adding their reports here in spoilers.
  7. I tried all that, UAC, disabling windows Defender, disabling SmartScreen... still nothing it doesn't load anything. Do everybody else have it working like charm? what about those users who reported the same problem? If it matters, in the SWCharGen folder in Roaming i have only a settings XML file which weighs 0kb. I also found out now i have lots of AppCrash reports about this while doing a search. It seems the problem is not with those anti virus programs but it's crashing... I am adding the latest report i have hopefully it helps Report.wer
  8. I am afraid not, i don't seem to have any SQL. Nor i am sure how to remove those custom sets as i was using the manual install and then deleted the whole folder and any previous folders (under the name of SWCharGen) i had in the Local and Roaming folders in the Users. I hoped for a "clean install".
  9. Hey Oggdude, I don't know why but the program doesn't start at all (version and the previous ones under version 2). I thought it might have to do something with the data folder in Roaming which was mentioned but it doesn't seem to be the problem. Even if there is no folder it gets created but the next time i try to run it the pc thinks for a sec and nothing happens. I am running a "bootcamped" windows 10 and i tried installing the newest .NET but it says i already have it (4.6.2) so i am at a lose. Neither compatibility helps in any way. I tried it with the manual and the Web install and Nada... Can i get some help please?
  10. @SEApocalypse You are right about it adding to base damage making it somewhat strogner but realisticlly with FR 2-3 you will have about 3-4 pips to spend so it will more or less look like Willpower (4) + strength upgrades (4) + successes - Soak (2-3) times the burn quality so it's about 8 damage per turn if he doesn't extinguish himself . It's not that bad i guess. Well thx for the time and input
  11. @SEApocalypse Mind doing the math and posting here to show how it becomes this ultimate power? (currently i don't see how really). Also, does the burn quality of Unleash increase with the damage you add (the successes and the extra strength upgrades) or does it stay with the basic amount of Willpower? (after all burn's damage is dependent on the base damage which in this case is your willpower). Now while protect is awesome in it's mitigating factor, you still lose an action each round ! so it can be awesome projecting your Force Bubble around you and 2 more allies with a reasonable pip result (5, 2 for activation, 1 magnitude with upgrade 2, 1 for duration, 1 for control against all attack types) as a player you wont be holding it for long, because after a couple of encounters you would get bored. In my experience with many games played and different systems, the players need "buttons to press" meaning different options for their agency feeling and doing Force Bubble each time after such a large investment will make me and i am assuming them as well feel robbed. The other force powers allow for utility usage even when not in combat like Influence of course, Misdirect, Move etc, but here this is a completely combat encounter force power which costs a lot but is not interesting enough i think. That's the shame because it's supposed to be really cool, and i would love to hear the Developers suddenly come with an Errata where they make each power cool in combat but also have tangible results which will make you happy to play them, Unleash currently is not one of them i think. Maybe shortening all the powers would make sense, making the trees shorter thus making you spend less XP but also the upgrades will cost more to use with pips because you wont jump 3 levels of magnitude with one 1 force pip but only 1 or maybe 2 levels max. You will be able to get the mastery upgrades faster for their utility but in combat they would still be not over powered? Should a new thread be opened for such a discussion or is this just my feeling?
  12. Thx @The Grand Falloon, I looked over the powers again after your explanation and indeed it seems that powers who "ignore soak" use the inflict pre-word (is there even a noun like that?) same as in the Stun weapon quality (not the Stun Damage but the Active Stun quality, not to be confused). So it stands to reason that indeed Influence as well as Misdirect with Illusion, Bind and Harm all ignore Soak by their wording. Now as @Benjan Meruna said, Unleash is underwhelming to say the least and the that you can spend it on Magnitude upgrades doesn't sit well with me because being a character with 3 Force Rating is not cheap and then spending even more on the power only to underperform doesn't feel well when you team mates kick ass. We need to remember most games end at about +300 XP or 410 total (that's my assumption because after that your characters become a nasty threat too strong for the enemies suggested in the books [as a group of 4 against a nemesis etc]). For Those coming late, here are basic Damage comparisons: (average soak of 2-3, average success 2) Unleash, need FR 3, basic attack does 3-4 Will + Successes minus Soak. Leaving you with about 2-3 damage if you went straight for it with an investment of 155-160 XP. It doesn't become that much stronger unless you buy more FR which costs more XP (50 for the cheapest and it goes up from here) and the next upgrades in the Unleash tree. We are already heavily invested and the results are not very inspiring. Move, need FR 1, basic attack does 5 minus soak (silhouette 0 item thrown), leaving you with 2-3 damage. This is for an investment of 25 XP. From here it only goes up... way up. Misdirect, need FR 1, basic attack does 1-2 dmg ignoring soak. But you need black pips for that so it's not that reliable at first. This you get for investment of 40 XP and then it increases with the FR you get and buy. so at max you will have about 3-6 damage ignoring soak with FR 3. Also underwhelming but it's more of a utility power any way. Influence, need FR 1, basic attack does 1-2 dmg ignoring soak for 10 XP or twice the damage for 30 XP total. This like Misdirect will climb with your FR but it become somewhat potent with FR 3 doing 6-12 damage ignoring soak ! This too is a utility power but it's clear that the dev's willed it to be a weapon as well. Harm, need FR 1, basic attack does 3-4 INT dmg ignoring soak. This is for an investment of 15 XP just the basic power. That's potent from the get go and can reach up to ~10 with (INT 5 and 5 Medicine) or more but there it will stay. It also has good Utility like those before it. Bind, need FR 2, basic attack does 2-4 dmg ignoring soak. This like Misdirect is more "finicky" but with FR 2 you can expect to be able to use it whenever needed. Without upgrades this will cost you about 15 + 50 (for the cheapest +1 Force Rating or more with different Specs). From this basic evaluation it is clear that Unleash is Underwhelming to say the least at that cost of XP. I hear you saying "But Metus, Unleash comes bundled with the Protect power!" and i would answer that that is true but other powers also come bundled with their utilities like Heal or Invisibility but they still cost much less... So the answer might be to allow it to ignore soak or maybe "lower it's requirements" allowing you to use it faster? Though then Protect will be somewhat too strong for that power level... Balancing is hard, that's why i am asking you gals and guys
  13. I have looked over the forums and haven't seen an answer to it so i am asking what you guys and gals think. 1) Do Influence and Misdirect ignore soak or not? Their wording is similar to other powers with the verb "Inflict" (bind, harm) but they do not have the ignore soak added to them. Does that mean their damage is lowered by soak? 1.2) If they do not ignore soak, should they in your opinion? They seem underpowered when you consider the average force user with 2-3 Force Rating compared to a standard gun damage wise and XP wise to other characters. 2) Unleash supposedly does not ignore soak, should one rule that it does in order to bring it up to par with the damage potential of Move and other same cost XP characters? 2.2) Isn't it somewhat weak on the average Force user again compared to the standard gun and other Characters? I am putting those here to be a separate thread making the answers direct and easier to find for future references. I am also asking these questions because i am looking for ways such rulings would break the system and make Force users suddenly OP (especially for Influence and Misdirect) instead of balancing them back. What do you think? Need more clarification?
  14. I would also like all those posts where people said that you CAN use it, because the way you misrepresented us is indeed unseemly. Be the Lawyer you claim to be and show the evidence.
  15. I am glad that they answered though it a shame they did for only 1 question. They maybe still considering it themselves. Thanks a lot Richard for putting it together !
  16. search for "canon timline". There are a couple of articles that list all the materials which are considered cannon and list them by their place in the timeline. Some have short summaries and you can follow them. Like this : https://www.geek.com/culture/the-current-canonical-star-wars-timeline-1683840/
  17. I think Richard's suggestion of costing the power and extra pip per silhouette upgrade is the right way. The strength upgrade should only increase the maximum you can carry but you should invest more to be able to do it. In this case it does make sense with FR 2 that you would be able to do it from time to time or more constantly with FR 3 (costing at least 3 pips) but it will not be so much overpowered compared to weapons and thus will keep the balance.
  18. I understand what you mean Donovan because balance is really important here, i am just trying to figure out more uses to this power as it's really costly XP wise and pips wise to gain anything and it's attack only gains you 1 strain per pip (so for the regular jedi character with 2-3 FR it's really not much, let alone that it's blocked by soak probably). This power seems to me very much like Heal/Harm where the cost is so high and the rewards at times so little. How many times can you hide from people, it's just not interesting. I just thought of another use for this power after reading an Influence topic. Where Influence needs to be said aloud, one can use Misdirect to communicate telepathically with others (creating sounds without image). Or make his weapon disappear in his hand, he'll drop it by himself Decorus, it might work like the weapon but i think you would still need to damage him according to the rules of the Illusion Control upgrade, even if you create a giant Bazooka to attack him with. He would still only gain 1 strain per pip if at least 1 pip was black so about (3-6) strain on average against soak
  19. What with order 66 coming out every other time, you can easily "spam" your question there. Maybe they would do panel where they answered all the None Answered So Far half and hour which would save us a whole lot of time
  20. During the movie you can see how Chirrut is gaining visions similar to the Forsee power and using it to his advantage. Heck maybe he even has Sense or Forsight, all of which he gained naturally much like our characters. But just before the moment where he does his final walk you can see him shaking. It's as if he is afraid and better yet he gets his final vision... this is going to be the end, here the Force has led him. To me that was a really touching moment how he sees his own demise, how he is human, not completely devoid of fear and maybe even doubts his own mantra and beliefs all this time. "What if the force is just a tool, and not a grand thing guiding me... What if i was wrong all this time?" But then he gathers up, it's now or his friends will die. It's the ultimate test of faith, and so he needs to remind himself every step what he is doing, what he is believing, maybe even praying that it is and was real all this time. "I am one with the force and the force is with me, I am one with the force and the force is with me, I am one with the force and the force is with me...". I think this scene was lovely even if he died right after pushing a foolish button that is only there to create tension and fake obstacles. But, it captured for me the human drama and the feelings one has regarding this mystical thing called "The Force". It's like a believer seeing all his religion erased, being one of the last ones left and inside being a bit insecure to what is happening. That's humility and humanity right there.
  21. Didn't catch a wif of cynicism nor rudeness, don't worry yeah, now i understand. But the way you wrote the second question doesn't explain this like that i think. How about this :
  22. How did you arrive at 5 maneuvers with the force leap?
  23. I would also add : "should the enhance leap count as "twice the distance you travel with 1 maneuver" if you have the upgrade and can spend pips on it? Allowing for travel of short to extreme in one turn? (2 maneuvers and 1 action stacked together)" This way we can kill another bird on the way
  24. Not quite Stan Fresh, it's a 0 silhouette hermit Yoda riding a 1 silhouette Luke... and he is surrounded by animals so he can use survival instead of discipline to regain strain. He even used soothing tone on Luke to make him regain strain when he got too tired to run.
  25. In case one of you is going to ask the dev's please word your question carefully. I have seen too many questions in the Frequently asked section that barely get the issue across and many times do not simply because they tried making it very short or something. (Saber throw thread for example, could have explained more of the issue and the answer we got is lacking to say the least).
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