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  1. Only dice from pre-release boxes were in the cardboard for me. Every pack I've had since has been loose.
  2. To clarify, Finn lets you put in the deck, but Rey can use it too. Yes, this. Although some upgrades can only be attached to certain coloured characters. Check the text on the card.
  3. The missus and I played four games with the 20 card starter sets and won two each, so I don't think there's any major issue with balance. It's a bit more tricky to judge now we've started adding/swapping in cards from booster packs.
  4. I think to date we have 2 reports of misprinted dice. Not sure I'd call that "common". No, it's four reports (Kevbrim, Raedwald, Elisar and Crabbok) on a small forum before the game has been fully released.
  5. It seems to be fairly common, although I've not found any... yet. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/235440-die-sides-do-not-match-card-on-f-11d-rifle/
  6. Triple post.... Been waiting on a Forum Mod to 'allow' my post for days. Didn't realise all three I'd submitted would get posted!
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