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  1. LibrariaNPC made an excellent set of conversions and lists that one here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/105837-librarianpcs-freighter-creation-thread/page-4(scroll half way down the page) I have all of their conversions compiled in a couple of PDFs named "EotE Ship Conversions - Freighters.pdf" and "EotE Ship Conversion - Starfighter Chapter.pdf". Don't remember where I found them and Google fails me at the moment... Files are here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t1tcb850xigkqng/AADY5gT88qyaIdK71Vem8_zua
  2. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. What? So...all the fan theories are true? FFS Does this mean I can't find a magenta crystal like Mace Windu???
  3. Thanks for all the info folks. I've since found references to "spice" and "glitterstims" on Wookiepedia, but I'm actually really liking the Jedi artifact angle mentioned here now. Finding and smuggling an ancient Jedi/Sith artifact could have exploration, an Indiana Jones style dungeon crawl and running fights!
  4. Eh, I was expecting the @ to link to your user and let you know you were mentioned in a post. Not sure what forum software does that, but the one here doesn't. To compound the situation: I'm incredibly lazy so didn't feel the need to remove the superfluous symbol one I saw that it did nothing. Thanks again!
  5. Beyond things that are situationally illegal like weapons or untaxed goods, what else can we smuggle? In canon are there icons from other persecuted religions or illegal substances like plutonium nyborg? Are deathsticks illegal or just unhealthy?
  6. Hello all! Just picked up the big book and I was hoping to get Special Modifications too (as soon as I found out it existed). It seems it's out of stock everywhere I looked. Does anyone know if it will be reprinted?
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