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  1. I must say, I am always suprised how fast these threads escalate. I grow tired of reading through thread after thread of arguments and personal attacks between fellow posters. Is it really so hard to have a friendly conversation with somebody on the Internet about plastic spaceships? Even if you don't agree with the OP, I'd appreciate it if everybody would strive to remain civil while stating their opinions. I must not be the only one who is getting tired of it, I mean just look at how many other regular posters are no longer here.
  2. Sabine's Raider, Sabine's Firespray, Sabine's Jumpmaster, Sabine's Tie Advanced and Sabine's VT-49.
  3. The only time I've tested this build was against standard crack + stim bots and while I still narrowly lost with Han vs IGC on 3-4 health, being able to have Luke dodge them both with barrel rolls kept him alive far longer than I could have wished for. The only problem is Luke hits like a wet noodle if he doesn't focus.
  4. VT on Luke is actually quite solid in this build to make sure LW is always on and to make Luke faster/more elusive when he is using R2. Otherwise he is quite slow and predictable. The title on the Falcon is something I have been considering though. I'm just not sure if I'd rather have that or the bid.
  5. So, after months and months of frustration trying to predict the meta and come up with new "power lists", I've become somewhat burnt out with all the META-ACE-WING (still working on my Joe Boss impression). This has led me to creating fun thematic lists and flying the same iconic pilots that I got into the game for, as it is getting quite boring flying great pilots I know nothing about (Fenn, Teroch, Ryad, Vessery ect.). It is also becoming more and more depressing to see neither of these guys on the tables nowadays, so I thought I'd dust them off to see if any new upgrades could help them out a bit. Here is what I came up with: Han (original): Expertise, HotCop, Gunner, Engine (63) Luke: Lone Wolf, R2-D2, Vectored Thrusters (36) Total: 99 I actually like this Han quite a bit, as he can boost out of arcs while still getting rerolls and Expertise for mods, pretty much ensuring he always gets at least 2 hits. If he misses, he strips tokens and shoots again. I've flown this Luke build quite a bit back in the day as well (engine instead of VT) and it was actually quite solid in the days before ******* Poe had to come along and put a bullet in his head. He always has LW and his ability for defense, which is nice because he will be using that roll a ton when he is running to regen. All he really loses vs Poe is thrusters and slightly less manuverability, but Luke's ability doesnt get shut down by token stealers or stress and he is cheaper, so there is that I guess. This will never be anywhere near competitive, but what would you guys do to make it better while still keeping it thematic? Thanks!
  6. If you guys are tired of reading the main page, come on over to off topic. Specifically the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes App thread, as there is a guild that all you fellow posters can join.
  7. Sent you an ally invite! I can send you a guild invite after you accept.
  8. Where do you find the option not to download the games?
  9. Alright, so in the few days I've had my Xbox I've managed to burn through 6 batteries in my controller.... Granted, I have been playing for roughly 8-10 hours these last few days, but surely 6 batteries is quite a lot to be going through? Do any of you guys have this problem? Also, I don't know if it is my wifi or what, but in the few days I've had my Xbox I've only managed to download Forza Horizon 3 (roughly a day and a half), Minecraft (6-8 hours) and Battlefront (2-3 days) and it is currently working on all the DLC for Battlefront. The DLC is going WAY faster though and should probably only take about an hour to finish all of it. I really don't understand why all these games have to download though, as I still can't play most of them without the disk in anyway.
  10. I'm a little busy today guys so can you start the raid if we have enough tickets @Sithborg?
  11. My Xbox is here now! Currently in the process of updating though unfortunately... Anybody know how long it generally takes to update for the first time?
  12. Yeah, I feel like you are forced to focus on one or the other if you aren't spending money. I chose to work on my arena team, which is why my ship rank is like 745...
  13. Probably won't last more than 15 minutes, but I'm so happy to have made it without spending any money on the game. All you free-to-play guys out there, keep working on your teams because it is possible to still get up pretty high!
  14. Assuming FFG doesn't already have everybody's money by now.
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