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  1. Thanks very much. It's the sort of thing that could be considered a little cheesy, so I just wanted to make sure. No heresy here. Definitely not worshipping the Ruinous Powers in any way. No siree bob. *Whistles innocently*
  2. ...Sorry about the title, I just couldn't resist. Anyway, the Draw Closer talent says it can be used against a target within medium range. Firstly, does this mean it can be used against enemies who are within the medium range band only, or those within the medium and all closer range bands? Secondly, if the latter is the case, can it be used against an enemy one is already engaged with simply as a means to add the force die to one's attack? Thanks. Edit: I suppose the question equally applies to the Hawk Bat Swoop talent and its Short Range restriction.
  3. Only in games where death is cheap. So, not this one.
  4. Seems fairly sound to me. (Actually, something that was one of my guesses for what was going to happen anyway)
  5. Either would be fine with me, though I'd lean towards a time skip.
  6. I just fail to see the point - statistically for almost any combination there's an alien species which is strictly superior to it (as most species get a 3/2/2/2/2/1 statline, 100 xp, and then a skill and something else on top of that). Why is that "strictly superior"? It's not, they're on par, the tradeoff is fair. And some people simply don't want to play a non-human. Not everyone who plays this game are SW nerds. ...Surely the reason a 3/2/2/2/2/1 statline and 100xp is worse than a 3/2/2/2/2/1 statline, 100xp, a skill and something else is self evident? The latter is no different other than having a skill and something else, both of which are good things*. The latter is therefore superior. The only reason to take this is because you want to be a human with a bad stat. *I'm specifically comparing to the 'average' species like Bothans or Twileks or Togruta that make up the majority of the species options and fit the stated pattern, rather than the more esoteric ones like Wookies or Hutts.
  7. I just fail to see the point - statistically for almost any combination there's an alien species which is strictly superior to it (as most species get a 3/2/2/2/2/1 statline, 100 xp, and then a skill and something else on top of that). Unless there's a particular weird attribute combination you want for some reason that no alien species has (and I'm not even sure said combination actually exists, I just don't want to trawl through a pile of books to check), or have a concept that absolutely requires you to be human and absolutely requires you to have an attribute at one, it's fairly useless. If you want to min-max a single attribute, you already can.
  8. 1. That's a bad deal. 2. That's a totally unnecessary restriction.
  9. I think that idea may have predated videogames by just a little bit.
  10. On the marines' firing range, Kelly's heart skips a beat as the lights go out and the ship goes silent. Far from a natural spacer, a thousand nightmare scenarios spin through her head. After a few seconds that seem like an eternity, the lights and sounds come back and she breathes again. Bloody fates-damned piece of junk ship. She smiles faintly and says "Just a glitch, folks, nothing to worry about," fervently hoping that to be true. She looks around at the men on the range, hoping that no-one had a blaster accident during the power cut; luckily the worst that happened is one of the new men from Kwenn putting a hole in what was definitely not his target. "But it looks like we still have a little to learn about trigger discipline, don't we?" She sighs loudly, and gestures towards the hapless recruit. "Private Aren, can you tell me what went wrong there? Yes, I know you shot the wrong target, can you tell me why that happened? No? Well, the reason that happened is..."
  11. The same imperative that compels people not to make Lawful Stupid Paladin-types in a party made up completely of criminals, or vicious elf-hating orcs in a party full of pointy ears. Because this is (for the most part) a cooperative game, and dicking over the other players is annoying. Far from 'resolving the issue', it makes it a hell of a lot worse as the party devolves into infighting. And because, as previously stated, it's impractical in-universe. The Empire is arbitrary at best, and has a habit of altering the deal. Sure, Vader dealt pretty fairly with Fett, but that doesn't mean whatever bureaucrat or intelligence agent or whatever won't decide to dispose of you because you know too much, or you're too expensive, or just because 'we don't need their scum'*. It also really doesn't do good things for your rep - the Imperials think you're scum because they're Imperials and don't like Bounty Hunters, the Rebels think you're scum because you turned an innocent person over to the Imperials, and the underworld thinks you're scum because you narced on one of your own. *Incidentally, I am shocked, shocked that I can't find a youtube clip of that line. Edit: But Yarn does, go Yarn!
  12. Unless you're a completely legit Bounty Hunter (and how many EotE PCs does that describe?), turning people in to the authorities, particularly people you're somehow affiliated with or expected to be loyal to, might not be a healthy pastime. The underworld is not noted for it's love of narcs, snitches or informants.
  13. On that roll, I think that's beating the average... Incidentally, I make the odds of that being 1 in 41472, or somewhat less than getting 3 18s on 4d6 drop lowest.
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