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  1. Not only that but the new factions haven't even been rolled out as it says. They need to stop trying to pretend a website is an app and just make a proper app that runs locally.
  2. According to the latest Android version I downloaded this morning it has, but you tell me 😂
  3. Why don't you take a deep breath and go play some X-wing. They've been slowly, but surely making fixes. The remaining issues (saving, saves being overwritten) or feature requests (offline functionality) aren't simple. fixes. They've already acknowledged the issues and said they're working on them. What more do you demand?
  4. I hope you're right and this one stands as "the punishing cycle" when compared to the rest. If that's the case I'll pick up the next cycle somewhere along the way. As it stands though, we are Roland, Mateo and Ursula, we're doing city of archives tonight. Counting our initial failed campaign that ended in our premature demise we are all on our second or third investigators and currently have a combined 9 trauma on our current characters. Not counting mateos xp and one of us who got a bonus in an interlude, we have only managed 12xp and 5 of that we just got after heart of the elders. Barring the remaining scenarios just blowing me away some how (if we even make it) I am look forward to forgetting this age.
  5. If this is the new normal then I'm out as well. In fact either way I'll probably take a break and catch back up after the next cycle is complete. Partially to let others vett it, but also just because this cycle has left such a bad taste in my mouth. I have enjoyed everything up to TFA tremendously. My group doesn't full out min-max and math it up, but we know what we're doing deck buildingwise. The 3 of us play on normal and we generally end up with decent resolutions or get very close in scenarios we fall short(prior to TFA). We did average in Dunwich and we utterly dominated carcosa. So I know it's not just us needing practice. This cycle isn't just difficult, it's arbitrarily punishing in ways that aren't fun at all. Unlike others, I'm not a good guys need to win guy. I love feeling the rush of nearly failing or failing and sensing we fell just a turn short. I even love the more punishing moments like when I lost Essex on the second or third turn due to a bad draw. I like the punishment when it's well thought out and the execution fits the mood. " Start over and do it over again" isn't any of those things. It's just lazy design. Worse it's disrespectful to players time. In my group we aren't casual gamers in mindset, but we are in the amount of time we have to play Arkham. Like most, my group has to juggle jobs, kids, and our partners schedules and desires to get a once a month or so game in. There is nothing quite as enthusiasm draining as being excited to play only to play 3hrs, fall short and realize it's not going to have a meaningful impact on the story for our next. Session; nope, we just have to go back and do it again. Then when we finally come back weeks later start again; everyone draws ruinous combinations of mythos cards really early leading to having to decide to either basically take our tiny progress and resign and then take a third crack at the same scenario or risk spending even more time trying to survive long enough to complete it, but with a high chance we'd fail again and still have to do it a third time (we opted to resign and go again). I admire the developers for their engagement with the community, but I am starting to wonder if they've engaged a bit too much with the hardcore fans who are more in it to math it out and min max the crap out of the game and lost sight of why many play.
  6. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.launchbaynext
  7. On Android as well. Saving before backing out of a list you are editing prevents it, but it will do it again everytime you edit a list and back out without saving.
  8. I know you covered it with "anything you do", but I think it's worth noting specifically that changing the name will not stop it from replacing it.
  9. This exemplifies the biggest issue with the handling of the app. They've botched the launch so bad they've created a situation where what is supposed to be the authoritative source is considered unreliable.
  10. Click or tap the "i" next to each version when you're selecting which to build for an explanation.
  11. Well Android app has been updated. Still has the save bug where it titles new lists with the previously edited list title and over saves it even if you change the list name. Still isn't allowing appropriate 2.0 legal cards to be added to 2.0 format lists.
  12. 1.0.3 is the webapp version number. The android app version doesn't match. The android app basically just seems like it frames a browser window in an app. So the change log you see in the app is the same as the website's
  13. I'm have been as pleased with FFG's communication post squad builder release as I was disappointed with what they put out to start. I would like to suggest in the spirit of continuing to be transparent, since the app is tied to people's experience of the game; that they get with the developers and come up with a tentative road map of planned improvements and fixes and share it with the community (without target dates). Their response has been good, but I feel like this would make it extraordinary and go a long way to removing uncertainty about what will and won't be changed/fixed. This could help push potential players who are on the fence to dive in rather than wait it out.
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