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  1. This is true. I mean we don't know how rare such things will be in the procedural generation. That said, the nature of the game itself might mean that we see a flood of throwaway decks that'll match someone else's desired criteria. 4 horsemen in a single deck being easy to find and/or purchase for cheap seems like a long shot though. Still, over the course of playing sealed events and buying a deck here or there, there's a good chance your faction combos will be satisfied eventually. Just depends if you want them all now! Haha.
  2. I mean in the end it's just a game, and it's experience can be different for anyone. I don't plan on getting into uber-competitive deck building, but you know that there will be people out there who try it. That said, I might try to grab the rares/specials out of the initial released factions. I like a lot of the artwork/flavor text.
  3. Collecting is all about completionism and rarity. If a Bad Penny is an ultra rare card, you can still collect it regardless of the name or back of the set. It can still be graded and kept in mint condition. And whose to say there won't be community created formats (ie Commander/EDH) that won't spring up that allow deck building. Hopefully it not being officially pushed means we won't end up with broken cards that cost thousands of dollars to get a hold of. I think it'd be cool to own all of the Untamed faction cards even if they've clearly come from different decks. I mean heck, I have an entire set of fallen empire which has almost 0 deck building value, but still has varying value based on rarity.
  4. I mean to be fair as a long time collector of Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh , MtG and Baseball cards, I'm still hoping there's some collectors market to the game. Even better, I'm hoping the format means collectors/players won't artificially boost each other's prices.
  5. I mean lets just not tie it down to a percentage at this point, lol. I'd say there's a good chance the balance of decks has yet to really be tested, at least not to the scale of worldwide community of events will test it on its release. Everyone at the FFG as a whole at GenCon seemed to indicate that they really didn't know how balanced things would actually be, just that the ceiling and the floor should be closer than most other CCGs. I think it's premature to assume that FFG won't implement any additional systems to restore greater balance to the game, we've seen it done elsewhere in FFG games. And unlike other games where FAQs or updates can modify existing cards/rules, it's not like they can easily "patch" decks. Garflield comments does leave it open for modification. It's definitely not definitive, and neither were any of their representatives at the con. The rules are the most definitive response, and everyone at the Con stressed that they were BETA rules and subject to change.
  6. You mean the beta ruleset which only barely touches on competitive play and is open to modification? I wouldn't hold my breath. Everything they discussed by the 4/5 demoers, 3 game info staff and designer I talked to seemed to imply that they weren't a hundred percent sure how they would handle possible imbalances. Decks or cards having a chain penalty was just one of the things they mentioned several times independently, so it must be doing rounds somewhere inside FFG.
  7. That's not what FFG staff said at their booth at Gencon. They clearly stated that decks seen to be OP or containing OP cards may be retired at some point, or they may start each game already suffering from the chain mechanic.
  8. Yeah, which is why I don't think many of his initial choices will be "good-guy" driven. I don't see him enlisting for the good of the Empire for example. I see him enlisting so that he can be a pilot and show off his leet skills to other pilots. Probably resulting in expulsion. Washed out, he meets a mentor who gets him into smuggling, etc.
  9. Enlisting to make a difference seems too uncharacteristic. I think it's more likely they take the Star Trek reboot approach here. I know. I know. I'm crossing the beams. But I could totally see Solo as a cocky rookie who gets kicked after he disobeys an order, maybe even to save/prevent something bad, but in a cocky way. Then he takes his skills to an alternative profession where cockiness and skills are appreciated. Smuggling. I do like your idea on betrayal though. I feel like there needs to be a good one. He def has trust issues eventually, so that's gotta stem from somewhere. Not to tap Star Trek again, but abandonment as a child could do it.
  10. Haha. It's fine. It's all just opinion in the end. I think for me it's that Rey constantly switches back and forth from completely lost, to "I got this". Her progression, or lack there of, isn't just missing in the timeline, but in her reactions/actions as well imo. As for Finn, I agree he wasn't a great character in either. That said, he had an epic out which in retrospect would have added a lot to his character weight, and then they fumbled it. The real shocker for me isn't the occasional issue with one character, but the minor-medium issues with all characters. Can't tell if that's lack of chemistry or just poor writing. I mean the writing doesn't help. I mean Finn and Rose literally sabotaged their whole mission by parking illegally on the beach, on a planet she'd been to before (or had knowledge of). A whole side quest that could have been avoided if someone had simply said "well we can take this ship and cut them all in half with one pilot's sacrifice". It all just seemed so unnecessary. Compare this to rogue one which has a clear necessary progression. They have to find the defector, to get the message, to find her father, to get the plans to win the war. Cassians internal struggle, Jyn's loyalty to no one transfer to the cause, etc. Great character developments. Excited for Solo. I feel like not being tied to 3 movie archs (which seemed poorly planned) can only help.
  11. Pretty excited for this. Looks a lot like Rogue One, which is definitely my favorite of the new movies. I don't care if Rey is a Mary Sue or Marty Stu or whatever. She is simply a bad actress. Her charisma is just bottom barrel. She just seems so uncomfortable in any scene. Add to that the plot holes, disjointed scenes/settings, horrible joke insertions, etc. And at this point I'm ready for any Star Wars film that isn't part of the new trilogy. I don't dislike them because they do anything wrong or unique in the SW universe (gravity bombs, hyperspace sword, meh, whatever), I dislike them because if you took them out of the SW universe they're just be bad... Poor Leia and Finn. 2 good characters that could have rounded themselves out with character depth through their death and sacrifice, and we get Marry Poppins and a failure + cute kiss (and somehow jog back to friendly lines despite crashing right in front if the entire first order army). Rey's parents lived in a trailer park. Phasma is a walking trash can. Luke and Poe are comedy basement openers. These are all issues that would make any film goer cringe if you removed the SW gloss. Give me a Solo movie with a good but simple plot, character progression, struggle, success, and some actually funny comedic relief (chromedome and prank phone calls... Sigh...), and I'm all on board. Rogue One hit all of these movie 101s pretty well.
  12. And I hope it stays that way, and the expand laterally instead of through time. I don't want to fight 18 different "Empire" factions. I'd rather fight some aliens, or other stuff. It's a galaxy, hopefully FFG fills it, instead of just fighting around the death star(s) all the time.
  13. At this point I really think 1 is a Russian bot sent to create division within the Star Wars community. Lol.
  14. So what's wrong with expanding the lore? I'm sure it'd require Disney's blessing, but I pray we aren't forever tired to the old trilogy and only things released around then... I might be unique in that want though. I find it hard to believe that the fluff couldn't be expanded to encompass like a 40K style universe. I mean it's an entire Galaxy of planets, and surely both the Empire and Rebels are forced to deal with other entities besides just each other. Maybe not Luke and Vader, but I'm really hoping everything doesn't HAVE to be tied to an existing named character and event. Otherwise it kills the creation of narratives that are popular in all other miniature games.
  15. As a hobbiest (which this game is obviously appealing to to some degree) I'd definitely prefer 27+. Honestly if it was 10/15mm prepainted I'd probably skip it (just like X-Wing and Armada).
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