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  1. Me too. And the Juggernaut/Turbo tank for the imperials.
  2. I like your ideas. Hope to see something similar soon. However an expansion should also include new leaders like Thrawn, Hera, Kanan and Kallus.
  3. Thanks. If I have some time I’ll continue with the rebels.
  4. Hi! I created a few new extended universe leaders for the empire. What's your opinion? Which ones are over- or under powered? If you have any suggestions for the recruit or mission cards please share it. I'm also working on rebel leaders, but I couldn't come up with so many well known ones. I couldn't upload all here so more available at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ve1fx4wplb117ub/AACnAcDBZvEiX63FqFPWOB-9a?dl=0 Thanks for your feedback.
  5. The links and photos are not available anymore. Could you share them again? Thanks.
  6. Hi guys! I'm designing a fan made, Rebels (series) themed expansion to SW Rebellion. Do you know any templates (possible PSD, but others are also OK) for the cards, leaders and the map? (Yeah I want to add a few systems including Lothal.) Thanks for your help.
  7. I'd give Thrawn more tactic values: 4 to 5 space and 2-3 ground. Maybe it's because he is my favorite villain though.
  8. I really like your ideas. I wish FFG made something similar.
  9. I meant the Rebellion's and the Empire's power would be more balanced for example in a game mode set after the Battle of Endor. In this mode the rebels'a objective would be to capture Coruscant.
  10. Hi guys! Can you imagine that in a future expansion ffg will release map extension to the game? Possibly the other half of the galaxy. I know it would mean more possible systems for the rebels for their base but the Empire could get more turns to find it. Including systems like Lothal, Scarif and Jedha would make the game even more thematic.
  11. Another idea is to have different game modes, including a more balanced one with a storyline set after the Battle of Endor. These could involve different starting leaders too.
  12. For Kallus it would be really interesting to have a betrayal mechanism. Maybe imperial until the rebels gain enough reputation or there is an objective card to recruit him from the Empire.
  13. In x-wing Boba has both an imperial and a Scum card so we still have hope.
  14. Now that Rise of the Empire is out we can start speculating about the next possible expansion. Personally I would like to get a Rebels themed one, with Grand Admiral Thrawn, Governor Pryce and Kallus for the Empire. The Rebels could get Hera, Sabine, Kanan and probably Ezra or Zeb. As new units I can imagine A-wings and Hammerhead corvettes for the Rebels, TIE Defenders, speeder bikes and the small SD like spaceship for Imperials The mandalorians should also join the game. Either as a third faction or both players may gain their support. What do you think?
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