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    Zura reacted to SOTL in can we PLEASE get some new core sets?   
    It's not attempting to.  Doesn't make me wrong though.
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    Zura reacted to GreenDragoon in can we PLEASE get some new core sets?   
    Yes, we should definitely point out the door to those who contribute very valuable content.
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    Zura reacted to kraedin in can we PLEASE get some new core sets?   
    Here's the forum, there's the door.
    Get over it.
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    Zura reacted to SOTL in can we PLEASE get some new core sets?   
    a) points costs being changed have been announced and are going to happen
    b) new Rebel crew cards seems like something we can expect to be printed at some point, it's going to happen
    c) Second Edition format (now Hyperspace) WILL be played more as its been announced for a lot of 2019 OP, it's going to happen.
    So all the things I talk about are not in a 'oh lordy will nobody hear my pleas' sort of sense, but is instead 'have patience, all this is stuff we know is coming'.
    This thread, though, is just yet another pitiful whine from a forum full of pitiful whiners who will never be happy until FFG custom build them precisely the pony they told Santa they wanted.  There won't be a new Core Set.  There's no need for a new Core Set.  If you don't want to buy the current Core Set then that's fine, you just won't be able to play X-Wing.  Bye!
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    Zura reacted to SOTL in can we PLEASE get some new core sets?   
    So he's choosing the door?  Ok.  Next!
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    Zura reacted to player1683311 in Mount Gundabad   
    So last pack lore Radagast?
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    Zura reacted to Koing907 in Phones Taken from players during Stream games.   
    Isn't there a non-phone monitor you can use during a streamed match?
    What the **** did people do before smart phones?
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    Zura reacted to Duskwalker in Points are up   
    If you instantly bought a new Falcon at the mere insinuation of the possibility that you might be able to field 3 of them at some point in the future it is not so much that FFG tricked you, and more that you might have a problem. 
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    Zura reacted to ForceM in Rebel Players: Is It Worth Continuing to Play until January?   
    Indeed, i’d recommend playing Empire or Scum...
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    Zura reacted to Kieransi in Yet another X-Wing blog   
    Oh hey, forgot to share it, I finished part two of that series!
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    Zura reacted to SOTL in What do think is the current Meta?   
    Will ppl please stop talking about Attani like it was some hidden gem?  It exploded almost immediately that Scum with green turns on their dial were printed.
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    Zura reacted to DodgingArcs in What do think is the current Meta?   
    Well Proton Torps are everything good about Harpoons with none of the drawbacks at a cheaper cost for the 2 shots. 
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    Zura reacted to Blail Blerg in What do think is the current Meta?   
    An aside:
    THIS, along with "no-token-stacking" is all a lie that people made up on this forum for what they thought 2.0 meant. 2.0 means none of this. No article or word from FFG ever even close to explained/promised 2.0 like this. People latched onto it because its generally true of what direction 2.0 tried to avoid, but its not explicitly so. Much has changed that isn't consistent with nerfing or non-efficiency. The game is still at its core about finding the most efficient choice of options and abusing its versatile option, at least until it gets point nerfed by the digital points, which is the one balancing point that directly is really about 2.0 
    Its a simple slightly premature reboot of a franchise in a way that sensibly allows the company to sell you the same stuff/models all over again yet at a higher price. 
    As for the meta (tier 1): 
    Redline Soontir Whisper
    Jendon/Jonus + 4 bombers (5 ships) 
    Boba Palob 2 Quads
    Drea swarm (5-7 ships) with quads
    Luke and Wedge + torps, with a 3rd ship
    These are some of the currently most powerful options in the game. Though, most think that even of these, they're of a lower amount of difference than compared to a random tier 2 list in power
    There are a bunch of very good options for a random tier 2 power list. 
    Quads and Han gunner are really good. And reliable single turn Proton Torps spam. 
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    Zura reacted to Marinealver in What happened to the Rebel Monster?   
    Doesn't matter, both the VCX and K-wings are not allowed in Hyperspace
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    Zura reacted to Captain Lackwit in Points are up   
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    Zura reacted to Reaver027 in Is keyforge going to eat Magic alive.?   
    Unless Wotc screws up so much that noone would like Magic anymore no other card game will eat Magic alive.
    And since WotC is already screwing up a lot lately you can tell that they would have to screw up so much more to even notice a dent.
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    Zura reacted to TwitchyBait in Is keyforge going to eat Magic alive.?   
    Nope, you gotta understand Magic is to card games what world of Warcraft is to mmo’s. People have invested so much time and money in it that even if they get bored or find something better it’s really hard to give up on do to the massive investments made (not that they’ve neccessarily gotten board it’s just some have invested thousands of dollars and hundreds up hundreds of hours into the game).
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    Zura reacted to Admiral Deathrain in Is keyforge going to eat Magic alive.?   
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    Zura reacted to LordBubba in Is keyforge going to eat Magic alive.?   
    Is Keyforge going to eat magic The gathering alive.?
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    Zura reacted to mazz0 in FFG back to their old money-grabbing tricks   
    I don't think that's what he said.  He said having the mindset that you automatically need every expansion is mentally unhealthy.  That's not the same as making a rational judgment that each expansion is worth the money.
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    Zura reacted to TylerTT in Wave2 Open Boxes   
    Does this guy not understand why its great that the reprinted ship packs don’t have exclusive content from the conversion kits? 
    What a wet blanket 
    I hope he never unboxes one of my products.
    and a fascist to boot! 
    At least he has a good camera layout.
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    Zura reacted to sndwurks in Unicorn Clan Pack   
    I would honestly be shocked if he was not "No Attachments". Because if the Wyld Stallyn allowed for attachments, why stop with the Ornate Fan?
    Wyld Stallyn + Ornate Fan + Height of Fashion + Favored Mount, then Game of Sadane. Your horse shows up, riding their own horse, holding a fan and the finest kimono, proceeds to rap battle their way to Honored.
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    Zura reacted to sndwurks in Unicorn Clan Pack   
    I just realized we are all missing the single most important part of this article.
    Wild Stallion has a 0 Political skill, and not a - Political Skill.
    You can now Policy Debate a horse.
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    Zura reacted to twinstarbmc in Multiple Elusive Creatures   
    "It" is the creature being attacked, clearly. 
    I respectfully refuse. I am not adding confusion, I am pointing out an ambiguity that already exists. Changing one little word could have cleared this up completely. If Elusive said "The first time each creature with the elusive keyword is attacked each turn..." then I never would have even brought it up. But that's not what it says. It says "a creature." And if they submit an erratum for the rule such that it works as y'all're arguing (which, again, I agree that it should be that way) than I will be a happy guy. But I'll say it again, we can't play the game how we want, we have to play it as written. Even if it's written poorly, and even if it results in unintuitive rulings, a la Biomatrix Backup.
    Carlo Phantom. Mack the Knife. Kindrith Longshot. These have no parenthesized-and-italicized text next to its Elusive keyword. Clearly Elusive still does something, even when the reminder text is absent, and I'd think that it does the same thing whether it is there or not. So, I will reiterate, reminder text is not rules.
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    Zura reacted to Poposhka in Registering decks that aren't yours   
    Even worse than that. what happens if someone gets your QR code and scans it, then proxy prints the deck well enough it's indiscernible, then claims your deck is the proxy printed one and that you are trying to scam him after a trade?
    so proxy print the "best deck" then first come first serve? yikes.
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