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    Zura reacted to dalestephenson in Reprints?   
    One thing is certain, when expansions are actually reprinted, players aren't deterred from snapping it up quickly.
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    Zura reacted to kdlittle88 in Reprints?   
    Now that the digital card game is on its way I’m noticing a renewed interest in the physical  card game.  I’m hoping FFG sees this opportunity and gets the reprints going more frequently and in more quantity.  I’m still seeing expansions that have been “awaiting reprint” since springtime.  I think they would miss out on the chance to sell even more cards.  My experience personally is that it’s darn near impossible to get many expansions as FLGS and online sites as they seem to sell out fairly quickly.
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    Zura reacted to LagJanson in Counterpoint: the Defender is Underrated   
    Is the Defender overpriced or is it the other dominant Imperial toys currently underpriced?
    A question to seriously look at hard.
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    Zura reacted to flooze in January changes - prepare to be disappointed   
    Well that's some positive thinking here. Glad you have such a great start into 2019.
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    Zura reacted to william1134 in January changes - prepare to be disappointed   
    What a load of rubbish.  I am not a fan of hyperspace and I would be highly disappointed if "extended" was largely ignored by the developers. I have spent quite a bit of money on the conversion kits and it is unacceptable for it to be abandoned. 
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    Zura reacted to Okapi in January changes - prepare to be disappointed   
    "Will never be balanced" as in "perfect balance is unachievable"? Well, that's a given, barely worthy of a discussion.
    Or "will never be balanced" as in "they'll never even bother trying"? I'd say that's overly pessimistic. GW's attempts with Chapter Approved and The General's Handbook certainly haven't been the Definitive Solution in game balancing, but all the books they've released has improved their respective games tremendously. X-Wing is nowhere near as big of a mess as Warhammer is, and it's reasonable to expect the game to be in a better place after the adjustments, than before.
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    Zura reacted to Da_Brown_Bomber in This might be interesting... Cosmic Format   
    What if there was a format that combined multiple factions? 
    Rebel Alliance + The Resistance + The Republic + Scum & Villainy <<<VS>>> Galactic Empire + First Order + The Separatists + Scum & Villainy
    Each mega faction has access to ships from 4 factions and these can all be played together in the same 200pt squad.
    {EDIT: Each player selects any TWO factions available to them eg. Rebel Alliance + The Resistance or Galactic Empire + Scum & Villainy. Cosmic squads must contain at least one ship or upgrade card from each of the two selected factions}. 
    Scum is available to both mega factions.
    Upgrades that are faction specific must still be used on ships from that faction.
    I know, we are just getting our heads around Extended and Hyperspace, why do we need another format? Well, this lets you create squads that have never existed before. You could use Poe, Luke and Wedge in the same list! How about Howlrunner leading a swarm of Mining Guild Ties? Darth Vader and Kylo Ren teamed up together?
    I realize this format mixes timelines and does not make sense in terms of starwars chronology. Its more for fun. I am calling this format Cosmic. It might be fun to try. Thoughts?
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    Zura reacted to Phelan Boots in For those who are not excited for hyperspace(imperial players? Rebel players? “Variety” players?) can ffg change your mind?   
    Because why would anyone want to play a Star Wars spaceship game that didn’t include A-Wings, B-Wings, and TIE Interceptors?  That sounds boring as ****.
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    Zura reacted to Tvboy in For those who are not excited for hyperspace(imperial players? Rebel players? “Variety” players?) can ffg change your mind?   
    Here’s the problem. The best lists in Hyperspace aren’t different enough from the best lists in extended, at least for scum and Rebels.  Removing list building options doesn’t suddenly make Boba and Fenn and Wedge and Luke not the best ships in their faction, it doesn’t suddenly make protons toros any weaker on I5 and I6 pilots, it just makes them stronger because there’s fewer alternatives and fewer counters. The U-Wing and the Falcon and the TIE Advanced aren’t suddenly going to be great in hyperspace, they’re still going to be inefficient compared to the other options available.
    Basically, hyperspace doesn’t open up any new options for me as a Rebel and now resistance player that weren’t already good in extended, it just cuts off deeper exploration and makes me play all he stuff I’ve already been playing and winning with. Maybe if they make the non-hyperspace legal ships in Rebels and Scum suck less then they do now, I’d be more excited about not having to deal with them in hyperspace.
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    Zura reacted to Jokubas in For those who are not excited for hyperspace(imperial players? Rebel players? “Variety” players?) can ffg change your mind?   
    I'd play in Hyperspace while the ships I like are available. The only reason I'm playing this game to begin with is because I noticed it had a miniature for an Expanded Universe ship that I had never seen merchandise of before. Access to my favorite ships is the reason I play, so that's the only way I can be convinced to play Hyperspace.
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    Zura reacted to Crit Happens in Is Epic 2.0 the next big announcement?   
    I really hope not. 
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    Zura reacted to Wandalf the Gizzard in Worse than I Thought   
    Tell me this: would FFG, as a company (whose objective is to make money. Nothing wrong with that, just facts) rather pull new people into their customer base with Keyforge, AH , etc. or forgo potential revenue to keep fans of their old games satisfied with new content, reprints, etc. They know that those of us who are here are here to stay (and buy their products).
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    Zura reacted to Crit Happens in The race to the bottom, and how it should be addressed   
    Towards the end of wave one, we witnessed squads at I5 in particular bringing bids of 16 points or more. This is to guarantee moving last and acquiring the lock to launch proton torps and/or for arc dodging. We are going to see these deep bids continuing, and possibly get much worse with supernatural Kylo. 
    This choice of sacrificing extra upgrades to nearly guarantee moving last has always been a key part of this game, and it's not something that I have a problem with. I do have a problem with it's unintended consequence in relation to game scoring though. 
    Games are scored based on how many squad points we destroy, and since unused points can't be destroyed (unless you kill everything), the end game ships often become an untouchable point fortress. We are going to see squads where Kylo is "worth" 2/3 or more of your squad points. It creates a win condition that actively encourages players to kill something, and run away. I know that this isn't something that the game developers intended. It is not fun. It is a negative play experience. 
    Half points on all ships was a step in the right direction and has made games more chaotic in the final few turns, but it hasn't done enough to solve the problem of intentional point fortresses. 
    I believe that a simple change to game scoring should be made. Any unused squad points should count as points destroyed. You can still choose to take a deep initiative bid to guarantee moving last, but you're now giving your opponent a game scoring advantage. 
    What are your thoughts about this idea? Do you have any other suggestions that better address the issue of intentional point fortresses from deep bids? Is this even a problem that needs to be addressed?
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    Zura reacted to pmdoug in Ideas for Potential Heroes and Allies   
    At this point in the game's existence, we've seen nearly every prominent character in one form or another. But there are still some heroes and allies to look forward to, be they entirely new additions to the card pool or permutations of our favorite characters. Which are you most excited for? What stats, traits, and abilities do you hope they have? 
    To kick off the discussion, I mocked up a bunch of custom cards. For every card idea that I'm proud of, there are 3 that are overpowered, overstuffed, or blank. Please don't withhold criticism.

    (Art by Andrea Piparo)
    Frodo really deserves another non-fellowship version. While Lore would work just fine for him, Leadership seems right. The thematic inspiration for Frodo's ability is that he rises to the occasion and faces trials when others cannot (saving the sleeping hobbits from the barrow wight, carrying the One Ring, etc).  Should the Quest Action just be an Action? What are some other abilities that could represent Frodo's leadership qualities? 

    (Art by Sebastian Giacobino) 
    This Leadership Galadriel is inspired by her ally version, and is meant to represent her as a gift-giver. Should she be able to attack and defend? Is her attachment recursion the key to a game-breaker combo? Is the global willpower boost too good? Should it only be for your heroes? 

    Not much to say about this random guy. I just really want a Dunedain hero that interacts with signals. I'm sure there are million more interesting ways to do that. 

    (Art by Michael Kaluta) 
    Elfhelm is one of my favorite heroes, so I made a friend for him.

    (Art by Venlian)
    This Leadership Elrond only cares about one thing: uniting the free-peoples of Middle Earth. I want to see more of these weird one-off themes on hero cards. I know that these two abilities are insane together, especially when you add Vilya to the equation. 

    I was waiting for Song Bilbo, but now that we have Tactics Bilbo, I'll have to settle for the next best thing: Gleowine! Our favorite skald always has a song on his lips, and his music can bolster other heroes. 

    (Art by  Piya Wannachaiwong)
    I can't decide on an ability for Ghan-buri-Ghan, but it should relate to locations. I imagine it should be something that complements Haldan and the location-attachment theme. 

    (Art by Donato Giancola)
    I want another version of Legolas and Gimli. I'm greedy but unimaginative. What ability should I give ol' Greenleaf? 

    (Art by Tristan Wang)
    Hero Radagast seems like an inevitability at this point, but I'm never sure what his stats and ability should be. Should he have the Woodman trait? Is 1 attack absurd for an Istari, or does it appropriately represent his reluctance to get involved in the war? Should he directly interact with creatures and eagles, or simply have an ability that complements the eagle theme? 

    (Art by Matthew Stewart) 
    I don't really have a strong idea for Spirit Sam. It seems right that he'd work better the fewer characters you control. Give him a mechanic like the Strider attachment. 

    (Lindir by Elena Kukanova)
    Gamling and Lindir... I dunno. 

    (Art by John Howe)
    I love Gimli so much that I just threw a bunch of random abilities on him and called it a day. Obviously a real hero card wouldn't have this hodgepodge of themes. 

    (Art by Fabio Leone)
    The Last Aragorn: King Elessar! His ability could be anything, but I wanted Spiritgorn to inspire men to follow him, much like Leadership Faramir. 

    (Art by the Brothers Hildebrant)
    If we get a Farmer Maggot hero, then it's only a matter of time before we get Grip, Fang, and Wolf allies. There are currently no dogs in this game. This must be corrected. 

    (Art by Kokomiko)
    This Tactics Faramir is meant to represent him as a knight and defender of Osgiliath. I think the last ability might be too good, since it's essentially a much better version of Le Aragorn's ability. Would 2 resources be better, or another mechanic entirely? 

    (Art by Magali Villeneuve and Venlian)
    I want another Tactics Noldor so bad. I haven't managed to make a satisfactory Tactics Glorfindel, but boosting his stats with discards seems to make the most sense. 

    We need an eagle hero, a playable version of To the Eyrie, and Wilyador. Why not bundle them into one card? 

    (Art by Donato Giancola)
    This Saruman is stolen from several other people's ideas. Resource changing is to represent "of many colors". Scrying is just the Palantir mechanic. 

    (Merry by John Howe)
    No characters deserve ally versions more than Merry and Pippin. Maybe Merry should be a Spirit ally so that a Frodo and Sam deck could play them easily. 

    This is basically just the quest version of Marty made into an ally. 
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    Zura reacted to Okapi in Those with the new kits - did FFG screw us over again?   
    I'm sure someone will complain about FFG not releasing a kit that lets them use their seven ARC in their Republic Epic list.
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    Zura reacted to Arkanta974 in Those with the new kits - did FFG screw us over again?   
    Yeah I think FFG should never done conversion kit. As a old player I will be truly happy to put in the trash all of my 1.0 collection and buy again all the ship ! This is the real best solution !
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    Zura reacted to SOTL in The shortest path to balance in the formats   
    Ships from the Mandalorian and Cassian TV shows.
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    Zura got a reaction from Wiredin in Imperial players, what Scum pilot scares you the most? Why?   
    Fenn with 13+ pts bid. Really hard for my vader.
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    Zura got a reaction from Da_Brown_Bomber in Imperial players, what Scum pilot scares you the most? Why?   
    Fenn with 13+ pts bid. Really hard for my vader.
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    Zura got a reaction from GILLIES291 in Pick One "Ace"   
    No idea what he does yet, but i know the answer.

    After you win with this guy you can be like:

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    Zura reacted to Darth Meanie in Commander Smeagol, Reporting for Duty   
    This is what I do when I should be sleeping.

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    Zura got a reaction from Sir Orrin in Pick One "Ace"   
    No idea what he does yet, but i know the answer.

    After you win with this guy you can be like:

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    Zura reacted to WonderWAAAGH in KeyForge: Gateway to CCGs?   
    I know there's been some divided talk about whether KeyForge is capable of dethroning other dominant card games, or if it simply fills a niche of its own unique creation. I know there's also been some recent talk about the player base being divided between the haves and have-nots (or those with 3 decks versus those with 30), which I find analogous to splurging on chase singles. The question I'm posing is thus: as much as KeyForge might be beloved at present for its novel take on the genre, is the long term consequence going to be a push back toward customizable card games?
    Hear me out. I know many players, even those who've never counted themselves as WotC fans, bemoaning the inability to swap just a few of their cards out of a given deck. Sacrificial Altar with no humans? Too bad for you. Disappointed by the Biomatrix Backup ruling? That sucks, deal with it... or go buy a new deck. It really only takes one card to ruin what should have been an otherwise entertaining experience. There's a solution, sure, but I don't know many people who aren't left with a serious case of the feels-bads. And, frankly, the idea of a game with "chase decks" - while novel - has already been discussed to some degree, and is a bit beyond the scope of what I'm trying to discuss here anyways. 
    I suspect that people will eventually realize they can scratch that itch by moving on to other games. That other game may or may not be Magic, but the supposed barrier to entry becomes slightly less daunting once you've dabbled for a bit in the kiddie pool. It's also not as expensive as you think it might be, given some of the recent entry points into various formats. The pre-constructed commander decks, for example, cost the same as a KeyForge starter and can be cheaply upgraded with inexpensive format staples. That's a level of balance and gratification that KeyForge might never achieve. 
    Let's be clear: I'm not suggesting that KeyForge will wither and die as a result of this long term consequence. Having uniquely balanced decks at a reasonable price is a strong incentive for weekly sealed events, even if it does sometimes lead to the King Arthur effect. I do, however, think that some players - not all - will grow to a point of dissatisfaction that compels them to seek entertainment elsewhere, and that customizability will play a critical role in such a move.    
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    Zura reacted to SOTL in Hyperspace Format Posted (Your favorite ship BANNED!)   
    How do you spell Boba?
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    Zura reacted to SOTL in can we PLEASE get some new core sets?   
    Well what's better advice to somebody who wants to get into the game:
    1. The deal is the deal, are you in?
    2. Just wait and piss and moan on a daily basis for three years and you'll MAYBE be able to save yourself $40.
    Who's the constructive and positive one here again?
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