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    Zura reacted to thespaceinvader in Protecting Peace - Jedi article   
    If it's more than 24 it's too expensive, and ti probably ought to be 22.  With that dial, it's worse than a TIE/LN for my money.
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    Zura reacted to Hiemfire in Protecting Peace - Jedi article   
    "Already capable of a wide range of actions, the Delta-7’s Jedi pilots can spend a Force charge to perform a new purple evade action." They're really trying to sell that this nerfed action is good...
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    Zura reacted to Nyxen in Single ship 100 points limit options   
    Honestly, I would restrict to 68 points. It lets you build an ace without having to remember 16 (hyperbole) upgrades
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    Zura reacted to Cloaker in Single ship 100 points limit options   
    Just play timed matches of 75 minutes, and play full squads. You'll learn the game much more quickly as more ships exponentially means more learning of all the game mechanics, as well as the vital aspect of list building itself. 
    If you are really persistent at 1 vs 1 and want to win handily, Supernatural Vader. If you want to learn the game, Countdown. If you want to be silly, we'd all like to hear the revenge story of your opponents destroying your Jakku Gunrunner time and time again. 
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    Zura reacted to TheCeilican in Hyperspace - is there a list better than Tripsilons?   
    TIE Swarm should blow right through it.  Nothing happens on initial engage because it's 2 shots vs Iden, then the TIEs can take over.
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    Zura reacted to FlyingAnchors in Purple evades are dank   
    After performing a barrel roll action, you perform another barrel roll action, even if you are stressed. 
    “I’ll try spinning, that’s a good trick!”
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    Zura reacted to Lace Jetstreamer in Dear Devs: How to do patch notes   
    By far the very best patch notes I have seen is from Microsoft Visual Studio Code.  Have a look here:
    Here is an example of a video game Arena of Valor:
    And if you want just the very basic, dota 2 is a good one:
    That is of course if you actually have the money to invest in writing patch notes.  Considering the game is on life support, I suspect the devs will ignore this and continue on Business as Usual.
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    Zura got a reaction from JJ48 in Petition to give Vader a Talent slot   
    Yeah this, debris gambit breaks vader.
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    Zura got a reaction from Old Sarge in Petition to give Vader a Talent slot   
    Yeah this, debris gambit breaks vader.
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    Zura reacted to Velvetelvis in Generic point change summary   
    I'm certain losing juke on 1 phantom wont be a big deal.
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    Zura reacted to Lace Jetstreamer in Dear Devs: How to do patch notes   
    Don't worry, you are doing more to shrink this community than I ever will.  Actively encouraging x-wing players to move on to other games will certainly help kill this game.
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    Zura reacted to Lace Jetstreamer in Dear Devs: How to do patch notes   
    Epic didn't ban 90% of the cards.  Also, FFG is pushing hyperspace above their other formats requiring it for store champs, regionals, and nationals.  FFG did not attempt to make Epic the premier format.  The reason for the 90% card ban is due to FFG needing to sell their new faction ships (due to loss of sales as indicated by ICV2).
    It shows that x-wing is in a downward trend.  It was #1 in sales for a long time.  And then all of a sudden, it dropped off the list completely.
    FFG gave up.  Here is FFG's own words:
    I never have read this statement in patch notes for a game before.  Granted my background is video games and in terms of competitive games I have most recently played Fortnite and AoV.  The player bases would go nuts if the patch notes contained that sort of language with very little explanation of actually what was buffered and nerfed.
    A healthy game would include at least the differences and hopefully add commentary for each of the changes.  The Devs just made sweeping changes without explanation.  That says alot about the 'time' they are putting into this game.
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    Zura reacted to millertime059 in Petition to give Vader a Talent slot   
    There is one reason we will never see Vader get a talent
    Debris Gambit
    I6 with reposition that can take Focus Evade every tuen, and have force charges to spare, is something I’m sure they are firm no on.
    Because do you want to fight this 76 point monster?
    Vader, FCS, Afterburners, Debris Gambit?
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    Zura reacted to Darth Meanie in Petition to give Vader a Talent slot   
    OMG, could you let this update get cold before you start courting its sister?
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    Zura reacted to Gallanteer in They're up!!!   
    To those that said extended was dead and wouldn't get any points changes - in your face!
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    Zura reacted to HolySorcerer in Power and Profit   
    Super disappointed that FFG is rolling out prequel garbage before even getting second edition stabilized. 
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    Zura reacted to Cartchan in "Null" and setup   
    IMHO, setup is part of the game so card texts affect the game state. In v1, Veteran Instinct was affecting ships during setup.
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    Zura reacted to JJ48 in It isn’t Guardians of the Republic.   
    ...I just realized.
    If they're going to rotate ships out of legality as well, we're going to go through the whole "I paid for this ship; I should be able to play it!" ordeal again the first time a 2.0 ship leaves.
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    Zura reacted to Kaptin Krunch in FFG you should be prudent and thrift about the points adjustment   
    What's it like, being wrong all the time?
    There should be more than 2 point adjustments per year (at least 4), and they should be massive and run the risk of being deemed 'heavy handed' by some. 
    The metas with the most popular support are right after FAQ/Errata in 1.0, or after a release. Why? The meta has yet to settle. Then it settles, and we have less fun, the mystery is gone. 
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    Zura got a reaction from Daedalus in Looks cool, but...   
    It's a board game, not a wargame like runewars. Even without support it should be self contained enough.
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    Zura got a reaction from Akudjinn2 in What kind of player mats are these?   
    They are rubber, like x wing mats, 100% sure of that.
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    Zura reacted to dalestephenson in Journeys in Middle Earth board game announced!   
    I can picture two executives FFG speaking, Ted Sandyman Jr and Ted Sandyman Sr.
    Ted Jr: We have a "reprint problem" with LOTR LCG.
    Ted Sr: What's the problem?
    Ted Jr: Practically everything for the game is unavailable.  New players can't buy stuff we published before.
    Ted Sr: So we need to reprint expansions that are out of stock?
    Ted Jr:  No good.  We've tried that, our customers snap it up in a few weeks, and then it's gone again.
    Ted Sr: Hmm, that is a problem.  Last thing we want to do is print anything that will get bought up quickly.  What should we do?
    Ted Jr: Obviously the best thing to do is reduce demand for our product.
    Ted Sr: Good thinking.  But isn't having everything unavailable doing that by itself?
    Ted Jr: It's just not fast enough.  Obviously the best thing to do is to produce a mechanically unrelated game on the same subject.  That'll distract them.  They'll be so in love with the new game that they'll forget they were begging to buy things we've already developed and require little or no change to reprint.
    Ted Sr: That makes perfect sense.  I remember the big drop in demand for the LCG when we released the new digital LOTR game.
    Ted Jr: Exactly.  And we'll make sure to print the game somewhere that dumps their raw waste in the river, because the only thing better than not selling people what they want is creating a toxic desert at the same time.
    Ted Sr: I like the way you think!  While we're at it, be sure to neglect the "Upcoming Status" page so that when we do reprint something, no one hears about it until it's practically in stores.
    Ted Jr: Already on it, Dad.
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    Zura got a reaction from kelus in Looks cool, but...   
    It's a board game, not a wargame like runewars. Even without support it should be self contained enough.
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    Zura reacted to kdlittle88 in An Open Letter to FFG About the LotR LCG   
    Hello FFG,
    I'd like to talk to you about the Lord of the Rings LCG.  There seems to be on many boards and groups a growing demand for this game, either to be reprinted or a new version.  As players of this excellent game, I believe there are many fans and collectors who have fistfuls of money just waiting to be thrown at you for the game, be it reprints or otherwise.  While I don't know actual sales numbers, I have had the chance to speak with a former FFG employee who have stated that this game does quite well financially for its age.  There is a reason the game always sells out when reprints are made!
    I'd like to petition that you would bring back this game to be reprinted so that we can purchase it.  For any players reading this and looking for content, let's get as many votes here as we can with the intention to show FFG that there still is a strong fan base willing to spend money on the LotR LCG.
    Thanks and hopefully you read this well.
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    Zura reacted to DXCrazytrain in Hyperspace I5 bid predictions   
    What about doing away with simultaneous fire? It would put some value back into shooting first.
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