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    Zura reacted to ScummyRebel in Wave 5 predictions!   
    What I Want:
    - cross faction upgrade card packs for the new wave 3-4 mechanics and toys that came out only in new factions but could be used on the older ones
    - Epic conversion kits for epic 2.0
    What I expect:
    - Rebels - awing
    - Empire - tie interceptor
    - Scum - no content OR maybe a small base (not the HWK - thinking Ywing, scyk, or starviper)
    - FO - Upsilon
    - Resistance - Falcon
    - Republic - ywing with the beefier armor and stat-line, maybe LAAT
    - CIS - sheathipede or tri-fighter
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    Zura reacted to Hiemfire in Wave 5 predictions!   
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    Zura got a reaction from Rexler Brath in "limited edition" ships?   
    It's just a paint job.
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    Zura got a reaction from dewbie420 in "limited edition" ships?   
    It's just a paint job.
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    Zura got a reaction from Hiemfire in "limited edition" ships?   
    It's just a paint job.
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    Zura got a reaction from TasteTheRainbow in "limited edition" ships?   
    It's just a paint job.
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    Zura got a reaction from SabineKey in "limited edition" ships?   
    It's just a paint job.
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    Zura reacted to Animewarsdude in 《Spoiler alert》 the new ownership of Millennium Falcon   
    I think it is less that they die and more how they die. 
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    Zura reacted to svelok in Standing out from the Swarm Article   
    You're assuming the alternative is selling the paint scheme at retail - the alternative is not selling the alternate paint scheme at all.
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    Zura got a reaction from FTS Gecko in "limited edition" ships?   
    It's just a paint job.
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    Zura got a reaction from SpiderMana in "limited edition" ships?   
    It's just a paint job.
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    Zura reacted to LagJanson in Standing out from the Swarm Article   
    Seriously, it’s no worse than an alt-art card. It’s fine.
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    Zura got a reaction from DR4CO in "limited edition" ships?   
    It's just a paint job.
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    Zura reacted to SpiderMana in A Few wave 4 Abilities I've managed to translate.   
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    Zura reacted to AllWingsStandyingBy in How are the other 5 Factions getting Ion Clouds?   
    How much patience?  They aren't included in the Wave 3 or Wave 4 stuff, and there's no reason to think they'll be in the Wave 5 stuff either.  But even if it were in the Wave 5 content, the other factions are going without for ... what... at least a year?  And if they aren't in Wave 5 stuff... well, who knows how long it'll be.
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    Zura reacted to HammerGibbens in How are the other 5 Factions getting Ion Clouds?   
    I hear ya, man. 
    Sometimes I suspect FFG is actually trying to make money off of these products. 
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    Zura reacted to Admiral Deathrain in Do I need it?   
    Twice per year is not frequently, that is regularly, but rarely.
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    Zura reacted to Taiowaa in Why having zero new content in Expansions covered by the Conversion Kits is a good thing.   
    Hasn't FFG somewhere promised to release packs with the cards but without ships if new content is coming with rereleases? Like the small extra bags in the conversion kits for the TIE/LN, TIE/x1, Y-wing, TIE/vn, Upsilon-class??
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    Zura reacted to nikk whyte in Why having zero new content in Expansions covered by the Conversion Kits is a good thing.   
    There seems to be a LOT of flack being aimed at the lack of new content, specifically in the B-wing. 
    The lack of new cards is a good thing.
    If you're a brand new player, and want to play a b-wing, you're not chasing down rare conversion kit cards to complete your collection. if you got a conversion kit, you don't have to buy a 5th b-wing just to get one pilot who is a meta force. 
    Have some patience. Yes, you were told you wont have to buy out of faction to get cards. If you just wait, you'll see that's still true. 000 and BT-1 were previously only in the scum conversion Kit. Now they are in the Decimator. A card you assumed was only available out of faction yesterday is suddenly 100% in your faction. 
    The best news of all is that these ships are very likely to be hyperspace legal soon, which means in about 3 months these things are gonna be EVERYWHERE. Decimators in that small of a meta could suddenly become powerhouse ships. By the time the June points change comes this game wont look ANYTHING like it does right now. its already so different from when it launched 5 months ago. Just let it breathe. 
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    Zura reacted to Wandalf the Gizzard in Heirs of Numenor: Dethroned   
    Okay. I have some thoughts to share on Heirs of Numenor, that hopefully some of you will find helpful or at least entertaining if you get through my wall of text. (sorry in advance)
    Since release, Heirs of Numenor (HoN for here on out) has been heralded as the standard for LotR LCG brutality. Players constantly talk about how difficult it was, new players were sometimes encouraged to skip it, and all three quests essentially never saw play due to how hard they were. When players had success against HoN's quests, it often came from specifically tailored, fine-tuned decks, and these made and piloted by experienced vets. When I recently opened my own copy of HoN, I was braced for the worst.
    After playing each quest multiple times, I was somewhat disappointed. I have a bold statement to make: HEIRS OF NUMENOR IS NOT THAT HARD! I concede that it's three quests are much harder than most others that I've played, but they are nowhere near as difficult as I gathered from the general consensus.  Let me break it down quest-by-quest
    Peril in Pelargir is the hardest of the bunch for me personally. Its encounter cards aren't as devastating as those from the other two quests, but the puzzle nature sets it apart from its rather straightforward siblings. I've yet to run away with a clear win against this one, always finishing with a high threat and damage all over the place. But all you need to win this one is a really strong early game from a heavy-duty combat squad. As long as you don't depend on allies too much (thanks to the Zealous Traitors), the only thing standing in your way is the ability to build up a board than can suddenly shift to willpower questing quickly; before the encounter deck outlasts you.
    Now, let me take a deep breath here, because this next sentence is close to blasphemy.       Okay.     Into Ithilien is not hard to win. I know, know, but I'm serious! I've played it six times now, with the only loss coming from a Mumakil and a Southron Company engaging me on the first round. I've beaten it multiple times each route (stage two and three). Yes, two wins were with a Dwarf deck that also took down Assault on Dol Guldur, but all you really need is a decent combat deck. On the first round, seek to blow out the Ithilien Road. Build up your board while you let Celador take hits until he's gone (trust me, it's for a good cause ). You should be able to defeat stage two and four with minimal resistance. Those Blocking Wargs can cause problems, but you should be fine as long as you don't threat out.
    As for Siege of Cair Andros, I honestly don't know how anyone who knows what they're doing could possibly lose this one, barring some (reasonably possible, I grant you) bad luck. A deck that starts with two strong defenders and a strong attacker and stuffed with allies and tactics good stuff  consistently does the trick (Beregond/Legolas/Gimli and Beregond/Elladan/Elrohir are great hero lineups). Quest like a madman until you can clear the Banks, otherwise stage two will kill you. You should be able to take an undefended attack or two on the approach, but it's a high priority to explore that one too; removing stage three from the deck. Letting the Citadel fall to attacks is a crucial step to success though, as counter-intuitive as that may be. This will keep your Victory Point total low enough to keep stage five in siege mode, meaning you can siege-quest the entire game.
    Any thoughts? Do you agree? Is it just me? Or did I just mis-perceive how our fine community looks at this expansion? Whatever the case, I hope I don't sound like I'm just boasting. I recognize that's quite likely, but I assure you; that was not my intent. There are many members of this community that probably have much better records against these quests than I.
    Anyway, my main reason for this post is to just let my thoughts out in a way other than voicing my opinions to myself. To anyone that read any of this rambling, thank you.
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    Zura reacted to theBitterFig in Protecting Peace - Jedi article   
    I don't get the V-19 hate.  I think they're kinda perfect.
    I mean, we've got a fair number of 2-red filler/swarm ships in the game.  Lots of TIE Fighters (and the Scyk is nearlya TIE).  Z-95s have always been like mini-X-Wings.
    But we've never had a filler/swarm ship like the V-19.  A trash-tier B-Wing dial, but with more HP than any other tiny ship, and a decent action bar.  Just seems like it'd be an actually new design, rather than just the same old filler ship.
    A lot would depend on price.  If they're 27-28 points, they'd just be a trash version of a TIE bomber.  At 24-25, they'd be the slow, beefy swarmer, and that'd be cool.
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    Zura reacted to GreenDragoon in Protecting Peace - Jedi article   
    FFG article game on point!

    e: shamelessly kraytvented
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    Zura reacted to Captain Lackwit in Protecting Peace - Jedi article   
    That's where you're genuinely only half correct.

    The Delta-7 could not facilitate an Astromech unit on its own, but had to have a specially crafted Astromech that was integrated into the starfighter- hard wired into the computer. They're one of the reasons this thing has 3 evade.

    You take that out, uparmor the hull and upgun it a little, you get a Delta-7B that can fit an Astromech of choice into the socket in front of the pilot.

    Since no standard Astromech can go into the Delta-7, it should not get that slot, but a modification that serves a similar role. The Delta-7B should get an astromech slot- and its point cost needs to reflect what the Delta-7 has that the B doesn't.
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