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    Zura reacted to FlyingAnchors in Inert Fat Han   
    The sky is falling! /S
    so Fat Han won an extended event. Good. At least it breaks up the monotony of that format. Better than 4 cloaky bois. 
    People need to mostly let go of their 1.0 hate. 
    Now, caution is good, but suggesting changes after 1 event? That’s kinda silly. (Unless under extreme measures). I’d say keep an eye on, and if it’s still dominating in two-three weeks then emergency fix it. We kind of already have a precedence set with trip ups.
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    Zura reacted to Biophysical in Inert Fat Han   
    If you don't think arbitrarily high numbers of at-will white stops are a big deal, well, I think you're wrong.
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    Zura reacted to ThinkingB in Inert Fat Han   
    I'm still amazed that people enjoy extended at this point. It seems like that format is the ghost of 1.0.
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    Zura reacted to Magnus Grendel in What is an "NPE?"   
    That's certainly how it gets used. 
    Which, broadly speaking, is what it is. The closest thing to a definition I've ever seen is here
    "Negative Play Experience (NPE) is when playing a game frustrates or bores one or both players. NPEs are thought to prevent new players from fully entering the game and leading to existing players abandoning the game."
    The key thing being that you're losing (generally) but that you don't feel anything you do is achieving anything. Exactly what causes this will vary wildly from player to player and situation to situation - so someone running away from you for 75% of the game in a faster ship after securing a single early kill might qualify, or a list which can reliably generate  against every attack against a squad of 2-dice primary fighters (like a TIE swarm). 
    Basically, it's generally used for any situation where you feel like you've found yourself stuck on the wrong end of a scissors-paper-stone matchup and have lost at the list-building, rather than gameplay, stage.
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    Zura reacted to AceDogbert in Wave VI Predictions   
    I'd avoid betting on new ships from Episode IX; I'd imagine that Disney won't give FFG the necessary information to fully flesh out the new ships (equipment, pilots, general capabilities, actual physical dimensions etc), so FFG will avoid repeating the mistakes of the past (PS8 Poe, generically named 'Ace' pilots, Ben Swolo's Silencer) and wait to do a proper release.
    That said, both the FO and Resistance still have ships to re-release, so it's not as if they can't give them something in Wave VI.
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    Zura reacted to Rossetti1828 in [Wave IV] HD spreads for N1, Resistance Transport & Hyena   
    Anakin can barrel roll twice per round then! Weeeeee!
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    Zura reacted to svelok in [Wave IV] HD spreads for N1, Resistance Transport & Hyena   
    Anakin: "Before you reveal your manuever*, you may spend one force to barrel roll (not an action.)"
    we did it team, we got there
    * why before and not after? I hate "before you reveal" triggers I always forget them, just let me flip the dial it literally doesn't matter. Also, why "reveal your manuever" and not "reveal your dial"? Weird.
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    Zura got a reaction from ScummyRebel in New Epic   
    Where do u guys get the info?
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    Zura reacted to Cloaker in Well, that whole "Let's make the game easier for new players to get into" approach didn't last long...   
    With all due respect, it doesn't matter what YOU can get it for. Your resources, interest, understanding of the game, and acceptance of the status quo is not that of all new players. There are a wide variety of target audiences out there. And all are not equal to you in opportunity costs. You're not the one across the table who might be confused, or disappointed, or reluctant. They don't even get as far as the word "IF" because the word becomes "WHY?"
    Obviously the wave 5 available now in HS solves nothing. And yet it makes far better sense than what is in play currently; At least new players so inclined can find these ships, play them, and already get accustomed to them when they come out. Casuals who become competitive usually happen this way. Instead, in an attempt to keep their Extended market engaged differently (which might be indicative of the fallout of a splintered player base on sales) they opted to compromise the integrity of their new game format, designed for new players, to appease. That's really the indisputable sum of it here. The core question anyone who would counter here should ask is;
    Why should a new player have to buy second hand products AT ALL, in order to be able to fully field all desired options for a list for a new game?
    It's dumb business. Dumb. Dumb with a capital D. Dumb for the company, dumb for the employees who work there who want to see it solvent and successful, dumb for the players who want to buy from that company.
    Consider the popular Legacy format of boardgames right now. (Risk, Pandemic, etc.) What if the publisher had ceased all production of those legacy games, rebooted their core versions, but then later gradually introduced Legacy components into them WHILE NOT HAVING THE MATERIALS AVAILABLE FOR SALE? It's ******* stupid. No two ways about it. A) *******. B) Stupid.
    If I didn't love the game so much, I'd make more fun of them for doing it. If I was in charge and managed the company, I'd fire the imbecile who opted to squander revenue streams by driving new audiences to aftermarket, or worse, dismissing that potential group completely as their interest wanes in relation to their options. It flies in the face of all business reason.
    I was fine with everything they had done with 2.0 and Hyperspace up to this point. But a wave 5 reveal containing nothing of what was added to their new format is most bewildering. And for new players overall, highly uncool. Those who argue otherwise either already have what they need and a part of the very segment FFG has catered to in compromising the Hyperspace format, or are so vested into gaming and affluent that they will accept it and press on. But the two different sets I bought for parents and their kids, and one I got for a friend who lives rural are neither of these, and that's who I am arguing for here. It's confusing and caustic game design for the newbie completist or competitive minded.
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    Zura reacted to Cloaker in Well, that whole "Let's make the game easier for new players to get into" approach didn't last long...   
    New players, 
    I'm frustrated for you, even if you aren't. I've been trying to help bring some of you into this game over the last 6 months. I know you want to have all Hyperspace options readily available to you for your faction of choice. Unfortunately, as Wave 5 shows, if you are into Scum, Imperials, or Rebels you'll have to buy your Starvipers, RZ1 A-Wings and TIE Interceptors on the secondary market. Because they ain't coming to 2.0 for at least half a year, or more. Maybe Christmas. But it might even be 2020.
    In the meanwhile, this  means you're now paying for a conversion kit ($40 on average) and hunting down out of print models. Once you do give someone other than FFG your money (because financially that makes total sense for them, quite charitable) you have to accept the risk that these ships might get cycled out of rotation. Then you're seeking your Kihraxz, E-Wings, and TIE Defenders outside FFG available product lines as well when they put those in next July or January. Welcome to Extended. 
    I guess that's the long game here. It wasn't ever really about Hyperspace gradually growing and Extended morphing into it. It's kind of apparent now that it's the reverse. Hyperspace is the laboratory, feeding balance into extended. Hopefully. I can wait as a veteran player because I have all my options available. But if someone just started... 
    I just feel it's a confusing and disappointing approach FFG has taken here for bringing new players in. Why make them spend money elsewhere? Why put them in a position to where they have to exponentially spend much more than is needed? If I was a stockholder or owner, I'd be kicking someone's *** over the business decision to drive new market share to product not currently offered directly by my own company. It's asinine strategies like this that inhibit the game's growth and accessibility. No matter how it is spun, it's just terrible judgment either way. 
    I love this game very much, and will continue to try to get new people interested in it. But jeez, do they have to make it so hard to do sometimes? Bone headed choice here to bring ships into HS and not make them available for new players in Wave 5. I feel dumb for buying the 2.0 core set as a Christmas gift last December for several of my friends. Because I have to tell a mother who plays with her 12 year son Ebay is her only option to get him Soontir. I imagine patience will run its course fast then, game collects dust, and so much stuff comes out between now and then that it'll be too daunting to return to it.
    Ridiculously embarrassing approach, FFG. I hope you reconsider, and fast. Because new players should have a chance to be competitive as well. They're your future growth sector, provided you don't make it difficult for them, you know? 
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    Zura reacted to Dabirdisdaword in Epic 2.0   
    Find me 5 attacks 4 attack dice each each turn for 123 pts with 26 hp. 
    The corvettes can be built very efficiently. Lots of people just throw sub optimal upgrades on them and then say they're bad ships. They can be some lean focussed fire in an epic game (not unlike ruthlessness tie/d glaives) 
    Pair them with annoying to kill fighters like gunboats or lwf ugr bombers and you can keep most lists tangled as long as you need to do w/e you want with a corvette. 
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    Zura reacted to Yepesnopes in A Shadow in the East   
    The game is dying
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    Zura reacted to John Constantine in A Shadow in the East   



    I remember I was rooting for a Smeagol hero long ago.
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    Zura reacted to Jo Jo in Faction Wars: First Order Is The Coolest Faction   
    How can the FO be the coolest when they basically copied everything.

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    Zura reacted to svelok in What is the point of double modifications on tie interceptors?   
    someday they'll release a super dank upgrade that uses double mod slots and you'll be thankful
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    Zura reacted to TheSpitfired in Replayability   
    This will sound so silly - I’ve had the full Mirkwood and dwarrowdwelf cycles for so long but the one quest I keep going back to is Passage Through Mirkwood. When I haven’t played in a long time, when I need a refresher, when I want to play a new deck I go back to the very first quest.
    Yes it’s fairly simple but it has some dirty twists that it can throw your way. Most of the other quests I’ve played a few times here and there as I get bold, and I only worked through Mirkwood last year and decided to start on khazad-dum in the summer. Otherwise why did I even buy them?
    I really liked Hunt for Gollum when I played that one. Maybe I should play it more often. The dream for me - which I know is unrealistic - is to build thematic decks and run them through every quest I own. Some of the quests simply don’t work that way but it’s fun to try.
    Hope that helps.
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    Zura reacted to Wandalf the Gizzard in Guess the New Cycle   
    *cough* saga expansions *cough*
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    Zura got a reaction from DarkArk in Unpopular Opinion Thread   
    Og bomblet generator on old rebel nym was some of the most unique and fun designs of the original game and i wish its core was kept inact but nerfed (low ini+higher cost for nym) but still with unlimited bomblets you can stop from detonating.
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    Zura got a reaction from RebelRogue in Unpopular Opinion Thread   
    Og bomblet generator on old rebel nym was some of the most unique and fun designs of the original game and i wish its core was kept inact but nerfed (low ini+higher cost for nym) but still with unlimited bomblets you can stop from detonating.
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    Zura reacted to gamblertuba in Unpopular Opinion Thread   
    Aces are far too cheap and FFG is simply stroking the egos of all the players that make decisions with perfect board knowledge and call it skill.
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    Zura reacted to Koing907 in Unpopular Opinion Thread   
    I liked 1.0 better than 2.0.
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    Zura reacted to Dwing in LEGO Episode IX Releases (and what we will probably get as well)   
    2.0 versions of all the classic ships we know. Seems bland enough to be true!!! 
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    Zura reacted to GrandSpleen in The Fate of Wilderland   
    Give him all spheres and call him Saruman of many colors.
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    Zura got a reaction from Rexler Brath in "limited edition" ships?   
    It's just a paint job.
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