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    Zura reacted to Gilarius in Misleading conversion kit advertising...   
    If you're not playing at official tournaments, you don't actually need the correct base tokens on each ship.
    You don't need to use the correct pilot cards either.
    However, if you feel unable to play that way, you will end up needing another conversion kit. There are a few secondary sellers who sell individual items from kits, plus facebook groups selling stuff.
    For tournament play, the kits really messed up the quantities of many generic pilots and there have been multiple threads on this forum bemoaning the issue, which is why you're likely to get replies which are less polite than normal - because the topic has been done to death.
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    Zura reacted to thinkbomb in Misleading conversion kit advertising...   
    -- edit notice: i wrote this after finding out an attempt to mitigate costs didn't pan out.  Ended up snapping back something rude when I shouldn't have.
    Apologies on that front --
    yeah, no thanks for the sarcasm.
    We aren't diehard ultracore tourney junkies.  We're just filthy casuals who haven't optimized to single factions - a good 1/4 of the cards aren't being used at all (none of us own an E-Wing for example)
    Let me provide a case example ship that's a major stick up the crawl: The YT-1300.
    That ship has 1 generic and 3 named pilots.  And because of foolish nostalgia 2 of us bought a Rebel Falcon.  Falcon's a high-demand ship in general, so we aren't gonna find dupes of that anywhere.
    Smaller ships you could buy "just 1 more" and get the dupe uniques that way (like a tie-fighter or an x-wing).  Not an option on big ships like the Falcon.
    ... so ... yeah.  Flush another $40 down the drain because why not?  End up with a mountain of unused other cards while I'm at it?  Great advice!  Thanks for your help.
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    Zura reacted to Dax12387 in Unwritten Rules of Tournament X-Wing   
    If playing with Obi-Wan Kenobi, use between 4 and two dozen pegs.
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    Zura reacted to Hiemfire in So..Upcoming Huge ships probably aren't going to be happy   
    Huge ships are also legal for casual Standard Format (200 v 200). They've been separated from Epic format in 2.0 and are now just another ship size, though they will likely see more play in Epic than in Standard.
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    Zura reacted to Phelan Boots in FFG Live Pics 4-30   
    Yes, because only the one on his action bar is a barrel roll action.  The other is just spinning.  I’ve heard it’s a good trick.  😉
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    Zura reacted to wurms in why ffg?   
    They are one of the strongest, if not THE strongest faction in the game
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    Zura reacted to GreenDragoon in Inert Fat Han   
    evidently you did not read the thread
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    Zura reacted to jagsba in Inert Fat Han   
    Everyone's allowed to be wrong.
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    Zura reacted to Sixter in Inert Fat Han   
    It´s Luke gunner who makes it a 1st edition turret ship. Is he the problem rather than Kanan?
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    Zura reacted to Parakitor in Inert Fat Han   
    Woah, woah, woah. Inertial Dampeners is definitely a relatively new development here. But everything you just mentioned about "not being a new thing" are SPECIFICALLY things that Second Edition was supposed to get rid of. Right?
    Boosting large bases? Well, my Decimator is sad, but Han gets to keep on squeaking out of arcs.
    R2-D2 crew? We've seen R2 Astromech and R2-D2 Astromech have high costs for regen (weapons disabled token) along with charges that limit the amount of times they can get shields back.
    Being able to shoot any direction? Come on. Literally EVERY ship in the game moved to the mobile arc mechanic (now called "turret" in 2.0) specifically because the 360 degree area of firing was oppressive. Moreso now because Luke is limited to a single faction.
    Yes, this version of Han is virtually unchanged from previous versions in First Edition. But that's what makes them so out of place. Look, I was with you, Estarriol. When I first heard about it I thought, "Gosh, can these people ever stop whining about whatever wins a big tournament?!" But I did some research and some introspection, and I'm not pleased with what I see. As I said before, it acts like it's from a completely different game.
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    Zura reacted to Boom Owl in Inert Fat Han   
    I just want to state for the record that my opinion about Kanan Inertial Fat Han in X-Wing the miniatures game does not at all reflect my opinions about Han Solo the beloved Star Wars Character, Hero, and Cool Guy.
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    Zura reacted to svelok in Inert Fat Han   
    If a pilot had an ability that read "after setup, you must flip a coin - on a heads, you win the game, on a tails, you lose.", it would be miserable and ruin every event it showed up to.
    But it would virtually never win an event with a top cut.
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    Zura reacted to Tlfj200 in Inert Fat Han   
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    Zura reacted to TheCeilican in Inert Fat Han   
    At this point I think it's clear it does.
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    Zura reacted to Chumbalaya in Inert Fat Han   
    The counterplay is the same it was against Nymranda, Ghost Fenn, et al.
    Play it yourself, hope your opponent is bad, or dodge the matchup. 
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    Zura reacted to TheCeilican in Inert Fat Han   
    And then they got nerfed (correctly) so what was ultimately more useful?
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    Zura reacted to Parakitor in Inert Fat Han   
    I'll be honest - I haven't played against this certain build of Han. I played against typical R2-D2 Trick Shot Han, with Lando as a wing man. My opponent flew it excellently, and baited me into some bad maneuvering decisions, and scored 200-0 against me.
    Now, I have thought a lot about that match, and I have a lot of ideas on how I could have flown better. But to me, combining the regen with perfect-knowledge Inertial Dampeners and boost is just...look, I'm willing to put in the work practicing against it - that's what I did facing 1.0 Fat Han. It will be miserable, just like last time. And I'll probably never beat it, just like last time.
    It just sincerely feels like it goes against everything Second Edition has built itself up to be. Which I understand is subjective. Maybe a new ship will come out that can fight it, just like the Decimator did last time, but I had higher hopes for Second Edition.
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    Zura reacted to FlyingAnchors in Inert Fat Han   
    The sky is falling! /S
    so Fat Han won an extended event. Good. At least it breaks up the monotony of that format. Better than 4 cloaky bois. 
    People need to mostly let go of their 1.0 hate. 
    Now, caution is good, but suggesting changes after 1 event? That’s kinda silly. (Unless under extreme measures). I’d say keep an eye on, and if it’s still dominating in two-three weeks then emergency fix it. We kind of already have a precedence set with trip ups.
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    Zura reacted to Biophysical in Inert Fat Han   
    If you don't think arbitrarily high numbers of at-will white stops are a big deal, well, I think you're wrong.
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    Zura reacted to ThinkingB in Inert Fat Han   
    I'm still amazed that people enjoy extended at this point. It seems like that format is the ghost of 1.0.
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    Zura reacted to Magnus Grendel in What is an "NPE?"   
    That's certainly how it gets used. 
    Which, broadly speaking, is what it is. The closest thing to a definition I've ever seen is here
    "Negative Play Experience (NPE) is when playing a game frustrates or bores one or both players. NPEs are thought to prevent new players from fully entering the game and leading to existing players abandoning the game."
    The key thing being that you're losing (generally) but that you don't feel anything you do is achieving anything. Exactly what causes this will vary wildly from player to player and situation to situation - so someone running away from you for 75% of the game in a faster ship after securing a single early kill might qualify, or a list which can reliably generate  against every attack against a squad of 2-dice primary fighters (like a TIE swarm). 
    Basically, it's generally used for any situation where you feel like you've found yourself stuck on the wrong end of a scissors-paper-stone matchup and have lost at the list-building, rather than gameplay, stage.
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    Zura reacted to AceDogbert in Wave VI Predictions   
    I'd avoid betting on new ships from Episode IX; I'd imagine that Disney won't give FFG the necessary information to fully flesh out the new ships (equipment, pilots, general capabilities, actual physical dimensions etc), so FFG will avoid repeating the mistakes of the past (PS8 Poe, generically named 'Ace' pilots, Ben Swolo's Silencer) and wait to do a proper release.
    That said, both the FO and Resistance still have ships to re-release, so it's not as if they can't give them something in Wave VI.
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    Zura reacted to Rossetti1828 in [Wave IV] HD spreads for N1, Resistance Transport & Hyena   
    Anakin can barrel roll twice per round then! Weeeeee!
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    Zura reacted to svelok in [Wave IV] HD spreads for N1, Resistance Transport & Hyena   
    Anakin: "Before you reveal your manuever*, you may spend one force to barrel roll (not an action.)"
    we did it team, we got there
    * why before and not after? I hate "before you reveal" triggers I always forget them, just let me flip the dial it literally doesn't matter. Also, why "reveal your manuever" and not "reveal your dial"? Weird.
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