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  1. So, me and my friends have been toying with the idea of finishing the game progression-style. But to be honest, regular progression while fun, proven to be just replaying the old quests with the card-pool we already have beaten them with at the time of their relase. So we wanted to replace the original "progression" with something a bit more challenging, while still keeping the whole progress idea afloat. I'm sharing the basic rules so (hopefully) a more than one group can test this out and we can tweak the final relase to be balanced right of the bat, so i'm really counting on some feedback. This simple but engaging mode is what we came up with: One Progression to rule them all: > At the start of the progression campaign, each player notes all the player cards from a single core set, with the exception of Gandalf, which is limited to once per player at the start of the campaign. This is his starting card pool. > Each participating player builds a deck based on this cardpool, following the normal rules of the game. The starting deck needs to be 30 cards or more. > To unlock a playset of a card from a pack that you have already beaten all the previous scenarios for, a player needs to pay 3 EXP. Players gain exp by finishing missions (more about it below). To unlock an addictional copy of a core set card, a player needs to pay 1 EXP. To unlock a hero from a pack that they have already beaten all the prior scenarios for, a player needs to pay 6 EXP. Here are the exceptions to the standard pricing system: Gandalf x1 (Core set) - 3 EXP Unexpected Courage x1 (Core set) - 3 EXP Dain Ironfoot (Shadows of Mirkwood) - 12 EXP Arwen Undomiel (dwarrowdelf) - 6 EXP Vilya (Dwarrowdelf) - 9 EXP Light of Valinor (Dwarrowdelf) - 9 EXP Beregond (HoN) - 12 EXP Hirluin the Fair (AtS) - 12 EXP Gondorian Shield (AtS) - 9 EXP Arwen Undomiel (AA) - 12 EXP Glorfindel (Dream-chaser) - 9 EXP Denethor (Dream-chaser) - 12 EXP Quickbeam (LOTR Saga) - 9 EXP Gandalf (LOTR Saga) - 12 EXP Brand son of Bain (TwoR) - 12 EXP Dain Ironfoot (EM) - 12 EXP > Players gain EXP for succesfully completing the missions. Here's the reward structure: Victory +1 EXP Finishing the quest for the first time +1 EXP Finishing a 6+ difficulty level quest +1 EXP Finishing a quest on normal mode or higher +1 EXP Finishing a quest on nightmare mode +1 EXP Each quest can be replayed up to 3 times in total. After that, the quest becomes locked. > Unlocking a quest: For the ones unfamiliar with progression mode idea, you can only play the quests that you have finished all the previous quests for. However, we will be making an exception: LOTR Saga and Hobbit Saga do count as independent cycles and can be player anytime between the cycles. However, the players cannot stop playing the cycle they are currently in in order to play one of the SAGA campaigns. > Addictional rules: By the Dead Marches quest, the player card decks need to be 50 cards or more. The standalone quests can be played anytime between the cycles similarly to LOTR Sagas. Because playing them does not unlock access to a bigger cardpool, finishing the standalone quest grants players with +3 addictional EXP. I think that would be all for now. I'm in the process of compiling and testing the rules and possibly making a card unlock excel spreedsheet for conveniency. If you decide to give it a shot, have fun and i'm waiting for your feedback!
  2. Zura

    New Epic

    Where do u guys get the info?
  3. Og bomblet generator on old rebel nym was some of the most unique and fun designs of the original game and i wish its core was kept inact but nerfed (low ini+higher cost for nym) but still with unlimited bomblets you can stop from detonating.
  4. Zura

    Bid depth poll

    I take 12 points on vader lists.
  5. Yeah this, debris gambit breaks vader.
  6. I'm also calling 23, i don't think ffg wants to go lower than that ever.
  7. " No matter which map you’re using, the Middle-earth Gamemat offers a secure foundation as a slip-resistant, 3’ x 3’ rubber mat that’s perfect for your unfolding adventures." Product page.
  8. They are rubber, like x wing mats, 100% sure of that.
  9. It's a board game, not a wargame like runewars. Even without support it should be self contained enough.
  10. Print on demand is not cheaper. Polish packs are printed using PoD method and are actually more expensive than normal packs in retail.
  11. I don't want 1.0 2.0 with me buying sets just for fix cards. Just make stuff cheaper with changable point costs.
  12. I'm pretty sure it needs to be all at once, 1 at a time would IMO mean the ace should do any number of them.
  13. Zura

    Pick One "Ace"

    No idea what he does yet, but i know the answer. After you win with this guy you can be like:
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