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  1. I really want to believe that, but a lot has been indicating otherwise, and the LOTR-related announcements at the same time is probably just a coincidence. Fingers crossed, though - but from what i have heard, playtesters have not received new material to test for a while. If we get something new, it's gonna be a loooong time from now, and this break could not be the best for the playerbase.
  2. This time something aimed at beginners, but hopefully everyone can enjoy talking about trait decks. Thank you to everyone who keeps watching those videos and commenting, it gets me going!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF5BoLc2Kyg&feature=youtu.be I'm back at it with an experimental video! Probably the only "theory" video i'll make for quite some time, as it was incredibly exhausting, so expect some more "how good is..." in the near future. Hope some of you will enjoy this one!
  4. I would settle for either the first or the second ability. They don't have a lot to do with each other and each of them is absolutely insane by themselves. (The second ability is almost better Galadriel with the right deck) If you go for the first one, maybe make the major title about hobbit cost reduction. It's a minor synergy but i wouldn't go to crazy with swarm buffs and could help you bring the defense swarm together. If you go for the second one, i would do a major title like this: Action: Increase your threat by one. Ready a hobbit character. Imo fits into leadership and the flavor.
  5. When using Glorfindel (https://ringsdb.com/card/12006) as my MotK hero, when he dies, can i just buy him back as an ally from discard? I suspect yes, but it's weird.
  6. I played with Gwaihir a bit. He really would have benefited from the crown that let him either pay for eagles, pay for their abilities or readied him in refresh. As it is, you need both leadership and spirit help in tactics heavy deck (you basically need steward, this deck is uber costly and you need courage for the late game when you're out of eagles). He's a hero where you AND your team need to build around him. He's on the weaker side without it. PS: One of his best activators is elf-stone in lore, so another sphere needed.
  7. I got the Land of Sorrow and for a change i decided to try doing an unboxing video. Enjoy!
  8. Is there a slightest bit of possibility for the nightmare reprint or is FFG not printing the print on demand stuff anymore? I vaguely recall seeing some information that it is impossible but i'm interested in how it really is.
  9. Another week, another video. Actually, if you haven’t seen it yet, i didn’t post about the last week’s video here as well! This week i tackled the old good Gloin, to face and rate this legendary hero. It may feature some combinations which are familiar to you veterans, but maybe something will suprise you as well! If you haven’t seen the last week’s Fearless scout, i really encourage you to do so, it was pretty fun to make! (they both were) If you have any ideas for the future, please tell me, i’m open to anything (in realm of my capabilities) if that makes my content more enjoyable!
  10. good idea on set aside encounter, but surge would be appropriate
  11. @Wandalf the Gizzard @General_Grievous @Gibby Thanks for your support! Comments like this really matter a lot to me, as they encourage me to keep working. For everyone interested: the second episode is out! This time, we'll take a look at a forgotten noldor ally from Against the Shadow cycle. Enjoy!
  12. http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/lotr/lord-of-the-rings-card-spoiler/_/dwarrowdelf/foundations-of-stone/lost-and-alone-fos Can a player choose smeagol and see where he is in the deck due to his two-sided nature?
  13. https://youtu.be/f_4-eAY0NFM Hey guys, i decided to try my luck making youtube content for the game. It's the first episode, so it's a tad longer (about 6mins longer), but i'm aiming for quick and informative 15min videos about some lesser used cards in the game. I know the video is not perfect, but hoping you guys can get something out of it and like the idea for the series! In the series we'll take some lesser (or maybe not) used cards, talk about their place in the cardpool, break down a deck i've constructed featuring a card, and finally get it a spin in a quest and give the verdict! In the first episode i've decided to cover Last Stand, an event i've never seen played, and we'll see if it's actually pretty good, or does it have a good reason to stay in the binders! Please give me your feedback if you want to see more and better videos!
  14. You can have a Ceorl deck with the contract, send him over to another player, then use Justice Shall be done and the second deck has 4 heroes for free ALSO FINALLY ELROHIR ELLADAN DECK without being forced into leadership tactics
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