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  1. Zura

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Og bomblet generator on old rebel nym was some of the most unique and fun designs of the original game and i wish its core was kept inact but nerfed (low ini+higher cost for nym) but still with unlimited bomblets you can stop from detonating.
  2. Zura

    Bid depth poll

    I take 12 points on vader lists.
  3. Zura

    "limited edition" ships?

    It's just a paint job.
  4. Zura

    Petition to give Vader a Talent slot

    Yeah this, debris gambit breaks vader.
  5. Zura

    20 Point Vulture Droids?

    I'm also calling 23, i don't think ffg wants to go lower than that ever.
  6. " No matter which map you’re using, the Middle-earth Gamemat offers a secure foundation as a slip-resistant, 3’ x 3’ rubber mat that’s perfect for your unfolding adventures." Product page.
  7. They are rubber, like x wing mats, 100% sure of that.
  8. Zura

    Looks cool, but...

    It's a board game, not a wargame like runewars. Even without support it should be self contained enough.
  9. Zura

    What's next for the rebel faction

    I don't want 1.0 2.0 with me buying sets just for fix cards. Just make stuff cheaper with changable point costs.
  10. Zura

    theorycraft: solo ace vs. 1-hull generics

    I'm pretty sure it needs to be all at once, 1 at a time would IMO mean the ace should do any number of them.
  11. Zura

    Imperial players, what Scum pilot scares you the most? Why?

    Fenn with 13+ pts bid. Really hard for my vader.
  12. Zura

    Pick One "Ace"

    No idea what he does yet, but i know the answer. After you win with this guy you can be like:
  13. First order, imps and rebels, waiting for republic to drop.
  14. Zura

    Epic Dude!

    Epic is mentioned in the rulebook. If it doesn't come, FFG would be considered liars. I'm sadly not expecting new ships for it for next 2-3 years though.
  15. Zura

    Is keyforge going to eat Magic alive.?

    Magic will be the last ccg to die, lol no.